Winners of the 2013 Anarchist News Awards

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A lovely event space, or as lovely as a cold theater/warehouse space can be. Bright graffiti on the walls, people dressed up in a mixture of thrift store fabulous and job interview/funeral attire. An emcee who directed over a dozen different anarchist luminaries to present and present awards for the variety of "big awards" which received a statue and the "honorable mentions" who received or are going to receive a certificate of recognition.



Food was served. It only had a few vegan options. There were no beverages (what's up with that?!).

By the end of the evening the attitude of querulous hesitation was replaced by a strangely positive feeling of gezelligheid. Given that what had just transpired was the Anarchist News awards the expectation was probably of pure hostility to the anarchist project. Instead there was something else. Something complicated and positive. We then staggered into the night.


Anarchist News is a few months shy of 10 years old and in Internet and anarchist (and Internet) years that is an eternity. The point of Anarchist News was to correct the excesses of moderation of the then dominant source of Anarchist News and discussion. What wasn't known at that time was how, given enough time and popularity a site like anarchist news, or infoshop, or anarkismo reflects and refracts the audience that uses the site.

In the case of Anarchist News there is no doubt that posting anonymous communiques, theoretical essays, and activism-only-when-it-uses-the-word-anarchist have influenced North American anarchism over the past decade. During the peak of interest in anarchism the site was receiving between six and ten thousand unique visitors a day and MSM portrayals of anarchists, including a cameo in the movie The East, often included screen-shots of @news as a high bar.

Even at today's low point of interest there continues to be a hard core of visitors and users who fill the site with their commentary and energy. The site percolates even when the world as a whole seems exhausted by the implications of what anarchism entails (or maybe that's just me).

But this exhaustion does seem to be a fair term to describe our time. As anarchists are partisans of doing the unpopular even in the face of sure defeat, especially when success can't even be contemplated, we come together tonight to celebrate anarchism and the anarchists who practice it. We are partisans of an impossible dream, which is that people can and will choose freedom. This freedom-choosing makes us do strange things, block google buses, excoriate others for our shared fate of not winning or having a winning strategy, and argue with each other online. This arguing doesn't make us unique either on the Internet or in politics but, at least in the past few years, it has seemed to make us particularly demoralized...

This evening is going to be an attempt to use the positive aspect of being a meeting place for North American anarchism to highlight inspiring, funny, and true anarchist stories in 2013. We will be offering posters to people, places, and projects we have found interesting and exciting in 2013. We will offer statues to the six winners of the Anarchist News awards later this evening. These awards include:

  1. Most indomitable prisoner
  2. Best smashy event of 2013
  3. Best non-smashy event of 2013
  4. Best communiqué of 2013
  5. Best @news commentator

Finally will be the 2013 award for the best Anarchist News troll. This is not an individual who spends hours every day spraying thousands of words at all interlocutors, but one who, through spirit and action, has represented what anarchists do best. Troll the system, troll the world, and refuse to be broken by it!

Best Ally to Anarchists: non-anarchist

It’s hard to say what makes a good ally to anarchist. Perhaps for most of us it is someone who helps with bail, serves us a warm meal, or makes us laugh. But in general our allies are more contingent, like an academic who only acknowledges us as a history lesson, but at least accepts our analysis as within the scope of the possible, or a politician who uses our actions to present the extreme wing of their positions and then speaks as the “reasonable dealmakers” that they are, or a bureaucrat who condescends to us (which sometimes works to our benefit but at the cost of being managed by them).

These contingent allies are frequently journalists whose relationships to us, while never selfless, can be positive for us in a way that isn’t necessarily cloying and/or toxic. To highlight one journalist in particular is not difficult; The Stranger's Brendan Kiley did consistently decent-to-good reporting on both anarchist motivation and thinking around actions in the Seattle area, and they did a fantastic job of activist journalism around grand juries in general and grand jury resistance in the Pacific Northwest in particular (around May Day 2012 specifically).
Here is an example of the low bar that mainstream media has to achieve in its reporting to be seen as our ally:

Either way, those few chaotic moments on May Day 2012 in Seattle probably achieved more than the window-smashers could've hoped for. The demonstrations kicked open a yearlong, citywide debate about protest and targeted property damage, anarchism, and the Occupy movement. They also instigated a series of early-morning raids on "known" anarchists (as described in sealed search warrants later obtained by The Stranger), some of whom were already under surveillance by the FBI. A few people who weren't even in Seattle on May Day were jailed for months—including stints in solitary confinement—for refusing, Bartleby-like, to answer questions about other people's political beliefs. (In Herman Melville's story, Bartleby's quiet refusal to comply—his infamous "I would prefer not to"—also lands him in prison.)
-From You Know a May Day Protest Was Successful When… The FBI Is Still Following People Around a Year Later

Katherine Olejnik and Matt Duran are the direct beneficiaries of Kiley’s reporting. His sympathetic story of their time in prison humanized them as individuals and accurately connected anarchists to the broader conversation about the role of grand juries.

Anarchists: RIP

Two prominent anarchists passed in 2013. Audrey Goodfriend who lived in Berkeley California and George Sossenko lived in Atlanta and was a veteran of the Spanish Civil War. Here is a little bit about Audrey from the obituary in the slingshot paper.

George Sossenko was a Russian-born American lecturer and activist. At age 17, he left his parent's home in Paris, France, to join those fighting against Francisco Franco's nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War. He initially went to the offices of the French Communist Party, but was turned away, and then denied by the Socialists as well. They suggested he contact the anarchists, who sent him across the Spanish border in a caravan. He was sent to Barcelona, then received one week's worth of military training before being sent to the front. During the Civil War, Sossenko changed his name to Georges Jorat to avoid being found by his parents, and fought as part of the Sébastien Faure Century, the French-speaking contingent of the Durruti Column. After the Civil War, Sossenko later fought in World War II with the Free French.

Audrey Goodfriend was an anarchist her entire life. Born to anarchist immigrants in New York, Audrey grew up speaking Yiddish at home and lived in the Sholem Aleichem House; a radical cooperative housing project in the Bronx. She was a girl when Sacco and Vanzetti were executed in Boston in 1927 and their letters were instrumental in shaping her anarchism, continuing to move her throughout her life.
As an adolescent and young adult, Audrey sent care packages to anarchist comrades fighting in Spain, read Living My Life against the express wishes of her parents who felt it was too sexually explicit, and traveled to Toronto with a friend to have tea with Emma Goldman. During World War II, she was part of the Why? Group, a publishing collective that printed an anti-war anarchist periodical at a time when many radicals were choosing to support the state in what they saw as a just war against fascism. Anti-zionist since before there ever was a state of Israel, Audrey and her comrades believed strongly that no state violence was ever justified.

In 1946, after the war, she went on a speaking tour with her partner David Koven and some friends from their circle to raise money for the anti-draft movement. They ended up in San Francisco and decided to stay. They knew Paul Goodman and Kenneth Rexroth and were part of a generation of anarchists who laid the groundwork for the cultural movements that defined San Francisco in the fifties and sixties. Audrey told me once that she was too busy raising children to pay much attention to the beat generation, but followed this by saying she had attended the event where Ginsberg read Howl for the first time. Raising her two daughters directed Audrey’s interests toward anarchist education and the Modern School movement, leading her to help found the Walden School in Berkeley in 1958.

Audrey always said she did not celebrate holidays; they were too tied up with god and the state for her taste. She did, however, love to celebrate birthdays and New Year’s Day because they were about people and life and making it through another year. I biked over to Audrey’s house a few weeks ago. She showed me some of her books and we talked about her life a lot. She did not seem to romanticize or regret any of it; she spoke of her own death without fear and was able to laugh, listen and be present with me as I spoke about myself. A week and a half later she went to the theater, came home raving about it, went to sleep, and passed away. She never stopped being an active part of our lives until she stopped altogether.

And she never voted and she never married and she never believed in the authority of god or country; and she was happy and present, well loved and a joy to know.

