State Repression Will Not Go Without A Response: For Jerry Koch

In New York City, people have become used to dealing with indignities. One cannot go for a quick walk without traveling through paramilitary style conditions. We have a mayor who proudly boasts of having a police force that is his personal army. This same police force has been murdering poor people and people of color with impunity for years upon years. And, not to be outdone, this same force is holding our dear comrade, Jerry Koch, in detention in its latest political witch hunt.

We intend to make unequivocally clear that state repression will not go without a response.

We have all watched as the citibike has polluted the city with corporate logos flying past us even more than regularly. A few nights ago we we sabotaged several citibike stations rendering them inoperable. We can be happy that several of these disgusting corporate advertisements were forced off the road for some time.

To the state: you should be well aware that your actions won't be unanswered.
To our comrades: Remember, we can't let these indignities continue!

Let's keep the attacks continuing until the revolution!
Until the death of the state!
Until the death of capitalism!



What is citibike and why don't we like them? And how are they related to the repression of Jerry Koch?

its a public bike service. you run your card.... you get to rent a bike for a few hours. apparently the action-takers think that if you sabataoge it once it will convince the state that we are too much of a threat......... or it will inspire others to take clandestine action (they never do... just look at all the other GJ resistance actions).

We truly are pathetic.

fuck everything.

i hate my life;

"or it will inspire others to take clandestine action (they never do... just look at all the other GJ resistance actions)"

Yeah, action never inspires action. Just look at this pathetically small list:

im sorry... am i to be amazed by this short list of pathetic actions? gluin locks? dropping banners? wow 2 dozen actions if that.... maybe if there were arsons, bank expropriations, assassinations.... this is so lame. I know 12 year olds that create more chaos and don't feel the need to post it online bragging to everyone. We truly are pathetic.

Then why don't you go cry to momma and stop bitching... or perhaps YOU could do something radical for a change, instead of pretending you're so tuff.

nobody thinks that clandestine attacks will destroy the state. they are done to show solidarity, to build confidence, to live life a certain way, and to prepare oneself for open revolt.

but have fun hating your life, im sure that's a satisfying way to live.

'clandestine attacks' can help to undermine belief in the state, which is what destroys it

yeah if you just stop believing in the state it will stop existing.

(major sighs) The State is a purely conceptual institution, as any other institution. Of course, prisons and cops will not disappear all of a sudden.... but the State indoctrination that lies in every people will be compromised, which is a crucial starting point for people to stop calling the cops for any reason, and believing in all the crapaganda they're being force-fed everyday.

Do you need drawings or Flash presentations to understand now?

Gosh... I'm so fed up with all the stupid sheep who simply can't think by themselves! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

please don't generalize

"We truly are pathetic.
fuck everything.
i hate my life"

Sucks to be a cop, I know...


Citibike is owned by citibank, I think

It is! So vandalizing these things is fucking relevant. An asset of both the State and the Wall Street gangsters.

Citibank, along with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan have got the US government, and the Police, in their pockets, literally.

yeah, we need to smash the banks (not the banking system) and take control of the US government (because it is in the pockets of Citibank)

The level of idiocy of that comment makes me wanna enjoy life out there instead of replying. THANK YOU... you unintentionally helped me save 2:16 minutes of my life!!!

"To the state"

You mean that thing with no physical intangibles that needs more then just the 2ndary apparatic side to exist seeing that it comes from a primary base of belief.

"Let's keep the attacks continuing until the revolution!
Until the death of the state!
Until the death of capitalism!"

Good luck striking at phantoms and crossing imaginary finish lines.

I would greatly prefer even just one childish stink bomb attack to 1000 comments on the internet. Comparatively, the stink bomb would be doing more damage to the state. There is another meaning to the virtues of being silent. It doesn't only refer to not snitching on one another, but also to speaking primarily though action rather than words.

If we had even half the number of "radical" books that come out each year be matched by one action each, we would live in a much more interesting context.

If Jerry Koch is in an "intangible" jail, why doesn't he just stop believing in it and walk out?

Trollcops are not answering to their stupidity... only post whatever nonsense their sense of moral supremacy urges them to, then go back eating donuts in front of a TV.

We aren't the ones believing in these ghosts... you (and your State agent buddies) are! That's why they send people to real, concrete cells for crossing the imaginary finish lines of the Law and striking at their spectacular face-values... like property destruction. Property is the biggest fairy tale created by colonialism, even bigger than God and Santa Claus.

Anarchists are the true atheists. Bakunin wrote about it a long time ago, in "God and the State".

Here's my only critique:

The use of "not to be outdone" makes it seem that the police repression of anarchists is in competition with the police killings of poor people and people of color. Not just that, but also, that the former is comparably egregious. This is terrible writing in that it says precisely the opposite of what you presumably mean.

Death to the fascist state and the all powerful bike lobby! see video to understand our complaints with Bloomberg's totalitarian regime and it's Citibike program. All our grievances are connected!

Finally anarchists in NYC are doing something useful and standing up to this bike pollution! Dorothy Rabinowitz would be proud.

can these rent-a-bikes be profaned for free use? better, and also pretty handy, to have free bikes than no bikes

You'd better disable them with a drop of saltwater at the right place, or somepin'.

Those bikes surely have a gps tracker and they are factory made to be damn hard to hack through and modify. Usually they,re also heavy and bulky... I wouldn't race against cops on bikes with one of these! What's the interest in providing a free bike service to Soho yuppies anyways!? lol

This is dumb because it believes we can make the world better.

Just as we said for Marx: anyone who tries to trick us into thinking we have the power to instigate social change is our enemy (p.58).


Monsieur Dupont is that you???

What about YOU are the Enemy? Neither your intellectual arrogance or pretention at knowing what we should not do will succeed in pacifyng us and letting tyranny happen.

Oh and I just forgot... FUCK YOU, traitor.

Strange how the dualistic battle rages on, as if consciousness is black and white, a type of epistemic schizophrenia dominates western culture so that activism is actually reactionary. To many inflated egos and not enough scones.

Do you remember you used to have a soul?


I'm in the weird part of anarchist news again.

no you're a weird person in the best part of Anews. Everything's upside down in the fantasy realm of Big Brother.

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