OCF Reality Windows Smashed

On August 24th a militant smashed the windows of an OCF reality office/coffe shop, located in Point Breeze, South Philadelphia. The action was in protest of the OCF reality company, which is a major gentrifier in the black working class neighborhood of Point Breeze.


do they mean realty?

Remember mister grumpy. The tyrant of laungauge. His lesson... push for clear understaning.

I remember the one time Mister Grumpy made a correction to something I'd said and then I pointed out that it was actually correct according to conventional grammar. Thus, reality was shattered.

On the real though, Mister Grumpy has had solid analyses every time I've seen him post things that aren't proofreading.

Two sides of the same coin

You finally did it! You smashed so many windows that you smashed REALITY! Holy shit! Mind, blown!

hence the smasher becometh the smasheder

Verso il nulla creatore! Creatore di tutte le cose! Ricordate sempre Renzo.

-Only as smart as google (translate).

And I'll bet the place was open for business as usual the very next day! That's the problem with your petit bourgeois juvenile vandalism. It is ineffectual!

Moron. This is clearly about developing a confrontational discourse, not just stopping business in one location. Don't let's anyone be distracted by this person's idiocy.

Wahhh! Wahhh! Wahhh! Mommy, they said I was a lame, useless pansy!

Waah! Waaah! Supervising officer, they know I'm not anarchy.

Your provocations are loathsome and puerile. You only dare make them by virtue of your anonymity here. Talk about cowardice.

loathsome and puerile? Oh snap!

Generally it takes longer than a day to replace a broken window.

but how long does it take to replace a broken heart?

Even after 3 years, the scars are still in there.... would take some really explosive sex with 2-3 young cuties at a time to erase that.

The State can continue to operate sans a few windows.

doesn't understand why attacks happen

oh look.
another window smashed.

anarchists are so creative.

it's probably pretty easy. and it looks/sounds cool.

Logical fallacy. Anarchists do lots of creative things. Just because this particular thing happened again doesn't detract from the other things we do.

And if you're posting a comment to an internet website to take people to task for repetitive, uncreative, low-payoff behavior... start with the man in the mirror.

Also whether or not an action is "creative" is rather subjective. Plus, who cares whether or not an action is "creative"? Like guerrilla theatre may be creative, but it's still dumb as hell.

no action is CREATIVE
didnt you get emiles memo
and the other memo too
on using logic structure x to
prove fallacy of logic
structure x

you got trolled btw

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