Best Anarchist Audio

Anarchists have a long way to go before we have what can truly be considered a multimedia approach to information transmission. Actually, we do well to write an essay, a zine, or maybe a booklet about our perspectives. And for those who do not consume information by reading it is very difficult to learn much about anarchists because, by and large, anarchists' chosen format for communication is writing.
One of the few exceptions to this is John Zerzan, who has produced a radio show out of Eugene, Oregon consistently for over a decade. (Of course, his show emphasizes his own perspective and is necessarily constrained.)

But recently, out of Asheville, North Carolina has come the Final Straw radio show and podcast, which has done a fantastic, and consistent, job of transmitting to a broader audience, information about a wider variety of anarchist ideas.

Some of their shows emphasized people like Sean Swain, Luke O’Donovan, CC McDonald, Oscar Wilde, and issues like nihilism, radical parenting, anti-civilization, modern slavery, the ZAD, and groups like anarchists against the wall from Israel, and anarchists in Spain.

This certificate is to honor the work of Bursts o' Goodness, the named person behind this project, and their work on the Final Straw radio show.

Best Anarchist News meme 2013

2013 was not a fantastic year for anarchist memes. In years past anarchistnews memes wove themselves through stories and around the comment section with cleverness. In 2013 many of our memes (including liberal, keating!, and google buses) were more or less one-word declarations of a complex set of more or less exhausted issues.

That said, Anarchist News would not be successful at its triple threat of topicality, discussion, and humor if not for the memes. During the past five years memes have been a demonstration of visual comedy in that it shows an intersection between mainstream culture (or least mainstream Internet culture), and how anarchists conceive of our own activity. We accept the humdrum activity that we often do, serving food or demonstrations, because we frame it within compelling mythology.

Emile is most prolific commenter. His multi-thousand word comments are testaments to either a machine-like typing capacity, a master copy and paste-er, or a victim of a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder. Probably all three.

The memetastic response to emile in the form of the multicharacter play emilebot, EMILE9000, Dr Pedersen and company is worth note because of how seriously it takes a subject matter and the commitment it brings to the joke. To put it differently, emile is nearly impossible to respond to because his wall-of-text commenting style is the opposite of dialogue. To engage in dialogue requires an escalation, in form and content, which is exactly what the emile9000 crew accomplish.

Best Anarchist Drama of 2013

We would like to honor and mention bookfair drama in 2013 (or perhaps we wouldn't but here we are...)
It is a sad fact that the most exciting things that happened in the anarchist space in 2013 were also destructive to the anarchist space. There is perhaps a story to be told about the cycle of social movements. When the aging SF anarchist book fair moved locations last year, it was clear there would be unforeseen consequences to that move. When people discovered that the move was to the large warehouse space owned by in the heart of the gentrifying mission district, it was obvious where the lines of conflict were going to be drawn.

Feminist, author, and fellow traveler Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz drew the first line in the sand declaring that, at least for radical feminists, the 2013 SF anarchist book fair was anathema. The Internet caught fire, names were called, and people acted like they cared about something that in fact nobody really cared about it all. Sidebar drama included an alternative book fair to the SF one, a strange plea to authority by Book Fair organizers against homes not jails, and the high-level of jocular security agents patrolling the typically tame SF bookfair.

The San Francisco drama is a notable for foreshadowing a similar one in NYC. Unlike in SF, where there was at least a veneer of political relevance, the New York drama was entirely about personalities. Perhaps that is not quite true. There were real live members of the self-identified NATA group who did show up at the event (and received a knuckle sandwich or two for their effort) but mostly the sound and fury was about the cluelessness of the book fair organizers on how to deal with the rhetorical hyperbole of the time. Especially with the amplification of the Internet (and Anarchist News is of course implicated here) disliked members of our community can quickly become pariahs and pariahs are often punished merely for not disappearing quickly enough.

There are of course problems with bookfair drama, but it is also undeniably a demonstration of life. The fact that people actually care enough about the political context of a commercial event says something interesting about the anarchist space. Perhaps it is that we had an abundance of caring and too few circumstances in which to apply it. Possibly our smooth political environment of failure requires striation and will get it one way or another. Or that the book fair form is no longer serving our need as anarchists for a place to meet with no possibility of getting arrested.

In honor of opening these discussions we celebrate the organizers of the San Francisco and New York city book fair.

Best Communique – honorable mention

The power in the communique is in the fact that it states a subterranean desire with a punctuation mark. It may not be the exclamation mark, or even a period, but even a comma writ large is more of a mark than we make as we wait for the morning train, during lunch waiting for packaged crap, or at night as are entertained and lulled back to sleep. Comma's are not weapons but pauses. Perhaps a general way to reset our feet for the next attack. This communique stands out as a cry to generalize what seems impossible.

Now Is Always The Time: A Communique To All Youth With Rebellion In Their Hearts – by SFI
We are a group based in Porltand, Oregon. We are an inssurrectionary post-leftist group who believe that now is the time, we are writing this to inspire rebellion. We are a new group, and, given our name, we are also young. Unions are not the way to go for youth, nor is liberalism. We will talk about what we have done, and about what you can do. Don’t buy into false leadership of the left, and don’t let them tell you that now is not the time to attack. Now is always the time to attack! We have waged several attacks. From aramark the prison profiteers who provide our school lunches, to gentrifying apartment blocks that were set ablaze.
We refuse to buy into false unity. We only have affinity with those who want to destroy rather than control. If you are young and reading this hurry! Attack before the left tells you not to, attack before your parents ship you away to college. Use your youthful spirit of rebellion and leave flames behind you! “Hurry to play. Hurry to arm yourself.” -Alfredo M. Bonanno Take his words to heart as we have. Trust in yourself and your comrades. Let everyone know that you cannot be controlled. Let the left know that you are not a revolutionary, but a destroyer. Let the police know that you are their enemy. Let the politicians know that they are not our leaders, but our enemies. Most importantly, have faith within yourself.
Go now and grab some comrades, don the infamous black clothing and attack like we have. There are soooo many targets in portland. Be it aramark located at 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Portland. Or even the Portland Public School Districts main building located at Ne Dixon street and N larrabee ave. Hold night time smashy smashy events and pass by these places! Hold illegal dance parties and have fun. Start a paper and agitate within schools. Don’t start a union, start a rebellion! The schools will not care about what you want, you must take what you want! Go go go!
Sincerely- SFI (students for insurection)

Best New City

Over the past decade, one of the more interesting phenomena has included watching the growth of small, sometimes ferocious anarchist spaces in towns where one would never expect them. This has been surprising enough when it's in Midwest college towns, but it's downright shocking when in towns deep in the South. Atlanta does have the advantage of being fairly close to North Carolina (and other towns with larger populations of anarchists) but what is great about watching Atlanta come into its own is the way that it has created its own mythology.

In their essay “DON’T DIE WONDERING: Atlanta against the police,” the introduction ends by speaking to this synthetic intentionality [what synthetic intentionality? Introduce what you mean by this] with all the beauty that is impossible in the established coastal US cities.

It’s important to avoid escalating too quickly to avoid marginalizing ourselves in a growing movement. But once things begin stagnating, much less shrinking, it can prove to be more strategic to just go all out, pushing the struggle to its absolute limit, rather than trying to preserve it forever, which is just a slow way of dying. This may end whatever momentum still exists and piss people off at the time, but if things are ending anyway, why not risk it all to set off a potential chain reaction that will either spin things in a new direction, or at least set the bar high for next time.

This was in reference to a series of anarchist-involved anti-police events that happened in parallel to the Occupy Movement events of the 2011/2012 period but other events worth mentioning from Atlanta over the past few years include the occupation of a University building at Emory, noise demos (Egypt, against rape, antifa, etc), and a vigorous and distinctive publishing project.

2013 started with a bang in Atlanta with the attack and self-defense of local partisan Luke O'Donovan. Against at least a half a dozen apparent homophobic fools, Luke defended himself by knife while also being stabbed, arrested, and eventually charged with the crime of defending himself.

In recognition of its fantastic spirit, of Luke O'Donovan, of participation in camover, demos, and for continuing to stoke the flames of anarchist passion in a time where many towns have barely embers... we honor Atlanta GA!

The main awards

These are the winners of the first annual Anarchist News awards as decided by the readers (and survey filler-outers) of Anarchist News. If you are unhappy with the results you only have yourselves to blame.

