New Poster, Zines for Ferguson

The revolts in Ferguson have inspired many of us from a distance. It is the largest uprising against police and property in the US in decades, and even the mainstream media have been forced to begin discussing—albeit gingerly—racism, police violence, and inequality. While anarchists across the country have clearly been captivated, and while there have been some actions taken in solidarity (presumably more than are available online), the lack of a larger response has been troubling. In the spirit of widening and deepening all struggles against the police, and in response to a specific lack of easily available propaganda, we have made a few posters, a couple of zines and handouts, and have begun compiling in one easy place a collection of resources for current and future struggles against the police.

The zine, Dispatches from Ferguson, Vol. 1 is a compilation of two texts from, two pieces detailing firsthand experiences of the riots over the past ten days. It is available here:

There is also a legal-sized (8 1/2 x 14; we don't give a shit about your laws) hand-out containing two excellent short texts: “Let us Not Become Police, Let Us Not Become Sheep” and “Hey, Step Back with the Riot Shaming.” These can easily be printed en masse and given to any and all; a thick stack of them ought to suffice as a bludgeon for peace police who cannot be otherwise shamed out of their actions. It is available here:

And here are the posters:


This has all been thrown together in haste; the website in particular should change form rather dramatically in (hopefully) the next few days.

Against the police and their prisons

With love for insurgents everywhere

some anarchists



thx for putting this together. this ll be helpful at a rally happening tomorrow in my town. cheers.

These are going up where I am. Thank you.

Any chance of a revised zine that includes the newest piece from antistatestl?

A lot of good stuff here, thanks.

"Riot shaming"? I assume the intended audience is feminist bloggers..?

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