Riot video game coming soon.

This actually looks pretty interesting. From a gameplay perspective, RIOT looks to be somewhat of a real time strategy game. The graphics and presentation look clean and understandable despite being 8-bit. You can pick one of 2 sides… the rioters or the riot police. RIOT is being developed by Leonard Lenny from Florence, Italy on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows PC. Looks pretty cool. If you think so too, you can fund the development of RIOT via indiegogo.

Riot game official site



Recuperation is so cool!



I prefer no comment on that one.

I'm going to repeat the same question from the other thread. Why organize the struggle when you can do it at the click of a button with out having to do any work? Virtual revolution is a tool of human control! Don't play video games. Don't watch TV Don't read internet blogs. Use the internet to question WHY people use books and blogs as a substitute for the struggle? WHY?

this is fuckin sick.

some people are just doomed to never catch on

Riot Porn !

Insurrectionary Circle Jerk

Nope. Capitalist Recuperation.

too purple

Whatever happens, don't make it blue again. People will get too damn happy.

needs more orange

No, shit brown!

diarrhea brown. Sort of an offshoot but it resonates better with the sun's reflection from my window. Also nutty brown feces shit scat eat shit doodoo shit crap shit

I need a button to get me one feed of all-the-things in chronological order that has enough preview text showing that I can sift through all the shitty articles. Not an rss feed, I cant work those things. And stupid pictures/rollers for all the post. it's a good idea.

...are so fucking @

To be fair though, it does have a healthy amount of orange.


because society?

There was a time, in Greece, during a flaming riot, where I noticed a big net café at a street corner. As we were fuckign things in the street, fighting with police and setting trash bins and cars on fire... there were a bunch of young guys inside that cafe, disconnected liberal students, who kept playing their LAN games, no matter what wasut of happening outside.

Then I thought: "Oh, the humanity..."

And now I think the only way out of this -which is the next big step- is to unplug us all from the cow's tits, namely the electrical infrastructure. Just like in The Matrix.

Unfortunately, reality always catches up with fiction, even gets crazier at times...

fucking things up in the street?

havin' sex with a newspaper box stands

Yeah, how disconnected of them to keep playing with their friends and having fun instead of participating in the struggle

how did this happened what the HELL

I suppose the idea that games can be used to teach strategy has never caught on in @ circles. No wonder Anarchist lose every conflict they're involved in.

Lol.. what, because they didn't learn how to fight from video games? Don't get me wrong, I love video games but I love them for what they are, mind numbing drugs that go good with pot and beer. They provide no real substance that can benefit in a real life strategic way let alone to a persons character. Just because your a grandmaster at starcraft doesn't mean that you can rival that of a leading military analyze, just like kicking ass at blowing away zombie nazi's in Call of Duty doesn't mean you're going to survive the zombie apocalypse (which is coming motherfuckers so be ready) and to think so is to buy into a manufactured reality that does not really exist.
Speaking of Call of Duty, that is precisely why COD and similar games serve as a huge recruitment tool for the military. Because dumb fuckers play it and delude themselves into believing that they're rambo. However, I can be wrong and there might be a couple examples of where you're right that I don't know about. In which case, hook a bother up with some titles.

But why the fuck are you hipsters so fixated on zombie apocalypse scenarios??? It's stupid and it'll never happen, unless there's a massive bath salt contamination in the waters, or whatever.

Alien invasion is a hundred times more likely to happen... Or perhaps it already did!!! :O

David Icke's the shit, man! No just kidding...

watch who you callin' a hipster boy. But fuck yeah zombie apocalypse. You either get to shoot a bunch of people you don't like, and if you die, you get to eat people.... whats not to like?

and who the fuck is david icke?

Dude who ate other dude's face off was not on bath salts.
That rumor started because the media is the fucking media.

Jus' sayin.

Oh sure, I mean, have you ever seen an anarchist command a team of Navy Seals. It's disastrous. Clearly they need more time playing call of doodoo since it often happens that an anarchist is in command of a team of Navy Seals and naturally has no fucking idea what to do...

Except my friend Jo, he knew he was the best. Fuck you Lee you bitch!

The tactics used by the Roman Army with tower shields, how they used their swords, even how they used their "pilum" throwing spears, are used today by modern riot squads and by the best organized street fighters. They have changed little in 2,000 years. The Romans used their spears as charge-breakers and ahead of charges, much as pigs today use gas grenades and rubber bullets. The close, controlled strokes of the short sword in tight quarters relate to stick use in the exact same formations. Bashing your opponents with shields is as old as shields themselves.