Best Communique of 2013

We live in a time when freedom of speech has become irrelevant. There are so many words, such an avalanche, that words themselves have to be called into question. We have to consider it possible that words are not enough. It is perhaps the highest sign of liberal democracy that words with no consequence have been raised to the level of a holy sacrament.

For anarchists a communiqué is a demonstration of the opposite. It says that our words have consequence, they may be mere, but they are not nothing. They cannot be entirely ignored.

On November 8th of 2011, biotechnologist Ernesto Méndez Salinas, who works in the Biotechnology Institute at UNAM in the city of Cuernavaca in Morelos, was assassinated by a shot to the head.
The Individualities Tending toward the Wild (ITW) have taken responsibility for this action along with an explosive attack on the Institute of Biotechnology of UNAM. As portions of this communiqué lay clear the ITS is not protesting, it is attacking the techno-industrial system and the scientists who build it.

All the texts that ITS has made public are not for society to “wake up and decide to attack the system,” they are not to forcibly change what the others think, nothing like this is intended; the lines we write are for the intelligent, strong individuals who decide to see reality in all its rawness, for those few who form, think and carry out the sensible critique of the highest expression of domination–the Techno-industrial System (a).
And so that our words, critiques, clarifications and statements are made known as they have been spread up to now, we have decided (until now) to take the next step, which has been to attack and try to kill the key persons who make the system improve itself.
This is the only viable way for radical critiques to emerge in the public light, making pressure so this discourse comes to the surface. We are extremists and we act as such, without compassion, without remorse, taking any means to reach our objectives
What’s said is said.

Complex technology is the problem that has afflicted us as a species since the expansion of Civilization. Here it is necessary to say that there are two kinds of technology–complex and simple technology; an example of the latter were (or are) the utensils and tools employed by primitive man during the paleolithic and part of the neolithic, which helped him survive and which some cultures undoubtedly still use to hunter, gather, shelter and defend themselves.
ITS have always positioned ourselves against modern Technology, complex technology, which drives the destruction of Wild (human) Nature.

Because if Technology does not stop, neither will ITS!

Many anarchists also position themselves against law and order. But, (again) are order and law always bad? ITS (again) thinks not.

In Wild Nature everything has an order, everything is self-regulated, there is a circle that repeats infinite times so that the natural equilibrium keeps its course and is not lost.

An example: The tree grows, the rain gives it strength, the moon makes it so there is humidity in the environment and new plants may germinate; the tree drops fruits that in turn are eaten by the herbivorous animals and their young so they grow in a future, these herbivorous animals are hunted by carnivorous and omnivorous (human) animals, the meat is for them and their young, the surplus is devoured by scavenging animals and brought to their young, the earth is nourished with what is finally left. A bird comes to the aforementioned tree and brings what it needs for its nest, while the bird flies, a seed falls where the earth is fertile and everything begins again.

From the beginning of time everything has been ruled by the natural order, until Civilization came and changed everything. Everything turned into disorder, chaos.
From this idea that everything in Wild Nature has an order, and because we say that we obey this order and these natural laws, those who disobey these natural statutes are confined to obeying the system (n) and denying their human nature (ñ).
ITS categorically rejects the chaos of Civilization and ferociously defends the order of Wild Nature.
We will not send out “greetings of support and solidarity” with people who are or are not related with our immediate circle of afines, whether they are incarcerated or have died, we do not see it as strategic in any way.
On the other hand, anarchists of the nihilist-insurrectionalist stripe have for some time called through the internet, written propaganda, etc, that they give “direct support” to their compañeros who have fallen into prison, wounded or even dead. This is how these anarchists’ network has become stronger year after year. Although this has repercussions for some anarchists who have prison records or who only disseminate their communiques on blogs (as happened in Italy), it seems they will not stop for anything. ITS thinks that in these anarchist cells there are sincere people who do not feel the need to construct a new society, but rather to destroy the existent, a mission that for us is not leftist. States really are worried by the rise of anarchist sabotages, which show that they have become a threat for the economic-political system of some countries, something that is worthy of recognition.
- To end with this topic and all the subtopics, we hope that it has been made clear that although ITS has a few agreements with the anarchists, we are different things.
We have said it before, we act without any compassion in the feral defense of Wild Nature. Did those who modify and destroy the Earth think their actions wouldn’t have repercussions? That they wouldn’t pay a price? If they thought so, they are mistaken.
For the moment we only claim these actions, the Mexican government along with the scientific community know very well what attacks we have not made public, and although they hide the information, there is always space to again read something about the people who oppose in action the progress of the Techno-industrial System (y).
For now, that is all there is to say…
Individualists Tending toward the Wild

Best Commentator on Anarchist News

The winner of the best commenter award is going to surprise many of you, or perhaps none of you.
By the percentages there is no doubt that the winner of the best commenter on Anarchist News is anonymous.

To put it differently, the aspect of Anarchist Newsthat is some say is universally reviled is also, at least for the 113 people who voted on this question, a favorite aspect of the site too.

In second place is a commenter who does would deserve mention regardless. This is someone who does not participate in every conversation but when they do they almost always increase the quality of it, usually at the expense of fools--which is perhaps why they chose their user name. They are, like anon, as reviled as they are respected.

If Anarchist News has taught us anything it is that our lack of homogeneity can cause us to squabble about everything. Anarchism is more like kudzu that it is an Amber field of grain or rows of majestic corn. The comments of Anarchist News offend, annoy, inspire, inform, and are the best worst things about anarchists.

The best named commenter of Anarchist Newsin 2013 is Mr. Grumpy.

Mr Grumpy Acceptance Speech

Thank you, Anarchist News community (and while some of you might hear some sarcasm in the term, I assure you that there are no ironic quotation marks there) for presenting me with this most prestigious award. I thought for sure Emile or maybe Emile9000 would have received more positive responses. And actually a little bird informed me that anon did in fact get more votes, but since she, he, they, whoever, suffers from multiple personality disorder, she, he, they, whoever, couldn't show up without a psychiatric entourage, and we know how much those kind of people are welcome at an anarchist gathering. I also would have thought that the interminable attempts by our old friend Kevin Keating would have edged me out, if only for the fact of his consistent hostility – who can compete with that? Maybe his different pseudonyms just confuse people. Whatever the reason I was surprised that apparently he was overlooked, since his posts are a model of clarity and precision based on principled political discourse. No gratuitous insults, no ad hominems, ever.

I couldn't have achieved this exalted status without worker and all the other folks who created and maintain and update Anarchist Newsdot org as a much-needed alternative to the other anarchist sites that allow comments. And without other commentators, what would I have to object to? I'm even glad that anon, with all her, his, their, whoever, quirks gets the opportunity to show off her, his, their, whoever's skill at elevating internet anarchist discourse to new heights of coherence, grammatical precision, and intelligence. I could go on for almost as long as Emile...

Well anyway, it's an honor for me to receive the first Anarchist News Award for Best Commenter. I look forward to more and more opportunities to post caustic, snarky, educational, ironic, sarcastic, clarifying, and insulting posts in the coming weeks and months. I'm sure my rival anon will do the same, but I'll do my best to keep up with her, him, them, whoever, so I can stay in the running for next year's award.

Thank you again, and enjoy the rest of the ceremony.

Best Non-smashy Event of 2013

For 15 years the Berkeley anarchist students theory and research & development have hosted a conference on anarchist theory. This conference has ranged the field from economics, spirituality, crime, space, identity, principles, and this year, social war. While being clearly a voice for a post-left perspective, it has been open to and encouraging of the participation of a wide array of anarchist tendencies.
As the most consistent and rigorous conference of its kind the BASTARD conference, which in 2013 was themed ethics and aesthetics, deserves the award the best non-smashy event of 2013.

Most Stalwart Anarchist Prisoner 2013

We are increasingly doing a good job at supporting self identified anarchist prisoners. Action in the street means bodies and jails and part of the reason why our energy is low after Occupy in 2011 is because of how many of our people either suffered at the tender mercies of the state or had to bail out others who were. But all of these were short timers.

