San Francisco: Attack against Condo Sales Office

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Last night we attacked the Sales office for the in-construction Vida Condos on Mission St.

We added a new heavy-duty lock to their security gate and hit their facade with paint. this was just one small act of hostility in what will hopefully soon be a storm. We did this because they make a mockery of life. Despite their name, they offer only death with the mask of life. These developments, and all the others, deserve much more. We welcome further creative contributions.
it is easy to attack!
down with gentrification!
life is revolt!




Fuck yeah! Winners here! ^^

Every act of destruction is another activist meeting not attended.

How much you want to be that the perpetrators of this petty crime were white hetero middle class boys?

wait people still use this argument? welcome to the last decade, we've given up the liberal handwringing and a lot of us are down for crime.

-queers, brown people, lumpenproles, whatever

Typical manarchist response.

who cares

how much do you want to bet that the perpetrator of this petty troll is not an anarchist?

I bet the above commenter is a racist.

not sure why commentators suggest one can't be an activist & smash shit.

Resentment left over from the '90s.

are politicians in waiting and behavioral preservers of the existing order. They simply play out the regurgitatetive role which is just as important to recuperation as an office meeting or any condo dweller.

The so-called "National Alliance for the Mentally Ill" has been getting rocks through their windows not just once, but every few nights, dozens of attacks as of now. The Gazette Newspapers are talking about the attacks, but not about motive. My guess is it has something to do with their support for forced drugging and compulsory "treatment."

Are you communicating about your actions and intentions with the world at large -- or are you just out to score points with the anarchist subculture and the Bay Area´s leftist protest ghetto?

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