New Orleans NYE Noise Demo

For the second year in a row, New Orleans answered the North American call-out for anti-prison noise demos with their own demonstration against Orleans Parish Prison on New Years Eve. The demonstration coincided beautifully with the fortieth anniversary of the night Mark Essex shot and killed a cop outside of central lockup, beginning his 8-day terror campaign against the NOPD.

The night marked an escalation in tactics in the recent struggle against OPP. Demonstrators waltzed up to the “tent-city” section of OPP, and with pots, buckets and drums shattered the deceptive calm usually surrounding New Orleans’ most reviled establishment. Individuals then smashed the House of Detention’s front office window, while “FUCK PRISONS (A)” was tagged on a wall and “ACAB” on a memorial to fallen officers.

The intention of noise demos is to momentarily break the isolation of prison with a cacophony of solidarity. Using drums and instruments we remind those imprisoned that we are fighting to destroy all prisons in pursuit of total liberation. For us this means no number of consent decrees will legitimate OPP, that it should not be reformed but demolished.



The Mark Essex comment is disturbing.

He was a Pan-African Maoist Nationalist who took the racism that the white supremacist society dealt him and turned it around and killed random white people.

Is it random to target 5 police officers and the general and assistant managers of one of New Orleans' largest hotels? Out of the 9 people he killed 7 of them either bosses or cops. Seems to me he had a plan.

He had a plan alright....a Maoist plan.

An anarchist plan would have been to smash 9 windows.

i sure am hoping that assassinating cops and bosses isnt limited to maoists. cus that would be LAAAAME. also btw somebody tell the RCP they on the wrong track apparently.

If you aren't down with Mark Essex, fuck off

If you're down with Mark Essex, you need to be down with your parents going on vacation and being executed at a hotel for being white.

Separate of that, this action is awesome.

oh my (assumed-white) mommy and daddy! noooooooooooooooooooooooo! who will think of the TOURISTS! the precious, precious TOURISTS?

"A revolution without guaranteed hotel-guest safety is not a revolution worth having."

pix or it didnt happen

Whatever, maoist or what not, I don't care. This is by far the best communique ever

" 'Africa greets you. On December 31, 1972, aprx. 11 p.m., the downtown New Orleans Police Department will be attacked. Reason — many, but the death of two innocent brothers will be avenged. And many others.

P.S. Tell pig Giarrusso the felony action squad ain't shit.

Mata' "

"maoist or what not, I don't care. This is by far the best communique ever"

The RCP has tried to sneak into the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair and now they're trying to sneak into Anarchistnews....or maybe they have been here this whole time, posting up most of the comments on this website.

Insurrectionary Anarcho-Maoism my ass. Fuck you, Chairmen Meow

Keep your RCP, your factions and your insiderty sectarian bullshit off my freedom fighters.

Mark Essex is a hero to all New Orleanians.

Sectarianism? The RCP in an authoritarian organization! Maoists are authoritarians! What part of that is confusing to you?

What about New Orleanians who like to stay in hotels, tho?

More like this. I've been excited by NOLA in the past year. Vandalism at anti-cop marches, smash-ups on Mayday, some attacks and now this. Keep it coming!

-a SE anarchist

yeah for real. go nola. yay. keep it up - that along with the po boys and the benets (however you spell it) and maybe i might have to make a visit.

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