Some Green Anarchy Points

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Some Green Anarchy Points

- Green Pessimism: No alternative technology can be created that will maintain the current system and create freedom. The logic of progress makes people feel like we just jump from one alternative to another, each one getting better. This is a very short sighted position. Capitalism will not pull us out of the energy crisis without massive barbarism. The green washing of technology alternatives, like solar and wind, ignores the massive destruction necessary to create, from the mining of rare earths to create the technology, to the logistics needed to pull the materials together and create to the exhaust and waste created in the creation of this technology, to the energy sources needed to develop these technologies, the move to green technology largely fails to have the "green" label attached if it is to mean anything good for the environment.

- No Point of Origin (Original sin): The grand narrative of origin or original sin in these crisis is largely a distraction. One can create a dozen theories about the origin, but ultimately we have to decide our approach today. We must use the master's tools and largely our criticism is that we are prevented from creating real alternatives because of present existing conditions. We can go as green as we define the term rather than how the term is defined.

- Rejection of Mass: Socialist, anarchist and communist rebellions are largely focused on control of mass institutions or seeing a massive rebellion play out. The industrial scale of how they want society to be organized has largely sat unchallenged, seeing the need to build on top of the advances of capitalism to create a new world. We see reason to challenge the old traditions of rebellion and to assert we can do more than react to the latest horrors from the system.

- Autonomous Communal Living: For us, with the failure in green technology, we see reason to reconceive of how we are organized and to change the scale of how we are organized. To start a social revolution, the very organization of society must be challenged. By suggesting a scale of autonomous communal living units, as opposed to atomized consumer units tied into a web of institutions, we suggest a new way of living that can impose values and remain flexible and resilient in the face of constantly changing conditions. When we do a direct action, when we protest, when we riot, when we have an insurrection, it is from our living units we spring and continue to spring forth. Because we are anarchists we see reason to build our lives together and because we want a free society we want more than buy consume die with a slight chance of cancer.

- We are animals on a planet spinning through space: We don't know what the future holds. Science is limited by the scientific method. While we have reason to trust the method, the desired conclusions, the framing of direction and how science is used to impact our future needs to be challenged. Our mission as humans may not be the one implicit in how science is narrated. Space travel, cyborgs, AI robots, computers inside of everything. Yet this is how we keep translating technology, which is justified in how we do scientific research. We want to know if the sci-fi can become science fact. And damn the world for the consequences of blinded research, which uses the scientific method to discover how to do horrible things, but when these things are created, their consequences are mitigated. To see our desire to know as separate from how we act on those desires is foolhardy. While the answer isn't to close the book on science, it should be seen for what it is: An aid to power.

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