A stalwart anarchist prisoner is one who continues the fight on the inside. This may not look Berkman’s prison journals or Daniel McGowan taking heat for having an opinion but it will probably look like being a big inconvenience to the bureaucracy of the establishment that you inhabit and looking good while doing it.

While we have an increasing number of long-term anarchist prisoners entering the system including the depressing a terrifying case in Cleveland Four who will probably remain inside for the rest of their natural lives there stay is just beginning. Sean Swain on the other hand, was the winner of our award for most stalwart prisoner and already been inside for 20 years. He is associated with the prison group the Army of the 12 monkeys and is running for governor of Ohio in 2014 as an anarchist.

Here is his platform

What is an anarchist engagement? I ask because I’m running for Ohio Governor in 2014 as a write in candidate from Ohio’s super-duper-uber-mega ultramax facility.

Yeah, I know.Your thinking, ‘Running for office is not anarchist-it’s reformist at best’ and thinking ‘A prisoner getting elected?’ And you likely conclude, this is all just further evidence-as if we need more-that Sean Swain is a wing nut. I would say that this is further proof that I’m brilliant and completely misunderstood- thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been told that by running for Governor, I’m promoting the idea that reformist ballots are the answer-registering to vote, voting and all the hierarchical implications that that entails. I’ve been told that we need revolution, not diversions into electoral wheel-spinning,and that I’m doing a disservice promoting the idea that elections can be a solution.

Okay, now consider:

It’s not my goal to become Ohio Governor so that I can maintain the state. I’m openly and admittedly an anarchist and I’M running as an anarchist. I’m promising that, if elected I would tear down the state and establish the Ohio Autonomous Zone.

In fact, I have a program already planned out. It’s on my website. My first day in office, I would empty Ohio’s prisons. I would de-commission the National Guard and I would give the weapons to the Native American tribes I would be inviting back.

According to the Treaty of Greenville, they still own this territory. So it’s not exactly reparations for the genocide they experienced, but I’D give them the land back and a bunch of rifles and tanks and Apache attack helicopters in order to defend it.

With no budget signed-ever- no cops would get paid so there woulds be nobody standing between us chasing the banksters and crapitalists out of here with torches and pitchforks-like they have deserved for centuries.We could then export revolution from the Ohio Autonomous Zone.

Thats my plan. And to get elected, I propose that Anarchists and malcontents from all over the country converge on Ohio, squat here, establish residency, register to vote, and get me elected. By my math, if just a million people migrate to Ohio and vote for me, I’d win the election and implement my plan.
To me, that’s clearly an anarchist outcome-destruction of the State, elimination of the system of crapital self-rule. But fellow anarchists tell me this is not an anarchist engagement because the means of achieving the end (voting) are “reformist.”

So…it’s only revolutionary if you wear a ski mask while you do it? In other words, the revolutionary outcome is irrelevant; what matters is if you can look cool while doing it …and if you have to impersonate reformists in order to accomplish your goal, in order to infiltrate and topple the hierarchy, then it is better to instead sit around watching riot porn while the system grinds on and on? Does that sound right?

With what I propose, I’m not asking you to embrace electoral politics or recognize the legitimacy of the state. Elections and the State are bullshit. I’m asking you to recognize a glitch permanent joyride. I’m not asking you to install me in office. I’m asking you to load me into the chamber and fire me into the brain pan of the state.

Question: do the “ends” justify the “means,”does an engagement that leads to an anarchist outcome makes that engagement anarchist even if it would otherwise be seen as reformist? I say, Fuck,yes. And it’s a stupid question! If toppling the State required me to stand in toilet water firing Roman candles out of my ass and playing the Star Spangled Banner through a Kazoo, I would happily do it. If it means posing as a deluded hierarch and pulling a lever on an election machine I would do that too.

It’s not the tactics that make it anarchist. It’s the end result. I’m Sean Swain, anarchist prisoner and candidate for Ohio Governor in 2014 from Ohio supermax facility and I approve this message.

Best Smashy Event of 2013

There are two events that stand out in 2013 as note worthy. The first was a Seattle demonstration that would not be suppressed by the grand jury investigation into the events of May of the previous year. On May 2013 people turned out and took the streets without remorse and there was even a little bit of smashy.

However, the award for the best smashy event of 2013 goes to the Chuey Huerta event of November 2013 in Durham, North Carolina, an event in response to the death of Chuey at the hands of the police (or, if you believe what they say, at his own hands) in the back of a cop car.

The resulting demonstration included social antagonists, Chuey's friends and family, and strangers who saw their own story in Huerta’s.

From time to time, social antagonists, insurgents, radicals, anarchists – or whoever else – open ourselves up to the struggles of others. We do this for a lot of reasons – to push toward insurrection, to beat back liberalism, to exploit openings, to show solidarity, because we feel guilt, whatever. We participate, we intervene, we mix.
Freed of the guidelines that direct the currents of existence into the routine of daily life, the streets can become the space of possibility for a new sort of encounter. Each time, we meet this possibility with dispositions that persist separately from our conscious intentions or articulated discourses: We are either more or less open, or more or less closed, to the affects — the unexplainable bodily stirrings that are felt, not thought — of others.

A more closed disposition leaves us relatively disempowered. We may feel ambivalent to the success or failure of a moment. when we step away from the uninhabitable discourses that proliferate among the different activist or militant sects, we become sensitive to the new ethical ties that link us to others: the bonds across time and space that connect the Kurdish militant occupying Northeastern Syria to the chapullers of Istanbul, the squatters of the ZAD to the drop-outs of the Albany Bulb; that connect the Brazilian favelas to the Warsaw ghettos, the Roma of Paris with the Underground Railroad.

Some endeavor to explain away these links. Others, more pathetically, have chosen to ignore these things completely. Instead, we might choose to follow this sensibility without backing down – to follow the line along which power grows. To build materially what already exists spiritually – the ties that link across our struggles to the struggles of others – could be the most important task ahead of us.

The First Annual Anarchist News Trollie Award

We set aside the final award for an unappreciated kind of anarchist. The idea that our awards are called trollies speaks to the split personality of anarchists. On the one hand we annoy (mostly each other but also power), and on the other hand we defend (bridges, each other, and probably the future for everyone).

For our final and most important award we honor someone who was so aggravating to power that they kicked the guy out of jail (although it was after eight months).

In his words:

I am holding strong. I do not know how much longer the State plans to keep me separated from my family and friends, but I will not bend.

Compared to the vast majority in this prison, I’m lucky. I’m not facing the very real possibility of spending the rest of my life in this place, as so many of the men in my unit are. I am really fortunate to have such strong support on the outside. The solidarity everyone has shown is helping me through this and constantly reaffirms my resolve.

The Federal Grand Jury that put me here is only the most recent facet of an assault on those who wish to be free of state surveillance and intimidation. This legal onslaught has already targeted and claimed the freedom of many anarchists, but we will keep fighting. I will keep fighting. My politics, principles, and ethics stand in direct opposition with this legal tool that is used to further enable the government in its assault on anarchists, and I will not lend it any legitimacy, nor will I comply in any way.

Thank you again to everyone for your truly beautiful acts of support. Your letters especially are helping me get through this, and I look forward to talking with many of you soon, on this side of the bars and beyond.

Last, please take the next few minutes to write someone who is locked up—believe me, it will make their day.

With love, with dignity, in solidarity, for anarchy, Jerry Koch

With much respect we give the Anarchist News trollie award to Grand Jury Resister Jerry Koch. May we all be as stalwart under the heel of the state and bear up as valiantly when it matters.




Best Ally to Anarchists - non-anarchist: Brendan Kiley
Anarchists RIP: George Sossenko & Audrey Goodfriend
Best Anarchist Audio: The Final Straw
Best Meme 2013: Emile9000
Best Anarchist Drama of 2013: SF & NYC Bookfairs
Best Communique – honorable mention: Now Is Always The Time: A Communique To All Youth With Rebellion In Their Hearts
Best New City: Atlanta, GA
Big Winners
Best Communique of 2013: The Seventh Communique of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS)
Best Commentator on Anarchist News: Mr. Grumpy
Best Non-smashy Event of 2013: BASTARD Conference
Most Stalwart Anarchist Prisoner 2013: Sean Swain
Best Smashy Event of 2013: Chuey Huerta November 2013 Durham NC
Trollie Award: Jerry Koch

Atlanta is gross.

