St Louis March 1st Report Back

The squatted homes and social center in St Louis we're given a march 1st eviction date. That day has come and gone, and we're still here.

On the 1st our day started earlier than usual with a big group breakfast in the morning, as banners we're unfurled off buildings and the street shut down for traffic so a block party could commence. Despite the weather not being on our side, about 100 people showed up to what could have been a joyous conflict with those willing to steal our homes away from us. As the hours continued and Paul McKee's people did not show their faces or their eviction paperwork we continued our party and celebration of the years spent in these houses. Hours of four square we're played, books were read aloud next to wood stoves, meals were cooked and shared. An outdoor viewing of 'Home alone' gave us all some strategies to ponder. Once night fell and it became clear that we had stood our ground for another day the dj's started their sets. We danced and drank until the last bits of bonfire had burnt themselves out.

They did not come for us that day, but they will. Our homes, the spaces we have shared for years are in their sights and their vultures will continue to circle. For now, friends and those we have yet to meet we ask for you to stay vigilant. This fight is far from over, in fact, it has barely begun. As future dates become clear we will broadcast them. Thank you to all who came out on the first and those who chose to show solidarity in their own towns (lookin at you pgh!).



Oh but yeah!!!

So I see you did it Italian style! I told ya it would work.

Fuck evictions! Occupy your place!

I'm really happy to hear those places still exist. Social centers are important places to organize. Not a coincidence those squats in Athens were stopped.

Very happy you resisted and it worked!

<3 from the southeast

but why did you smash the mac book?

Coz it's the religion of the hipsters?

All the love.

mad love...

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