Seattle-DOC Office Vandalized

On Saturday the Department of Corrections Office in Seattle was paint bombed and had graffiti written on it with the message, "Destroy All Prisons (A) FTP (A)". The office is a site of the prison society that we all live in. The grand jury in Seattle has for the last year and a half embodied that prison society we struggle against. This action is meant as a small gesture against that repression and in solidarity with those who struggle against it. Fuck the DA, the FBI and the grand jury.



Next time you should hit them with your purses.

Nah bro, that all changed after google bus.

"Offices don't hit back" - Bruce Lee

"I hit you with my cock you won't be able to hit back either" - Anonymous, replying to Bruce Lee

"Your bitch sucked my dick and let me hit it from the back and you didn't even care." -Lil B (Based God)

@worker new moderation proposal cntrlF "dick" then delete.

manually searching for dicks sounds hella gehy also just dicks right *whips out cock*

Based God fucked my wife and I didn't even care. Thank you Based God your the greatest.

Destroy all prisons with paint balloons, teen angst, and the trust funds your daddies left you.

That's some vintage trolling right there! 2005 called, etc

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