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Hello Again, Friends, Accomplices, and Frenemies...

This What's New comes after the first SF Anarchist Bookfair held in the East Bay, where drama and some amazing new titles appeared. The SF Bookfair moved from San Francisco (finally chased out by gentrification), and was held in the Crucible, a pretty amazing DIY space with classes in welding, glass-blowing, etc (which were all ongoing during the bookfair – leading to some difficulties hearing presentations). The event was successful for most of the vendors, though the issue of race and gentrification continues to be a live wire in this area, with people committed (however tacitly) to conflicting understandings of key terms.

As for new titles, this was an exciting quarter, with Disruptive Elements, which exceeds even Enemies of Society in the category of extreme French Anarchism;; Canenero, hardcopy of some excellent articles by Passamani and Bonanno, etc. and I Saw Fire, a book to ease the passage of post-Occupiers into the post Occupy era. And we continue our reprints of Elephant Editions with the first of a couple of bound compilations of Bonanno articles—the first one entitled The Most Dangerous Idea.

We are Little Black Cart: Distribution, Editorial, and printshop.

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Recent LBC Titles

Disruptive Elements

Disruptive Elements: The Extremes of French Anarchism - published by Ardent Press

I Saw Fire

Social Insurrectionary Anarchism hasn't been an active strain in North America for 100 years. Why? Among other reasons, the social perspective has also been the position of organizational anarchism. It has been a more-or-less conservative position. This tension is at the heart of I Saw Fire which perspectivizes a new social anarchism of the streets, and not the town meeting, of eruption and not prefiguration.

In a period of global unrest that topples governments and calls into question the capitalist system, no one has been more demonized by both the State and the official Left than the anarchists and their use of the 'black bloc.' Yet, from the streets of Egypt to the plazas of Brazil, the tactic is growing in popularity. From behind the balaclava, Doug Gilbert discusses riots and revolt from the teargas filled streets of Oakland, California during the Occupy movement to Phoenix, Arizona facing down Neo-Nazi skinheads. Discussing violence, social change, and organization at length, Gilbert examines why many young people are turning away from the organizations which have historically sold-out the working class—and starting a riot of their own.

I Saw Fire - published by the Institue of Experimental Freedom


Canenero is a selection of the articles from the Italian paper of the same name that published from 1994 to 1997. It was inspired by the problems faced by anarchists during the time of the Marini Trials...

But the editors of Canenero were not willing to allow the repressive activity of the state to define the limits of the discussion in the paper they published, so along with information and analysis of that specific situation other significant questions and idea were raised in its pages. Thus, within its pages one could find pointed, but brief, theoretical articles, social and historical analyses and bitingly witty looks at the week's news.

Within these pages are the writings of Massimo Passamani, Marco Beaco, Alfredo M. Bonanno among others.

Canenero - published by Ardent Press

Black Seed

This is a brand new biannual green anarchist paper that adds to a continuing conversation, one that may have started the first time native people were introduced to civilized interlopers, or in the first resistance to cities, or when Élisée Reclus started writing (depending on how you define “green anarchist”). We are part of this tradition; one of violence, genocide, ecology, and anarchy.

This paper is in the spirit of the Green Anarchy magazine but Black Seed is our experiment to find and flesh out more particular critiques. We will use anarchist and anti-civilization perspectives but not be constrained by them.

The black seed is the distant, future possibility of our questions acting like weeds, breaking up concrete and ideology, and germinating into total fucking anarchy.

Order copies of Black Seed

Distro Items

Here are new items we are carrying that are worth taking a look at...

  • Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed #75 - 30 years later and AJODA is still running strong. Check out the new issue with "Eight Theses on the Affective Structure of the Present Conjuncture", Bob Black revisiting work, Uri Gordan on "Insurrectionary Patriotism and the Defusion of Dissent".
  • Endnotes 3: Gender, Race, Class and Other Misfortunes
  • Baedan 2 - A Journal of Queer Heresy - Another beautiful edition of Baedan, fresh off the printers. With references to Guy Hocquengham and an on-going appreciation of hostility, this project continues to inspire. Pieces included are “Against the Gendered Nightmare”, “Unlike the God of Human Error”, “the Anti-Chamber”, and “Violations”.
  • Sic Journal #2 - Sic aims to be a locus for unfolding the problematic of communisation. It comes from the encounter of individuals involved in various projects in different countries: among these are the journals Endnotes, published in the UK and the US, Blaumachen in Greece, Riff-Raff in Sweden, and certain more or less informal theoretical groups in the US (New York and San Francisco).
  • My Own #12 - My Own is a publication of anarchist, egoist, individualist ideas, literature, and analysis coming from an explicitly anti-capitalist, non-market egoist perspective aimed at encouraging the interweaving of individual insurrections against all forms of authority, domination and enforcement of conformity.

