Send Birthday Cards To Anarchist Hacker Jeremy Hammond

From Prison Books

Anarchist hacker Jeremy Hammond is turning 28! A genuinely conscious web developer, Jeremy Hammond is accused of using his computer savvy to attack conservative groups and State operators. He is being charged with providing Wikileaks the documents for their latest Stratfor release. Please send him a birthday card this month! Unfortunately, We found out it was his birthday too late to include it in our January Birthday Poster. So please include him in your card writing nights.

Jeremy Hammond


MCC New York

150 Park Row

New York, New York 10007



This is fucking depressing.......

What's depressing is that he got snitch jacketed for years and still kept shit hella legit.

True but the only thing to do now is support him and make the people who said what they did feel like total fucking losers.

if by hella legit, you mean turned over video tapes to the state, then yes, he kept it hella legit


You've done nothing, ever......period

did you even read the link you just provided?!

Yes they have bro, they went through the rigorous training course of becoming a shitty police officer I am sure.

Don't let anonymous comments get to you, if they make you say "fuck, anarchists are fucking stupid" it probably wasn't written by an anarchist, and if it was, certainly not one that you should ever care about.

"fuck, maoists are fucking stupid"

Are you talking about the rumor of whether or not Jeremy Hammond is a loyal fan of Bill Ayers, Maoist revolutionary ? Please don't spread malicious rumors. No Anarchist would be caught dead associating with Bill Ayers (Maoists have murdered Anarchists, etc.)

Please don't spread rumors like that. You're working for the feds when you say stuff without proof or things that are complete lies.

Yes, we shouldn't spread rumors, even if they are true...or not. Like what I did to your sister last night, I might assert it was the truth, but you might claim it is a lie. Ultimately, the only way to prove truth is to post all personal information on the internet so we can weigh the decision. The most honest person has nothing to lose and everything to win by proving they are honest and truthful about what is going on.

I heard Jeremy was a B cup. Can someone please provide rule 23 for Jeremy and tell truth to power?

spreading rumers can get people killed.i have seen a boy set on fire and burned to death.all this is very serious.if you have only heard rumers and are repeating them it could be angerous for you and for the one you are targeting.'s Chicago hardcore again, or on their likewise pathetic little troll friends.

I imagine its only a small group of loathsome little shits, who do nothing aside from drama, drama, drama. How many times have we seen these same fuckers pop a snitch jacketing article on the web about someone in chicago (a couple of the times, its when the person was in jail and couldn't defend themselves), only to find out that the claim is essentially bullshit?
Mean while, as this shit is going on, you all get infiltrated by some motherfuckers that actually look like cops during all that NATO shit.
No offense to those that caught charges, I'm just sayin'.

chicago is mad shitty with all that, but migs IS a snitch. he told people about it.

I thought migs had issues with addiction/mental illnesses or what not, but either way, if he is a snitch then of course its good to know. it's just hard to know who is and isn't when the same cats are running around pointing there fingers at everyone.

NO SHIT. You got this group of kids who clearly have no conception of relevancy outside their stupid worthless "anarchist" punk social clique and

a. There is no anarchist presence in Chicago to speak of
b. One of the most relevant anarchists in the United States comes out of your town and it just happens to be someone who didn't fit in and was a "snitch"
c. You get infiltrated within ONE MONTH OF A MAJOR GATHERING by cops who aren't even trying to hide their identity.


Come back when you are gonna get serious Chicago. Maybe if you didn't have such shitty pizza or a real city, Milwaukee right near you things would be better.

Don't forget the ethnic cleansing campaign against whatever anarchist scene there was a couple years ago there. The stories I've heard from Chicago made me realize that identity politics can go so much further than the shit that happened in NYC around the same time and somehow be even more insane. Chicago has literally the most fucked up, insane, terrible radical scene I know of in the country if not the world. And I agree that Jeremy Hammond is the realest to come out of that cesspool and is facing decades in prison and obviously has refused to cooperate in the face of all that and you have these anarcho-Maoists talking shit on something he was allegedly stupid about TEN YEARS AGO. Where were you ten years ago? Having your mommy wipe your bottom? Jeremy's already done time before and refused to cooperate then as well. What the fuck have you done and when has your willingness to cooperate actually been tested?

Sounds interesting tell me more about the ethnic cleansing part

Exactly. I think you and I would get along. Coming from someone who spent a considerable amount of time in NYC (not in @ politics) the shit that was coming from there at that moment in time was/is straight up embarrassing. It's funny how Occupy forced a lot of the ridiculous folks involved in all that to literally put up or shut up. Surprise surprise on those that did and did not.

Anyhow, it pains me to imagine someone like Hammond who actually took his political outlook seriously and not just as some cRaZy identity. Sitting there in Chicago, catching raps, and having people who are obviously just jokers talking shit. And he STILL didn't rat. Fuck man, I don't know if I could do it. Honestly.

Too late to send from Australia. But pls forward Birthday wishes from me. Anon follower / supporter. davo-au

you can send them late and it would still be hella welcomed!

Happy birthday from canada

Hi, will link this page to the Free Jeremy Hammond Facebook page. Thank you!

facebook page after facebook page, til we reach the insurrection
oh wait

Happy birthday from Norway....

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