Monkey Number Nine Exonerates Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain

In a recent sworn affidavit Leslie Dillon admits to heading the Mansfield faction of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. He states that as Monkey number 9 he knows that his co-accused Sean Swain and James "Blackjack" Dzelajilija are not members of A12M. He states that he is the only member of the Army of the 12 Monkeys at ManCI, and that he did not recruit or attempt to recruit any members. He also explains the circumstantial evidence the Rules Infraction Board used against Swain and Blackjack and describes an attempt to coerce testimony from him against Swain.

Dillon states that Swain's 12 Monkeys tattoo pre-dated the emergence of the Army of the 12 Monkeys and is simply a reference to the 90s movie starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. The "propaganda" found in Dzelajilija's cell was actually rap lyrics he wrote based on 2Pac Shakur's song "Everyone Rise". Dillon aquired a copy of these lyrics and remembered the 2Pac song, so he typed the lyrics and signed it Monkey #12.

Dillon states that he has attempted to explain these circumstances to ManCI staff repeatedly with no response. He goes on to describe an interaction with unrecognized staff member at ManCI on December 3rd, 2012. This staff member offered Dillon a deal where ManCI investigator Angela Hunsinger would overturn his RIB conviction if he would testify that Swain was the leader of the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Dillon refused and that evening his cell was searched and his property destroyed. The next day ODRC Director Gary Mohr affirmed Dillon's RIB sanction.

Dillon did not come out as the leader of ManCI faction of the Army of the 12 Monkeys because shortly after his transfer, the Ohio State Highway Patrol interviewed him about alleged bomb threats he knew nothing about. He was afraid that if he admitted participation in the Army of the 12 Monkeys, he would be blamed for these bomb threats. Later, when he discovered that the threats were not real or serious, and that other prisoners were being scapegoated for his 12 Monkeys activities, he decided to go public and made his sworn statement.

In his statement Dillon implies that The Army of the 12 Monkeys is active elsewhere in Ohio. This possibility is supported by rumors and activities of prison staff. On January 31st there was a large disturbance at Lake Erie Correctional, which the Army of the 12 Monkeys are rumored to have instigated. ODRC transferred 40 prisoners from Lake Erie to segregation at ManCI, possibly to contain 12 Monkeys activity at the one prison. Guards at Marion Correctional have also searched footlockers looking for nail clippers that may have been used to cut phone lines, a sabotage technique described by in the Army of the 12 Monkeys guerrilla manual. Outside of prison walls, someone has anonymously distributed copies of this guerrilla manual on the internet with instructions on how to mail it in to prisons everywhere.



someone has anonymously distributed copies of this guerrilla manual on the internet with instructions on how to mail it in to prisons everywhere

links or it didn't happen.

You will find, via the following links, three documents created by a mysterious
group known as the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Sean Swain is not the leader of this
group. He was not involved in what we did in Mansfield last September.

Please distribute these documents in to prisons, prison resistance groups, and
anyone willing to participate in a guerrilla war with the state.

Use great caution when handling the manuals themselves.
1. replace the false covers with new unique false covers. Prison administrators are
already familiar with these covers. It may also be prudent to conceal or remove some
of the graphics inside, so that a mail room doesn't easily spot them when flipping
through the pages.
2. Wear gloves when handling the paper copies, so as to avoid getting fingerprints
on them.
3. Mail them anonymously, from locations away from where you work, live, or could be
located at the time of mailing. Avoid surveillance cameras. Wear a hat.
4. Create a false return address. Include an "invoice" as though you are from a
publisher, a books to prisoners outfit or a church group donating reading materials
to prisoners.
5. If distributing via the internet, avoid emailing from an account that could be
traced back to you.
6. The manuals have been uploaded to if they are found in your possession, say
you found them online and downloaded them out of curiosity without knowing what they
were or where they came from.
7. Use discretion when sending them in. They will likely be considered contraband.
Do not risk sending them to prisoners who are near parole or release, or who you
know would not want to receive this kind of material.

Solidarity and fierce resistance always.

Monkey #13.

Page 5 is missing.

"Page 5 is missing"


- Sean Swain Reelection Committee

The Wacky Adventures of Sean Swain

Episode # 11: Hugo Chavez and the Case of the Anarchist Politician

What Dillon is doing is extremely stand up and mad respect/love to him, to Sean, and all the others resisting. Thanks for the info and hopefully they can help stir shit up elsewhere.

Anyone who wants to write letters of support to Leslie Dillon, here's his address-

Leslie Dillon
ManCI 416-607
PO BOX 788
Mansfield OH 44901

Sean Swain is 243-205 at the same institution
Blackjack is Dzelajilja 530-144 at the same institution
Shawn Marshall - a guy who was moved to seg for alleged A12M activity months after the initial round up is 461-448 also at ManCI.

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