Solidarity with Villa Amalias from Sydney

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On Thursday the 20th of December in Athens Greece, Villa Amalias squat was raided by riot police and eight comrades inside were arrested. All have been charged with various felonies and misdemeanours and are being held at Athens police HQ till they will be brought again before a judge on the 24th of December.

Following the eviction, the Greek minister of public order stated that Villa was an “epicentre for lawlessness”. For the past 23 years Villa Amalias has been an open political, cultural and social space hosting regular concerts, theatre, dance and language classes, film screenings, free markets and collective kitchens. The squat was a self organised initiative of the anarchist and anti authoritarian movement in Athens and those associated with the squat have the contributed to the struggles of workers, immigrants and the anti racist/anti fascist struggle.

As a minimal act of solidarity, on Sunday the 23rd of December some anarchists gathered outside the Greek Consulate and Beirut Hellenic Bank in the Sydney CBD. Two banners were tied to the consulate building reading:



Leaflets declaring solidarity with Villa and squatters everywhere were thrown, and much noise was made while hundreds of shoppers rushed by in Christmas mania.





I didn't anarchists were into extraterrestrial stuff? hm?


Ho ho ho...Santa Claus is spreading gifts and doing a modern day potlatch. He is a mutualist.

ho ha ha... Santa Claus is a modern day fascist, spreading cheap plastic crap mad by slaves in China so assholes in the United States can pay for it with stock dividends, bond dividends, rents, and welfare checks. Fuck Off!

what the heck was going on in this thread?

Oh, just a bunch of god-damned You Tube videos degrading Christmas. I suppose somebody got pissed off by it. Here is an example.

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