Santiago, Chile: Everyday a young combatant is born!

Responsibility claim for the action which was carried out on Monday the 17th of March 2014 outside the ex-Pedagogical School in Santiago, in commemoration of the “Week of the Combatant Youth”

In relation to conditions pre-established by the security forces, we felt the obligation to generate a combative instance that goes far beyond the very “day of the combatant youth”, understanding our struggle as something that transcends emblematic and focal dates, towards the destruction of social norms and the prevailing model.

Hunger, misery, poverty, injustice, police harassment, exploitation and all elements of domination and oppression against the most unprotected classes—of which we are also a part—are realities of everyday living, apart from the emblematic dates of street fighting, so this is a call to generate this struggle in every place, on every corner of this society, 365 days a year.

Regarding the details of the action itself, we would love to give you more; however we believe that on this occasion the images speak for themselves.

Everyday a young combatant is born!

In memory of Eduardo and Rafael.

Photos kindly donated by Héctor Antonio Cerda Burgos, ID number 17.459.433-3*

* ironic reference to another cop who had infiltrated in the campus on the same day; when he was spotted by students, in his rush to escape he left his bag and police ID card behind



woah. crazy video.

Looks awesome, we should remove it from its context and make it an album cover for a shitty punk rock band trying to seem poignant.

Ghost Rider!

"The shaking loosed landslides that blocked roads, knocked out power for thousands, damaged an airport and provoked fires that destroyed several businesses. About 300 inmates escaped from a women’s prison in the city of Iquique. "

Victory lols...

We fight to free the Earth, the Earth fights society!

Fuck yeah! Viva la Earthquake!

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