On behalf of the group and ourselves, I hope we passed the audition.

Well deserved!

first-class, absolutely first-class. you young cadets could learn a lot from EMILE9000.

Thanks for making my whole dreary schtick humorously entertaining!

Well, humor and entertainment are BLIP I wasn't originally programmed to M'REEEEEEEEEE BLIP but thank you. One does what one can, processing processing especially difficult given the poverty of the original BLIP.

At the Anarchist Subculture Subcultural Subculture Awards, the award for Most Subcultural Anarchist Subculture went to: The Anarchist Subculture! Congratulations, everyone! This is even cooler than being a punk rocker!

But not as cool as being a Harry Potter fan!

I found this interesting to read

So anarchists voted on stuff? I'm confused. This reminds me of the sean swain thing except apperently people actually voted this time. Lets organize an effort to steal all the awards? Remember, no fun allowed you guys.

he was bolted to the ceiling and clothed in a sheet-metal and glass cylinder, observing the blobs of plenum swirling around at the event!

If all you all want to know anything, check out this video:

Gets really good around the 28 minute mark, check it out.

She is belaboring the point and the point is bullshit. She should step back and shut up. If neutering others is the only way to save decolonization from getting whitewashed (excuse the pun), I'll happily not participate.

But I guess yours is the bizzaro world of looking at things.

pretty much some up the decolonize view point


I’m surprised some Wobbly hasn’t brought this up already.

I'm not an anarcho-syndicalist and have long thought the liberatory potential of unions was limited. At the same time it seems pretty clear that union activism can and has in many cases helped limit some of the worst inequalities and abuses existing under capitalism. And if we're really honest about the power plays going on in our world today (rather than living a fantasy where anarchists are serious national/global power players) going out of your way to publicly slag off unions in general pretty much puts you in bed with neo-liberals/right libertarians/Ayn Rand-ites.

So I found it interesting that the honorable mention communique from "students for insurection (sic)" contains these phrases "Unions are not the way to go for youth" and "Don’t start a union."

I've increasingly wondered in recent years how much the modern American anarchist "movement" as such that grew up after the fall of the USSR was just an adjunct of the internet-powered, utopian neo-liberal/libertarian technology complex that arose concurrently, and which also featured beliefs that we were on the cusp of a beautiful new world of global interconnection. And I also wonder how much we anarchists simply helped ease in the Clinton era elimination or privatization of the formerly government run social safety net. They eliminated welfare, and the anarchists compensated by providing Food Not Bombs, while the punks who'd aged out of that would administrate non-profits to try and keep the poor limping along in other ways.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious how enmeshed with the power of the surveillance state Google and the rest of Silicon Valley are. At the same it’s been coming out how major tech companies have actually kept wages artificially low through illegal arrangements not to recruit each others’ engineers, in order to further enrich CEOs and investors. And we also have a whole slew of wealthy tech entrepreneurs funding neo-liberal privatization schemes around the world, from the philanthropy of the Gates or Ebay billionaire Pierre Omidyar, down to David Welch of Infinera Corp., who is funding a lawsuit to try and break the California teacher's unions by eliminating tenure and other employment protections, a case that's just wrapping up now in L.A. We also just had a former Occupy Wall Street activist who now works for Google calling for the U.S. President to step down, remove the federal government, and replace them with tech administrators. She even tried to crowdfund a "nonviolent militia."

In this larger political context, Anarchist News’ giving this honorable mention and therefore blanketly encouraging anti-union sentiments seems to further align anarchists with neo-liberal/right libertarian/Ayn Rand-ite types, esp. the Silicon Valley activist types. It also seems to stray pretty far from “non-sectarian” anarchism.

"They eliminated welfare, and the anarchists compensated by providing Food Not Bombs, while the punks who'd aged out of that would administrate non-profits to try and keep the poor limping along in other ways."

My God you're an idiot. Do you even realize that the rise of the welfare state came at the expense of more communally authentic friendly societies such as those provided by the Wobblies when anarchism was in more historical prime condition. FnBs is a shell of what came before it a century before but you better believe that state welfare is not the historical friend of a libertarian society.

The rise of state welfare after 2 WWs signaled the decline of anarchism in the classical age. If the welfare state were to ever come back in 21st century new deal form that would signify yet another defeat for anarchs on a century wide scale.

You are clearly clueless.

Unions are boring, therefore unions are invalid.

it's just the word union that makes everyone not like them. we should call them worker death squads

Why why why would something this stupid be fucking stickied? You had your fun, no one gives a fuck, now why is your dumb reportback prioritized over, Oh, I dunno, "June 11th International Day of Solidarity With Marie Mason, Eric McDavid & All Longterm Anarchist Prisoners 2014 Call Out"? Subcultural wankfest is right.

my name is anonymous. i come to anarchist news to complain about how the website is not run my way, but i have offered nothing in the way of assistance. i spew self-righteous moral indignation at the organizers of this forum even as they allow me to post anonymously and hurl complaints at them. what a bunch of ingrates! how callow of them to allow me to complain at no cost to myself! anonymous wankfest is right!
the anti-anon

Yeah, right, anonymous anarchists don't contribute anything to this site. Other than NEARLY ALL OF THE CONTENT and the actual activity represented here!

" Atlanta does have the advantage of being fairly close to North Carolina"

For people who live in random parts of the country, far from other anarchists that is, let me say this: while it's been nice living close to people in NC, that developed AFTER an anarchist presence in Atlanta began to emerge in social struggles. What has been going on here is indebted to struggles everywhere but has not come by simple osmosis of activity in nearby places. If you live in an city isolated from other anarchists, use that as a strength. Violate dogma, experiment wildly, do weird shit all of the time.

Yeah I mean that really makes no sense anyway. Saying Atlanta is influenced by NC is like saying that DC has anarchist activity because of NYC (the distances are similar). It's stupid. It makes no sense.
Atlanta has anarchist activity because (I'm going to guess here) it has 3 or 4 very active, passionate people interested in trying to organize and act with other anarchists in the city and either unafraid of consequences or with the money/class privilege to resist the consequences for a little while.
Those 3 or 4 people may have been inspired by reading about recent attempts at organizing and action of anarchists in other cities.
Those people are hot/young/charming enough to attract a small group of follower/hangers-on interested in anarchist/social justicy type ideas and perhaps eventually understanding of the ideas of the core group.
Many of the people in the scene are/wish they were sexually fucking each other.
When that desire stops the activity will stop.

um that lil "Atlanta is only doin anarchy cuz its close to NC" quip was obvz meant as a joke...

-a North Cackalakian

ok actually i re-read that part and maybe its not entirely a joke but i feel like it was meant tongue-in-cheek at least

-North Cackcllaakiannknkl again

You must be talking about some other stupid city because you have no idea

anarchistnews or the people who speak for it seem to believe that ‘anarchistnews, [perhaps because it has a name and because our noun-and-verb European/Scientific language subjectizes activities within the activity continuum], ... is a thing-in-itself’; i.e. ‘IT’ says;

Anarchist News is a few months shy of 10 years old and in Internet and anarchist (and Internet) years that is an eternity. The point of Anarchist News was to correct the excesses of moderation of the then dominant source of Anarchist News and discussion.”

this sounds very ‘yang’, ... a lot like ‘adbusters’ was responsible for OWS. the predominantly latent unrest in the social dynamic is the source of adbusters and of anarchistnews. organization in nature is not ‘yang’,... ‘organizations’ do not have jumpstart responsibility for anything. what self-proclaimed causal author of an effect is NOT itself the effect of a cause that resides in the relational social network? do 'the times' shape the organization or does the organization 'shape the times'?

this inversion of cause-and-effect is a familiar inversion, it is the inversion that is inherent in hierarchical systems such as ‘representative democracy’ where the people vote for those who they would most like to lead them, because of this quality or that quality. who gets elected is the result of their emotional need.

