Mexico: The trial against the 5E 3 is over and awaiting sentencing

From War On Society:

On June 16th, the final hearing was held for the trial against Amelie, Fallon and Carlos, the three anarchists arrested on January 5th accused of damages and attacks against the public peace. Legally speaking, it remains for now to wait for the lawyers and judges to reach their decisions, so that the sentence can then be dictated in the local charges our compañerxs are facing. As for the federal charges, the next hearing will be on Wednesday the 25th. If they do in fact stipulate time periods for these two last stages of the trial to be settled, we know that the judges can delay the time of the sentencing. It is important to continue showing our solidarity with the compañerxs kidnapped by the State. Freedom to All!



Thanks for the update. Is there any currently maintained support site for the 5E3? fuegoalascarceles hasn't been updated since march, and abajolos muros has only spotty info. Many of us would like to provide support, material, monetary & otherwise, but the information flow has been minimal at best.

Sabotagemedia have been steadier at reporting on the case, but that's all I can say.

yup, this was already published on sabotagemedia a few weeks ago

"information flow been minimal at best" could be applied to the whole (existing?) Montreal @ milieu... Is this sarcasm or bile, I don't know.

BUT, perhaps anti-repq collective La Solide, or even CLAC, could answer your request.

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