Oakland, CA: Vandalism of Developer's Office, Fancy Coffee Shop

Early on Monday morning, locks were glued at Dogtown Development and at a new fancy coffee shop in the lower bottoms. The walls of Dogtown Development were painted to read: "Your Progress Reeks of Death." The coffee shop was painted to read "Yuppies Eat Shit."

Fuck the developers.
Fuck development.

- some anarchists



locks dont glue back..!!

Wow this action will surely bring capitalism and patriarchy to its knees.

Narrow vision!

Narrow urethra

The death of patriarchy means I get laid more, right?

I am the Emir of Anarchy. I demand more wives.

For all the @liberals who don't understand capitalism and think that being white or middle class makes you a "gentrifier":

assuage your guilt with attacks! If you don't know what to do, the least you could do is something interesting. Paint, stones, hammers, glue - figure something out!

but i thought being a white ally means 'liking' things on facebook and reblogging things on tumblr. besides i'm pretty scared of my neighborhood and feel pretty guilty about being there.

Duh, weren't you at any of the "decolonization" panels? White people need to shut up and leave so the Maoists can suddenly have their revolution or something.

No it was only the white hipster anarchists. Ca's if they weren't there then the developers and cops would be too scared to come in. Wa ya think capital just does whatever it wants? yea right! The first stage of colonization is........

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