Upcoming Titles

  • The Impossible, Patience - The series of essays by Alejandro de Acosta... Analysis of rhetoric in search of finally free speech, which is why, in the end, I, at least, realized I was in search of a poetics adequate to decomposition. Or perhaps and precisely inadequate. For the moment and in the delay we call the present, then, essays. They say we try to inhabit, impossibly, this now-time, patiently.
  • The Black Bloc Papers - A historical document anthologizing the primary texts of the North American Anarchist
    Black Bloc 1988-2005 including The Battle of Seattle through The Anti-War Movement. Edited and compiled by David Van Deusen and Xaviar Massot of The Green Mountain Anarchist Collective
  • The Dictionary of Unhappiness - A post-situationist critique of everything by way of defining our modern condition. Example: Anarchism—Blind faith in the belief that action will eventually find its theoretical meaning based on a religious faith in the power of community. Repeating failed strategies and tactics is seen as a proof that historical continuity exists.
  • Huye Hombre Huye - Xosé Tarrio Gonzalez spent 16 years imprisoned in Spain, most of these years in isolation under the FIES regime. He responded to the brutal circumstances of prison with dignity and courage. He writes of escape plans, struggle inside prison, suffering, and strength. His words expose painful details of a life behind bars.

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"dra·ma [drah-muh, dram-uh]....any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results: the drama of a murder trial."

Darn it! Guess that description fits for the SF @ book fair. I suppose I was hoping for something a little more "vivid, emotional, conflicting, or..." aka controversial. Was there not an attempted character assassination there or was it mostly an argument in good faith? Guess folks should stop being so damned anti-intellectual and just read a freak-en book if ya can't discuss these things calmly.

Yet I'm struck by the question, that when these ideas depart the solitary realm of the readers, and are voiced amid mixed company, does not the unfolding reaction to them signify perhaps something noteworthy? If intellectual pursuits require a minimum modicum of security, then to what degree are the readers to insulate themselves from face to face social interaction? I mean it's not like Jerry $pringer organised the SF @ book fair, or did he?

Silly anonymous, bookfairs aren't for readers! They are for fighters!

It's a giant conspiracy put forth by Springer in order to undermine the propulsion of anarchy into the broader spheres of humanist slavery.

"Social Insurrectionary Anarchism"

finally they're calling a spade a spade hahah. also known as RIOTCORE anarchism!!!

the word insurreccionism is so cool next youll have pacifist insurrectionism and privilage-checking insurectionism against the cis-scum white patrirchy lel

actually that would be nihilism and there is already the nihilist version of "privilage-checking insurectionism" it's called queer nihilism and it's really hot right now trolololol

I like how queer nihilism responds to identity politics with the one-two punch of 1) critiquing identity politics 2) playing identity politics harder than those other identity politicians. That's a surefire way to bury identity politics once and for all!

No no, I'm queer like everyone else. I wore nailpaint once and I make all my friends call me they and woman's name so no one better call me a sexist, because that would be anti-trans essentialism! Man I am so beyond identity politics, it's sweet.

nobody knows what identity politics means, and i think this might be why everyones so mad at each other.

It means when someone calls me a manarchist when obviously I am NOT a man, I am a genderqueer nihilist! Take that, identity politics!

yeah i know rite if only we knew the meaning of idenity poletics we would all just get along

Does anyone know why the Mark Neiweem Final Straw got replaced with a rerun?

Maybe because Mark Neiweem is an admitted snitch who was kicked out of many anarchist groups in Chicago prior to his arrest at NATO?


yeah I wasn't surprised at all that bursts had a final straw episode in regards to Mark or that administration of this site allowed it be posted. I honestly didn't expect it to get taken down at all.

some info that wasn't in the scribd that I've heard elsewhere: miggs admitted to snitching because they were proud of it, because they were snitching on "Nazis" to the fbi or some shit like that. just something I heard

"because they were snitching on "Nazis" to the fbi or some shit like that." which would explain why some people in the scene still associate with him, as the scribd sez (since many think of snitching as "informing one members of one's community)

Dairy handgun hitchhiker d factory cystic chin bugairy

I still know people who refer to them as the NAT0 5 (instead of subtracting mark as many others do). insistently even. isn't that hilarious?

That scribd link about Migs is the typical reactionary half assed info that Anti Racist Action is known for.
Most ABC collectives do their homework these days and they all still support Migs.
Is he a shit talker yes! SnitcH NO

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