the wait is over...

Some final chapters to the ‘Asheville 11′ saga

On December 20th of this year 3 co-defendants from the 11 plead guilty to a Class 1 misdemeanor Riot charge in exchange for time served and restitution. The remaining co-defendants are required to complete a number of hours of community service as well as pay restitution and their charges will be dropped completely. It has been 2 1/2 years since these 11 people were arrested and charged. Many events have transpired inside this case since that night in May. A more comprehensive statement on the end of this case will be forthcoming. For now, let us say once again to all of you that stood behind the accused for so many years; your support and solidarity has been invaluable.

freedom to all who resist,
avl11 support crew



wait, what? december 20? isn't that the same day those satanists cursed the APD two years ago!?!? holy shit.

How much restitution can you make for violating "that thin veneer that separates proletarians from every potency of life"?

Freedom isn't free......It costs a buck 'o five

so glad. solidaridad to all the beautiful comrades and butterfly kisses 2 all cuties raging hard yall taught me so mucho!

amazing!!! solidarity for the non-cooperating comrades! death to the snitches!

the spirit of the trolletariat is infinite & indomitable!

holy shit, much love to the noncooperating defendants, we re with you all the way. thank you for keeping your heads held high, your mouths shut, and your style wonderful. yall are fucking beautiful and inspiring.

Fuck the haters, the opportunists who would use another comrades' life as a springboard for their own shit, the snitches, small business lovers in asheville, and especially four-star in chicago. if they ever start that 55.000 dollar food not bombs, ima roll up on that shit like its a damn ceces pizza buffet, and then burn the rest....

55.000 dollar food not bombs ? Now that seems weird

personally, i'd rather do time than pay restitution.

^ That's easy to say, when you're not paying the cost of lawyers defending you against 10 misdemeanors and 3 felonies - instead of all charges being dropped. It's like the joke about boxing, "Everyone has a plan, until the first punch."

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