A lot of good fighters on our side have participated in SCA (Society for Creative Anarchonism) re-enactments of medieval warfare, which is also good if less specific training. An RTS video game usually focusses too much on the economics of building an army and not enough on fight tactics to be directly relevant. We don't build our forces by mining, logging, and quarrying, we do so by organizing the people who already mine, log, and quarry-or do all the other jobs that have appeared in the last 2,000 years. We do forage, and we do have workshops, however.

The algorithms from Roman Army scenarios can be used almost without modification in existing RTS games. Mostly you will learn to recognize formations and the role of special units. You will recognize in the street that heavy gear like guerrilla projection equipment, puppets filled with ropes to pull down barricades, etc can be treated as siege engines, as it must be manuvered and protected in exactly the same way. On their side, the water cannons, LRAD trucks, etc, all are "siege engines" kept at the rear of an advancing formation and fired from behind protection-or they can be captured. If the game devolved into melee combat when units engage, it will teach little about formation combat. If units stay in formation, you will learn to recognize formations and what they do. You can learn this in the street, too, but knowing before your FIRST deployment can save you an arrest or a beating if you are new.

I escaped several mass arrests simply because I learned on the street to read police formations and judge capabilities, without attempt to gauge intent. I also was around in 2007 when SDS adopted tower shields ahd Roman formations (for the front line only) for a short time. In January 2007 an 800 person SDS and Anarchist combined block, operating within sight of 500,000 antiwar protesters, pushed US Capitol Police motorcycle cops (essentially cavalry, sometime called such) three blocks from 3ed st to the US Capitol, then all the way up the Capitol Steps. That bloc even managed to defeat the Capitol Police when fighting up hill, because we were in riot gear and the pigs were not. Next time out, we smashed through two lines of riot cops near the Pentagon before holding at the third line as we had pushed our offensive too far ahead or our support. Everything was OK until we were back in DC. Then another police motorcycle cavalry attack was more effective, because it caught the shield bloc from myself, I was cavalry too, being on my bike so I was OK, but the main bloc was like a phalanx caught from the side. They could have tried to pivot into the charge and withstand it, but instead broke and ran. At that point, cavalry has an overwhelming advantage, they were chased down and the all their equipment captured or destroyed.

There is one more lesson from the world of the gamers: Open source vs capitalism! A game for Windows, iPhone, etc with closed source and sold for money is capitalism using us to create one more pair of factions to make money on gamers who are tired of playing the same old Romans, Greeks, Persians, etc and are just jacking off with no intent of ever fighting for themselves. By comparison, those who write free and open source games are validating an economic model that operates in direct competition to capitalism! This is why Microsoft has tried more than once to crush Linux.

There are a few open-source RTS games out there, 0ad is one of them. It is available in repo for most distros based on Debian/Ubuntu/Mint and probably many others. Instead of paying money for capitalist games, if you enjoy video games, try one written by people who are PRACTICING anticapitalism and putting their economics where their mouth is. A serious Anarchist street riot game would reskin something like 0ad, creating "rioter" and "police" factions, and also reskinning fields and mines as politics and organizing. It would include the strategic role of organizing as well as combat tactics, and would by playable from either side to allow people to challenge each other head to head. Top-level cops would include national guard and armed Nazis, top level rioters could be ELF or Weather Underground for small-unit actions, Greek style street fighters for large unit actions. The game would have to practice what it preached by being distributed open-source. The programmers would need to start with something written by those who understand ancient warfare well (as 0ad's writers seem to based on their forums), and have a solid understanding of both how organizing and street fighting work today. This would be crucial in reskinning mines and fields to organizing opportunities (maybe just have the same mines and fields as places to organize?)

If you are sitting at a computer playing pay games, you are in RTS terms literally working in the other side's mines. Don't buy software, practice anarchy!

I guess I hear what you're saying, but you don't necessarily have to learn it from a video game and I know you weren't saying that. For instance, I learned the roman tactics that allowed them to conquer forces with significantly less men on the history channel long before ancient aliens became the norm. I haven't really fucked with any roman-ish games since age of empires. Now if they come out with a game (and maybe they have) that allows you to build differnet formations or employ different conflict strategies that would e pretty awesome. Also thanks for the 0ad tip

"A lot of good fighters on our side have participated in SCA (Society for Creative Anarchonism) re-enactments of medieval warfare, which is also good if less specific training. An RTS video game usually focusses too much on the economics of building an army and not enough on fight tactics to be directly relevant. "

Hmm... no. As Sun Tzu asserted, economy is the most fundamental element in any war, as a hundred thousands of cheap but low-skilled combattants is always much more effective than a thousand of costly, demanding elite soldiers, but there are also many other considerations related to the economy, like logistics, and of course means of sustenance. The advantage of real anarchist fighters is that they ought to be self-sufficient, although in a mostly collective way, which is already a major advantage over the cops, who need fat paychecks, shitty food, loads of equipment as well as near-total immunity from their judicial overlords. And don't forget the darwinist principle of natural selection... that it's not the most specialized and skilled who survives, but the ones that are the less skilled, hence the most adaptative.

