RIP Reefa, report back from the graffiti march.

Anyone in downtown Oakland Saturday afternoon knew something was supposed to be happening, with police parked on what seemed like every corner. Oscar Grant Plaza was covered in cops hours before any protest was planned to take place. Earlier in the evening there was a solidarity march for the California prison hunger strike, which brought around 100 people out in support.

Throughout the day, the police had been making large displays of force to intimidate the protesters into leaving before night fell. It quickly became clear they were not going to let the graffiti march happen. Because of this, plans were made to meet at a separate location nearby later in the evening, hoping to avoid a police presence. We were initially successful, but before we could start the police discovered our new location and vans began circling the area. At this point, many small groups began to break off, most with their own personal police escort, though some were able to shake their tail.

These autonomous groups began to then paint graffiti throughout the city, and the police were could not contain it. Despite the surely large sum of money spent on policing today's protests, they have no arrests to show for it, and were hardly successful in shutting down our protest. Sure, there was no spectacle of a downtown coated with paint (for another day) but we are as angry as ever over Reefa's death. We will continue our calls for vengeance- and call for worldwide solidarity over this injustice.



-some Oakland rebels



Who is Reefa?

"Israel Hernandez was an artist who used a variety of mediums, including graffiti, under the name Reefa. On the morning of August 6th, Hernandez was tasered to death by Miami Beach police, who proceeded to high-five and congratulate each other."

Fucking toy-ass liberals love private property... on a graffiti forum.

BTW, I would highly recommend posting future events like this on the Oakland, "Dont Call it Frisco", and other Bay Area threads on 12oz (the most widely used graffiti artist forum) if you want to turn out some of the heavy hitterz, yo.

don't know body check the oontz no more tho. All the toys who were talking shit on it 3 years ago actually grew up and started actually painting or just fell off.

no they just went to other mediums (flickr, tumblr, etc)

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