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On the night of New Years Eve this year, there was an incident of violence that occurred at a party which left six people stabbed and/or beaten in the Reynoldstown neighborhood of Atlanta. One man, Luke O'Donovan, was taken to the hospital with multiple bruises and also stab wounds on his back, was arrested. The police and media narrative, based on the words of those present at the party, states that Luke left the party angry, returned with a knife and, as we've seen portrayed in recent coverage of mass shootings in the U.S., returned to attack those who enraged him.

The Support Luke Defense Committee and Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross, however, have been working to change that narrative. Friends, families and Allies of Luke claim that Luke was actually the target of a homophobic attack by a group of young men, and succeeded in defending himself and maybe saved his own life before police came. This week, we speak with Esme of the SLDC about Luke and Luke's case, and how folks can support him.

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Real good guy. Support him if you can, he deserves it.

Definitely will do!!
In cases like these, the pigs tend to arrest the first allegedly involved people they can get their hands on, which often means who was ever left at the scene that was badly injured and in need of help.
Depending on how much coverage the case received, they will go full tilt with character assassination if that's what it takes to build the narrative. Also, I saw in the media that they said Luke was "cut" but your saying he was stabbed several times, which of course is a huge fucking difference in terms of public perception and narrative. Stabbing paints a much fuller picture of what happened where as being "cut", does nothing more than implicate him as the lead suspect(so goes their fucked reasoning). I guarantee you, that line is straight out the APD press release. It is really important that you are making that distinction now, although you will most likely have to fight it all they up and into trial (if it goes that far).

On a whole, Its really good to see that you have kicked up a support/media campaign from the start. The lawyers probably hate it but fuck em', they don't know everything and they tend to be so afraid of their friends on the opposite side of the court room that they won't do anything to piss them off. As long as you do not discuss the details of the case or the strategy of the defense, then you're alright.

Luke has all my love and solidarity. Please do keep us updated on the state of his bail/charges

Luke <3

Thanks so much to everyone who has worked hard to support him.

This is a reason to refuse hospital transportation after any fight. Win or lose, get out of sight and take cover. Twice I have done so, once at risk to my life. Cops troll hospitals, and in some cases such as gunshot wounds hospitals are required by law to snitch.

We need to have our own medics who we can trust, and who are trained in the basics of emergency medicine up to and including stab and gunshot wound treament for uncomplicated hits that do not penetrate body organs. The sort of training military combat medics get would be a good start. As things now stand, if something like the above were to happen to me, I would be forced to attempt to treat the wound myself, whatever the results. That because to me no possible outcome of failed treament on myself is worse than jail/prison.

Is this REALLY how hospitals and doctors want things to work?

"The sort of training military combat medics get would be a good start..."

Is this daedlanth, again ?

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