War tactics have evolved since the Romans, and others civilizations, like the Monghols, the scythians (who invented systematic disruption as a war tactic) and the pirates, have developed asymmetrical tactics that even the Romans had a lot of trouble to deal with. You may not know, as an instance, that Julius Caesar got his ass kicked quite bad, along with his troops, by the so-called "Saracens of the Alps", a bunch of wild peasants, near the Great St-Bernard pass (on the high altitude border today's Italy and Switzerland) once. He wasn't killed, but had to flee for his life, so the legend says.

So the cops, just as the Romans, are used to symmetrical warfare, and of the aggressive kind, or at best aggressive defense. Several recent instances have shown that they are actually quite poor at defense against some forms of aggressive tactics. They are efficient at intimidating and creating panic among crowds, but when the crowds get really pissed off, stop being scared and decide to charge them directly and suddenly -especially when armed- there is nothing much a handful of cops can do to protect themselves.

In asymmetrical warfare, combat skills aren't the most relevant things. Solidarity is our best weapon.

Asymmetric warfare is about survival. "Lose land, save people". Don't take unnecessary chances. Have an escape route. Survive, survive, survive, win.

personally i think every single woman on earth right now should be exterminated.

yes, if a man does not protect them, we wait for them to be separated, then go in for the kill. obviously they are just fodder.

you speak such truth

let's tell every man not to speak to them because they have aids ha ha

hey, check this out. how about we ruin their reputation in art, are you feeling me? there's no man to protect them, and they don't work anywhere that might be on a committee to hire me...bombs away, feminists

yo, how do you feel about spreading a rumor that she's a man,, is this sounding feminist or what? how are you feeling about stalking? is this feeling like a good plan or what?

I was trying to totally 'land' this guy so I can sell his teeth on ebay, sounds like a fab idea to me

she talked me once, i think she was like trying to have with me ha ha

"sex" ha ha

one time, we were out, and she looked at my boyfriend, and then talked to him.

wow, that's not very anarchist. what a phooooony.

later, i took him home, and we had a very long talk about how her political analysis was all fucked up

We hope u have enjoyd tonight's puppet theatre play : "Gurrrrrr" [curtains]

Just want to mention I created an anarchist themed video game for android devices. It is an opensource project, all artwork and code is public domain. It is a free game for Android devices.

I created the game simply because I thought the world needed a video game where anarchists are the heros instead of hte villains. Its a sci-fi game set in the near future.

You can get the game here:


Ronstadt, Linda

Since we're on the topic of anticapitalist vidya, Debord's kriegspiel is online. Play it with a friend!

not even as interesting as his movies

And "Can Dialectics Break Bricks" was funnier than anything debord ever wrote or said. But Kriegspiel is still the most educational of the lot.

Rioters vs the police.
Oooohhhhh, if ONLY it were that simple!!!!

ITT: nerds

Rioting is simple. Create 200 black bloc affinity groups. Cluster them together. Break them up into sections with one specific duty per group to keep it simple. One group supplies the goods. The other delivers them. The ones delivering the goods to the fuzz take shifts. They rotate with other groups from behind. Rioting is a sport with a lot of preping going into things. It's all about getting your self all pumped-up and excited and acting on the adrenaline rush with out thinking about it. Like being in a fight. Hesitation and bad decision making must be kept to a minimum. The frontline has to hit the cops hard with projectiles and fire balls. The more projectiles you throw at them the more they move out of the way and the more they retreat. That is the goal of winning a riot/battle. You make your enemy retreat. Your enemy will cause you to retreat too but you want to keep the game of cat n mouse going. Push them back hard. Make them get out of the way. That's what they use sledge hammers for in Europe. You can't say you have no rocks to throw. Every time you leave the house. You walk on asphalt, brick, stone etc. Sledge hammers are for breaking into the ground. Small hammers are for ATM's and windows. Projectiles and fireballs are for throwing. Black bloc is for security culture. Taking turns at the frontline is to save energy. DON'T WARE YOURSELF OUT HOMIE!

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