As we, the Anarchists, say "Solidarity between Anarchists is more than just written words"

From Regeneration Radio

ABC-DF On August 20th, the Anarchist Black Cross, Mexico City (DF) held a protest in front of the Chilean Embassy in the Polanco neighborhood (an upscale neighborhood of DF) in solidarity with our comrade, the Chilean political prisoner Hans Niemeyer Salinas, who is on a hunger strike. (More info on Hans' case: The protest passed without incident, a statement was read, and graffiti was made calling for the freedom of our comrade. There were a dozen people present.

As the protest dispersed our comrades realized that they were being followed by the police, as they attempted to leave the area quickly some of the comrades were arrested and assaulted by the police. The police yelled out to passerby that our comrades were thieves, which led bus drivers to refuse them entry to public transport.

Tonathiu Garneros García, Mario Alberto López Gutiérrez, Jair Juárez Victoriano y Jaime Alberto Aguilar Manriquez were arrested and brought to the Department of Public Prosecutions in the Miguel Hidalgo delegation, and later to the Public Prosecutor MH-2 near Metro Rio San Juaquín also in Miguel Hidalgo. The arrested are accused of damage to property and insulting the authorities, their lawyers believe that it will be possible for them to be released after they pay bail. We have been working all day attempting to get our comrades released to no avail and right now we are waiting to hear how much bail money will be needed, what the terms of the release will be, and when and in what condition our comrades will be released. It is important to point out that the Prosecutor mentioned that there are orders coming from the City Government to not release our comrades.

Your solidarity is very important in these crucial moments, we are calling for people to show up today, August 21st, from 9am on, at the Public Prosecutors office. Fortunately many comrades have come in solidarity but we will need many more to achieve freedom for those arrested. We also ask for economic help to pay what we expect to be an exorbitant bail to secure the release of our comrades. If you need more information about how to get money to help our comrades please write us:

Banamex sucursal Número de cuenta 28770771 clabe 002180700628770710 a name de Jose de Jesús Maldonado Alva



"As we, the Anarchists, say..."

just a bit too close to "we the people...".

i really wish folks would stop thinking they speak for all anarchists. i don't care where the fuck they are from or what their current cotd (cause of the day) is.


You should inspect your brain a bit, I think...

" We the People" implies the citizens, or the proletariat of a country, or the world. There is no other common denominator other than citizenship or class identity. So no there's nothing to do with "we amarchists". It could be easily used in a pretentious and prejudicial way, but I don't see that here.

Actually I think an important thing you left out is that the sentence wasn't "we anarchists", but rather "we, THE anarchists". Generally, if you say "the [group]", your statement is implied to be specifically referring to that entire group.

So wait, are you saying that anarchist solidarity isn't more than words? I think that there is a tendency( which is not inaccurate) to assume that anarchists ought to offer solidarity in a meaningful way and of course some don't but it would be fair enough for folx from DF to say "I really wish people would stop thinking that anarchism has no meaning". Which it seems is what you are espousing, and to which I would say you are wrong.

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