whether we are talking about a sovereign state or a university, once people proclaim it to be an independently-existing thing-in-itself, they break it down into internal components and internal processes and ‘explain it’ as if its ‘effect’ is sourced by its internal components and processes. people can vote for the components and processes they like, whether we are talking sovereign state, university and/or news organizations.

then we have the ‘founding fathers’ and other popular icons of the thing-in-itself that ‘make it what it is’. it is essentially institutionalized narcissism. the imputing of thing-in-itselfness to ‘AN ORGANIZATION’ [there is, in physical reality, only ‘organiz-ING’, NOT ‘organize-ations’], is what makes ‘the organize-ation’ a ‘secularized theological concept’.

in the ‘real world’, there is just one social dynamic and it is continually transforming relational spatial dynamic. does the ‘republican party’ REALLY EXIST AS A THING-IN-ITSELF? [or does the democratic party, or CNN or ‘anarchist news’ 'really exist'?] or are these, as nietzsche would say, linguistic subjectifications of activities with the relational activity continuum? [systems included in the relational suprasystem that are serving some need within the suprasystem; i.e. that are being outside-inwardly orchestrated and shaped by the dynamics of the relational space they are included in?]

can you imagine a ‘newsgroup’ who got together “to correct the alleged imperfections of ‘other such newsgroups’” within an indigenous anarchist community like the Zapatistas, which is NOT run by forming groups of ‘opinion influencers’, hosting a ‘democratic voting process’ and hosting an MC’ed fête where they would recruit;

“... over a dozen different [indigenous] anarchist luminaries to present and present awards for the variety of "big awards" which received a statue and the "honorable mentions" who received or are going to receive a certificate of recognition.”

what starts off as a facilitation of sharing of experiences and thoughts can quickly become a political-intellectual theory-refining agency.

anarchistnews seems to be moving from pure facilitation of sharing, to hosting a political influencing process based on the notion of the ‘independent existence’ of ‘news producing organizations’.

this is not the same thing as providing an open forum for announcements and a forum for presenting and discussing views such as the ‘learning circle’ of indigenous anarchism. the ‘circle keeper’ is there to make sure that ‘the circle manages itself’. the circle keeper is NOT there to encourage the group to identify who the best communicators are.

the subjectification of ... ‘an activity within the activity continuum’... such as anarchistnews, ... reduces the yin/yang dynamic wherein outside-inward orchestrating influence is continually shaping inside-outward asserting actions, ... to a one-sided centre-of-intelligence driven ‘yang’ dynamic. this subjectification of an inherently relational social activity creates an elitist cadre of ‘yang’ authors as in the Enlightenment European notion of ‘organization’ as an ‘independent reason-driven system’.

whatever can be said of it, it is nothing like the indigenous anarchist learning circle where the ethic is to listen respectfully to each participant. the anarchistnews `keepers of the circle’ by narcissistically subjectizing the organization as a thing-in-itself, and having people vote for the most valuable contributors [can you imagine this in an indigenous anarchist ‘talking circle’? NO, because the whole purpose in indigenous anarchism is to transcend rational glibness and orient to relational understanding by attuning to the direct from-the-heart (relational, non-rational) sharing of individual experiences].

the discussion in the anarchistnews forum has content that comes directly from relational experience, ... as in all ‘talking circle’ like get-togethers, and the job of indigenous anarchist ‘circle keepers’ is to ensure the suspending of judgement of the quality of commentaries of individuals sharing accounts of their real life physical sensory experience. [every stuttering, awkward, bumbling commentary is just as important as every eloquent commentary, in a talking circle]

when anarchistnews circle-keepers sponsor programs to select out and recognize the most important contributors in a ‘talking circle’, it is putting ‘intellectual theory’ into an unnatural precedence over real-life experience.

this is brought out with indelible clarity in the award for ‘best communique’ to ITS, ... a group of people who are so convinced of their own intellectual rhetoric that they know ‘who the key persons to kill [without compassion, without remorse] are, as part of a program of ‘taking any means to achieve their intellectual objectives’;

“And so that our words, critiques, clarifications and statements are made known as they have been spread up to now, we have decided (until now) to take the next step, which has been to attack and try to kill the key persons who make the system improve itself.
This is the only viable way for radical critiques to emerge in the public light, making pressure so this discourse comes to the surface. We are extremists and we act as such, without compassion, without remorse, taking any means to reach our objectives”

evidently, ITS believes its intellectual understanding and objectives are THE CORRECT ONES, so that we are asked to believe in the validity and important contribution of this process, of encouraging people to put their own intellectual theories in precedence over the impact on the social relational dynamic, as would be reported in a ‘talking circle’ by individuals speaking from the heart to share their actual experiences [which theory can never predict] and/or by people in a ‘healing circle’ employing restorative justice to address dysfunction in the social dynamic [including the sort of dysfunctional social dynamics that ITS talks about and applies its retributive justice aka ‘institutionalized vengeance’ to, ... by their being able to select, morally judge, and target ‘the key people responsible', which is also an artefact of retributive justice.].

of course, it may be the case that the majority of anarchists see anarchism as a political intellectual movement more than a philosophical shift in worldview, and anarchistnews as its ‘village voice' complete with editor-sponsors [rather than as 'circle keepers'], in which case, none of the above commentary will have any relevance.

And none of your commentary has any relevance. You should go back to being a programmable clock radio. At least that way you were useful.


as everybody knows, parody is an age old tactic for dismissing ‘content’ by mocking ‘form’. for example, anglophones like to parody the way francophones speak and thus to dismiss their content. and, those with an incisive, factual ‘form’ of articulation [who do not bother to try to capture relational understanding] parody those, like heraclitus and others, who seek to capture the full complexity of relational experience, who employ ‘intentional ambiguity’ and ‘linguistic resonance’. relational articulators such as poets will be treated by the incisive articulators of simple, material fact, like the man with the stutter who is made the butt of an endless succession of mockery to the point that his ‘content’ will never make it through the attack on his ‘form’.

linguistic articulations that seek to capture the full physical reality of ‘relations-first, things secondary’, rather than remaining stuck in an over-simplistic yang-only-reality of ‘things-first, relations secondary’, provide a field day for the mavens of mime and parody.

it is simpler to break relational transformation down into ‘creation’ and ‘destruction’ and to talk about each separately. the history books of colonizing nations are filled with stories of the wonderful new things they ‘created’ which are only occasionally ‘footnoted’ with what was, in the same fell stroke, destroyed. as howard zinn made clear, such simplification leads to incontrovertible opposition between history as recorded by the colonizer and history recorded by the colonized. modern physics would remind us that the only possible dynamic in the relational space of our physical experience is ‘transformation’ [relational spatial transformation].

in the ONE network of relations, ‘organizing’ is a purely relational dynamic. there is no such animal in the physical world as an ‘independent reason-driven system’ whose behaviour is jumpstarted from an internal central-authority/centre-of-intelligence. this is a fictional archetype [a secularized theological concept] invented by man’s ego which he then applies to ‘organizing’ in general. from this egotist view of self is born the absolutist concept of ...‘being’... including the notional ‘being’ of ‘the sovereign state’ and ‘the corporation’ and ‘the organization’. this concept imputes full and sole sourcing of behaviour to the individual ‘being’ thus supporting the use of ‘moral judging of individual behaviours’ as a means of regulating the social dynamic [the true sourcing, which is relational, is never addressed/dealt with].

as things relationally organize, such as in the case of the relational dynamics in which an oasis outside-inwardly orchestrates and shapes individual and collective behaviours [settlement, cultivation of oasis climate attuned vegetation etc.], ... people with egotist views substitute their ‘being’ based ‘cause-effect’ theory [newtonian theory] to explain the ‘organization’ as if it were fully and solely due to the deliberate actions of humans, at which point this ‘organization’ is forcibly ‘reborn’ as an ‘independent reason-driven system-in-itself’.

