Sabi of the NATO 5 Transferred to Boot Camp

Sebastian “Sabi” Senakiewicz, a NATO 5 defendant, was transferred to boot camp during the last week of March. He will remain there for 4 months and will likely face deportation to his native Poland immediately afterwards. He is unable to receive visits and mail while at boot camp.

Sabi was arrested on May 17, 2012 during a house raid and charged with falsely making a terrorist threat for claiming that he had explosive materials and wanted to use them during the convention. The state alleged that he told the undercovers about the materials he possessed and his plans for using them. During the raid, no explosives or other materials mentioned in the state’s proffer were found. Nevertheless, he was held on $750,000 bond and has been incarcerated since his arrest. Facing 15 years in prison followed by deportation, he took a non-cooperating plea deal last November. He was sentenced to 4 years with a recommendation of 4 months in boot camp.

We will post further updates on Sabi as they become available. Thank you to everyone who has written and supported him.

The remaining defendants in the NATO 5 remain incarcerated pending trial and desperately need funds for the legal expenses and commissary needs. Please donate to their support fund today: You can also start planning an event or action for our International Week of Solidarity with the NATO 5 (

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are both the nato and north atlantic treaty organization tags really necessary

Why? Is it hurting the cop inside of you?

It's NATO who does that. And that fucking Nazi Rasmussen is washing his hands somewhere in Europe.

what i meant was that why both tags were there, since one is an abbreviation of the other

what kind of boot camp is it?

the one where they kick you all day

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