Seattle, Wa: Condo Excavator Sabotaged

About a little over week ago we snuck into a condo development in Seattle and poured a gallon of bleach into the gas tank of an excavator. This was a small but easily reproducible attack against the expansion of gentrification in Seattle.

- Some Anarchists



Good job dandy! You're a winner!

this wasn't an attack against gentrification this was just an attack against the poor construction workers building the condo's. they're the one's whose paychecks are going to be short because they couldn't use the excavator. maybe they will even get blamed for it. anyway great action morons, if you wanted to fight gentrification why don't you move out of the neighborhood you live in, which i'm sure is some hipster gentrifying part of town full or artists.

now i see how satisfying that epithet is!
and so easy to spot one!
and if you're going to mercilessly waste apostrophes, can i have your extras?

Getrification isn't consumer politics, liberal, it's a fucking state/capitalist process pushed by city planners, neighborhood associations and developers. Get the fuck out of here with your identity politics; you blame minimum wage hipster whitey because you are powerless to effect anything or anyone that actually matters. "Anarchists" like you are worthless.

id just say who gives a shit. id relish someone coming onto my job site and shutting/slowing work down for awhile. I agree this isn't really going to do anything to "slow" or "stop" gentrification but who gives a fuck let the kids have their fun and let me get some time off.

This is seriously so much more interesting than banner drops, newspaper boxes, or smoke bombs.

*almost more interesting disinfected their gas tank?

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