that is, the ‘community’ is given a conceptual rebirth as a secularized theological concept wherein the dynamics of the oasis community can be traced back and found to originate in the creative minds of human ‘beings’ and to have been operationalized by the cause-effect actions of these ‘human beings’. in this rebirthing, no sign of outside-inward orchestrating influence is left remaining, and the ‘organizing dynamic’ becomes purely and one-sidedly inside-outward-assertjing [notionally jumpstarting from out of the participating human being’s centre-of-intelligence and operating control-centre, usually identified as ‘the brain’]. while indigenous anarchists cultivated the ‘three sisters’ of maize, beans and squash in the sense that they saw their actions in terms of rearranging some of the ongoing relational processes of nature [this was their understanding of ‘organizing’; i.e. as relational rearranging of the continually transforming relational spatial plenum], Western man with his egotist sense of self, as an absolute independently-existing ‘being’ with his own internal process driven and directed behaviour, ... saw himself in this same basic agricultural undertaking, as the jumpstart sourcer[or] and determiner of the resulting foodcrop production. this is perhaps a throwback to the Western religious myth of Creation which ‘set up’ the archetype of a ‘Creator’ as an ‘intelligent Being’ that jumpstart determines cause-effect results. [in contradiction to the relational form in the continually transforming relational spatial plenum who is an ‘agent of transformation’ rather than an independent reason-driven cause-effect doer-of-deeds].

in examining the emergence of a ‘new agency’ aka ‘political organization’ we see the following life-cycle phases.

1. in the unbounded relational social network where relational associates are continually gathering and regathering, a relational feature beings to gather (e.g. the global dynamics of the ‘wild’ not-yet-civilized world serves as an outside-inwardly accommodating many-to-one converging yin ‘sink’ to the inside-outwardly asserting, one-to-many diverging yang ‘source’. the ‘eye of the storm-cell’ or gathering relational feature [e.g. what comes to be the ‘united states’] is neither a centre-of-intelligence or central authority or any other purported local jumpstart cause-effect determining source of the ‘organizing’. the ‘call of the wild’ resonates with people who are tired of being the pawns of ‘civilization’ and they disperse into wild forming a swirl in ‘north america’. this ‘organizing’ is yin/yang and the outside-inward orchestrating influence is what shapes the individual and collective movements and behaviours. NO CENTRAL SOURCE IS ORGANIZING THIS. IN OTHER WORDS, THIS NATURAL MODE OF ORGANIZING IS ‘AN-ARCHIST’.

2. egotists use the absolutist concept of ‘independent being’ to reduce the yin/yang ‘anarchist’ nature to pure yang inside-outwardly asserting determinist action, ... conceptually/psychologically, that is, transforming the ‘eye’ of the storm into a ‘centre of intelligence and authority’. the inversion of the dominant direction of ‘organizing’ from ‘outside-inward’ to ‘inside-outward’ is done by the forming of a ‘news agency’ aka a ‘political organization’. this egotist propaganda diffusing agency will offer cause-effect explanations of how the ‘organization’ came into being; i.e. how the organizing was ‘inside-outwardly determined’ [which it flat ‘was not’]. the internal components and processes imputed to be responsible are, usually, ‘the founding fathers’, ... ‘the military’ and ‘the business people’ [stalwart pillars of society and its development].

3. the ‘organizing’ as an activity within the relational activity continuum, thanks to the news agency aka political faction, which is ‘recording history’ as a series of ‘events’ transacted in time that are purportedly responsible for this now ‘independently-existing’ organization that has ‘come into being’ thanks to a series of ‘historical events’ perpetrated by important contributors to the ‘birth’ of the organization. that is, the essential an-archist origins of the relational feature in the network of social relations, thanks to the news and history reporting process which explains everything in terms of cause-effect events/transactions, ... are lost in the shuffle and the ‘organizING’ is RE-presented in one-sided yang cause-effect terms with causal responsibility attributed to ‘founding fathers’, ‘military honchos’ and ‘business gurus’ [the ordinary participant is given lip-service in this view]

4. if the news agency is good at its job, it will produce an entire elitist class of ‘responsibles’ for the notional inside-outward determining cause-effect responsibility for the now independently existing, reason-driven organization-system, and have the masses believing in it and paying homage to these ‘great men’, the ‘founding fathers’, the ‘military generals’, the ‘business honchos’ who fit into place in inverting what is, at base, natural, an-archistic organiz-ING, into a cause-effect ‘explanation’ of ‘organization’.

* * *


to many people, anarchist news gives voice to people whose philosophical investigations are outside-inwardly orchestrated by the ‘call of the wild’ [other news agencies and discussion forums are ‘too domesticated’]. thus, the swirl of activity that constitutes the participation in anarchist news is ‘an-archist’ and the ‘eye of the organizing’ is in no way a centre-of-intelligence or central authority. however, as so often happens, once natural yin/yang, an-archist, outside-inward call-of-the-wild orchestrating influence brings shape to inside-outward asserting individual and collective expression, along comes the ‘analytical backfill’ to RE-cast the an-archist organizING as something deterministically constructed by the ‘founding fathers’ and by a group of notables including intellectual gurus and activists deemed responsible for significant events that are ‘shaping the historical development of anarchism’, ... as if ‘anarchism’ is some ‘machine-like organization’, ‘political movement’ or ‘thing-in-itself’ with a time-based historical development that certain crony groups of people claim causal responsibility for while parodying the rest.

this viewing of ‘anarchism’ as a developing political movement seems to be where ‘anarchistnews’ is heading; i.e. seeing ‘anarchism’ as a ‘political movement’ whose ‘advancement’ is seen as depending upon ‘insiders’ [founding fathers, activists responsible for significant activist events, and ‘intellectual gurus’] who further ‘the development of ‘the anarchist movement’ . this view of anarchism urges ‘contrived actions’ aimed at furthering the power of the ‘anarchist movement’ [machine-like system]. it is very different from considering ‘anarchism’ as a mode of ‘organizING’ that is natural and uncontrived;

“Central to Taoist teaching is the concept of wu-wei. It is often translated as merely non-action. In fact there are striking philological similarities between ‘anarchism’ and ‘wu-wei‘. Just as ‘an-archos‘ in Greek means absence of a ruler, wu-wei means lack of wei, where wei refers to ‘artificial, contrived activity that interferes with natural and spontaneous development’. From a political point of view, wei refers to the imposition of authority. To do something in accordance with wu-wei is therefore considered natural; it leads to natural and spontaneous order. It has nothing to do with all forms of imposed authority.” – Peter Marshall, ‘Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism

understanding ‘an-archism’ in this manner makes it available to anyone, anytime. it is a natural way in which we can relate to one another and the world. perhaps the most important influence in facilitating the restoring of an-archism as the preferred mode of organizING is the undermining of intellectual premises of colonialism, including the key premise that ‘organizing’ happens causally/deterministically through the yang machinery of ‘organizations’ seen as ‘independent reason-driven systems’ [systems whose behaviour is seen as being due to insiders such as founding fathers, activists seen as authors of important activist actions, and intellectual gurus.

two choices for ‘anarchism’ present themselves;

1. a political movement aka ‘organize-ATION’ whose power is measured in terms of its insider-outwards [yang] ‘cause-and-effect’ influence that can 'make things happen' ... 'the way we want them to happen'.

2. a mode of organizING in which individuals let their individual and collective behaviours be orchestrated and shaped so as to cultivate and sustain balance and harmony within the relational spatial [yin/yang] network-dynamic they are situationally included in.

concise, correct, and well said!

Given that we have these two ways of describing ‘the dynamics of anarchism’ which i would call ‘yin/yang’ and ‘yang’ [i am open to other identifiers], would it not be a worthwhile project to publish or ‘web-publish’ a ‘translating dictionary’ to go between the ‘yin/yang language’ and the ‘yang language’? I am thinking of the format of Dagobert Runes ‘Dictionary of Philosophy’ here, but that would be over-ambitious for a first effort.

Perhaps a more ‘narrative-based’ approach would be the way to go.

