We Are Back!

Puget Sound Anarchists

After a short period of inactivity, pugetsoundanarchists.org is active once again. The site has served as an open space for discussion, dialog, and reference over the years. It is meant to function as a space that is open to all tendencies of anarchism in the Puget Sound area. The site is in no way the meeting point or result of one group but rather a forum and tool for anarchists of all stripes to engage with one another.

Although, the space is online, over the years, it has proven to be a force for regional anarchists as a place where anarchists can see parts of the local struggle and activity reflected through a neutral medium.

In light of the Seattle Federal Grand Jury and its subsequent intimidation, it is necessary to continue to act and reflect as anarchists regardless of the consequences of repression. This site is just another simple tool that can be used by comrades and potential comrades to carry out their practice against the State and Capital and in solidarity with those in exile, prison, or otherwise resisting the hands of the State.

Freedom and Anarchy!



OK awesome please put the archives up.

Also, worker should put the motherfucking archives for this site up already too.

For fucking REAL! Archives NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

i need archives for old RAAN forum

The only worthwhile thing was the parkour guide anyway!

That and maybe the thread about that one person who tried to move a big anarchist-punk commune into the middle of a ghost town.

RAAN like a mother...nah don't look back, DON'T LOOK BACK!!!!

This image demonstrates a pretty flawed understanding of electricity.

Another site following the trend of constantly unnecessarily redesigning and then trashing all the content that was available before. You can`t access articles on this site before its redesign and you can`t view article on PSA before it`s redesign, which is insane given that very little has been happening in the NW recently and all the greatest stuff on the site was from a couple years ago. Guess it`s lost forever or we have to consult archive.org to access certain actions and reportbacks that will never be posted again.

Shit happens. Maybe you could find something cool to watch on Hulu instead you fucking baby.

Actually, go fuck yourself. Anarchists should put stuff in print and have as many websites as possible for just these reasons. The people who run these websites think of them individualistically (sometimes, explicitly so!) and are not as concerned with preserving content as with preserving their own reputation.

Oh cool big insults about the vaguely defined bad anarchists you dont like who messed up the websites you like to read, hold on to your diaper you fucking baby, adults are working on things. You are an annoying prick (individually, and explicitly so)

just leg print things out and then scan them and put them back up on a wordpears blog leg

man i know, what is up with these 'anarchsits' who are concerned with preserving content as with preserving their own reputation? i heard even in greece some comrades quit to barricades because they heard the website didnt going to have an archive anymore!

Stop presenting straw men.

It is actually relevant to keep archives of anarchist practice and analysis on the internet. Being able to look back on shit matters and, unfortunately, there is much that is only online. Running an anarchist counter-information site entails a commitment to preserving the content.

Agreed. The archived PSA was vastly more important than the shell it is now. Who ever took this project over seriously shat the bed.

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