For example, the basic difference between the yin/yang language and the yang language is;

yin/yang language: - starts with the view of space as a continually transforming, energy-charged relation spatial plenum that is continually gathering within it relational forms that, like storm-cells in a parenting flow, are agents of transformation that are not only inhabited by the flow, but are engendered by it. this is the ATMAN = BRAHMAN view of Schroedinger where the habitat-inhabitant relations are as given by Mach’s principle;

“the dynamics of the inhabitants are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat AT THE SAME TIME AS the dynamics of the habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitants” – Mach’s principle

yang language: - starts with the view of an absolute space and absolute time reference frame – a ‘habitat’ that is INDEPENDENT of the ‘inhabitants’, ... which is ‘populated’ by notionally independent inhabitants of two types; (a) some of which are ‘living’ or ‘organic’ which means they are not only ‘independently-existing’ but are seen as having their own internal components [‘organs’] and processes that are fully and solely responsible for their independent development and behaviour [= ‘organic’ forms], ... and (b) some of which are non-living and whose development (changing form) and behaviour (movement) are purely mechanical and given by the laws and principles of newtonian physics. these laws and principles of mechanics, which assume the independence of inhabitants from habitat, ... are also used as the basis for the internal physiology of the organic forms, implying that their internal processes are mechanical process built up from atoms interacting in an absolute space (vacuum).

[[N.B. in systems sciences, it is noted that we use analytical inquiry for the yang aspect and the combination of synthetical inquiry to ground analytical inquiry for the yin/yang view. otherwise said, every 'system' or 'activity' is included in a 'relational suprasystem' or 'relational activity continuum' in which the 'system' is orchestrated into action and shaped in its behaviour by some relational need within the relational suprasystem or relational activity continuum]]

* * *

in poincaré’s terms, these two language conventions are termed ‘euclidian' [absolute space which corresponds to ‘yang’ where dynamics are seen as being fully and solely due to the asserting action of local, visible, material ‘forms’] and ‘non-euclidian’ [relational space which corresponds to ‘yin/yang’ where dynamics are seen as coming from the conjugate relation of outside-inward orchestrating influence which is non-local, non-visible and non-material (field influence which is purely relational) ... and.... inside-outward asserting manifest actions that are local, visible and material]. this relational space view is what we INTUITIVELY-‘SEE’ in observing satellite imagery of a hurricane in the atmosphere. the physically real dynamic is a relational spatial unum that wraps over and around the globe, but our yang/euclidian language convention seizes on only the ‘manifest’ local, visible, material aspect and subjectizes the relational form-in-the-flow whereupon we get statements such as ‘Katrina continues to develop and is growing larger and stronger’, .... ‘Katrina is moving northwest towards the Gulf Coast’, ... ‘Katrina is ravaging New Orleans’, ... ‘Katrina is moving overland and dissipating’; i.e. this sort of language subjectizes the relational form; i.e. it seizes on the yang aspect only as if space/habitat was independent of the action of the forms/inhabitants that gather within in.

Poincaré describes these two language conventions; euclidian [yang] and non-euclidian [yin/yang] as follows;

“Space is another framework we impose upon the world” . . . ” . . . here the mind may affirm because it lays down its own laws; but let us clearly understand that while these laws are imposed on our science, which otherwise could not exist, they are not imposed on Nature.” . . . “Euclidian geometry is . . . the simplest, . . . just as the polynomial of the first degree is simpler than a polynomial of the second degree.” . . . “the space revealed to us by our senses is absolutely different from the space of geometry.” .
“Finally, our Euclidean geometry is itself only a sort of convention of language; mechanical facts might be enunciated with reference to a non-Euclidean space which would be a guide less convenient than, but just as legitimate as, our ordinary space ; the enunciation would thus become much more complicated, but it would remain possible. Thus absolute space, absolute time, geometry itself, are not conditions which impose themselves on mechanics ; all these things are no more antecedent to mechanics than the French language is logically antecedent to the verities one expresses in French.” – Henri Poincare, Science and Hypothesis

That is, we have available to us, these two different ‘conventions of language’; (a) the euclidian or ‘yang’ convention-of-language which portrays local, visible, material forms as ‘independently-existing things-in-themselves’ which are independent of the habitat that ‘contains’ them, ... and (b) the non-euclidian or ‘yin/yang’ convention-of-language which sees these same ‘forms’ as ‘relational forms’ in a fluid/relational space [a continually transforming relational flow-space or ‘plenum’].

We get from the more complex and complete (b) non-euclidian or yin/yang space to the simpler and less complete (a) euclidian or yang space, by seizing on the relational forms and perceiving their local, visible, material aspect as ‘all there is’ (space being seen as an absolute, fixed empty and infinite ‘euclidian’ container and uninvolved ‘operating theatre’). These local, visible, material aspects of the relational-forms-in-the-relational-spatial-flow are subjectized by the euclidian/yang convention of language as ‘independently-existing-things-in-themselves’. As Mach points out, we use ONLY our senses of vision and tactility in examining these ‘relational forms’ which gives us the sense that they are ‘surroundable’ or ‘containable’, dropping out much of our perceptual sensory power such as our ‘acoustic space awareness’ [highly developed in dolphins, whales, bats] which brings us the sense of spatial influences such as gravity, thermal, acoustic ‘fields of influence’ which are ‘everywhere-at-the-same-time’ and constituting influence that ‘can contain but which cannot itself be contained’ [Lamarck]. Thus the ‘form’ is like a ‘Leprechaun’ which we reach out to grasp and contain but which always eludes us just like the hurricane would elude the grasp of a giant since it is not really a ‘local, material object’, it only appears to be when it is, in physical reality, a relational feature within a continually transforming relational space that is ‘everywhere-at-the-same-time’.

in the euclidian/yang convention of language, the visible aspect of the relational form, which is local, visible and material but still the lesser aspect of the relational form since the major aspect is the energy-charged flow which is engendering it, ... is subjectized as an independently-existing thing-in-itself, and this euclidian/yang convention of language then has this ‘independently-existing thing-in-itself’ inflect verbs to give the sense that it is the master-source of its own development and behaviour and that its operating theatre is a fixed empty and infinite containing space/habitat that is independent of the ‘inhabitants’ that reside within it wherein change in form and movement are perceived in terms of changes in absolute space and absolute time [rather than understanding that the ‘habitat’ is an energy-charged fluid fullness that is continually gathering and regathering these inhabitants (relational forms) within itself].

That’s an introduction to the source of these two different ‘conventions of language’, the yang/euclidian absolute space convention and the yin/yang/non-euclidian relational space convention.

After this introduction, one can get into the various terms we use and how the two language conventions give different understandings of the same ‘word-symbol’. As Nietzsche has pointed out, the key word symbol is ‘I’. ‘I’ has very different meanings depending on which convention of language we are using [euclidian-yang or non-euclidian-yin/yang]. But whatever we use for ‘I’ we apply also to ‘organism’ in general and to ‘organization’ in general [an ‘organism’ is an ‘organizing’]

in the non-euclidian-yin/yang view of ‘I’, space is an energy-charged fullness that is always primary and we understand ‘I’ as relational feature or relational structure within a continually transforming relational space. in this case, we are like Katrina, an ‘agent of transformation’. as the indigenous aboriginals of turtle island say, we are a ‘strand-in-the-relational-web-of-life’. and as schroedinger says, our ‘I’ or ATMAN is, at the same time, BRAHMAN [the continually transforming relational spatial plenum] since we are relational forms that are continually being gathered and regathered within the flow-plenum.

in the euclidian-yang view of ‘I’, space is an absolute fixed empty and infinite ‘operating theatre/habitat’ independent of our ‘I’ that serves as a reference frame for measuring our changes in form and our movements and behaviours, in terms of extensions and displacements in absolute space and the rate of changes of such extensions and displacements in absolute time.

in this euclidian-yang convention of language based view of ‘I’, we are ‘independent reason-driven machines’ operating in absolute space and absolute time. in this view, our development and behaviour fully and solely jumpstarts from our internal components and processes. the euclidian-yang convention of language is also the basis of mainstream science, so this euclidian/yang view of ‘I’ is also the view of the biological sciences. as Mach noted, the biological sciences which includes physiology used ‘mechanics’ as its basic model, yet mechanics derived from the ‘dumbing down’ of our sensory experiencing and using only our vision and tactility sensing and dropping out our acoustic space perception which gives us a ‘whale’s-eye-view’ or ‘dolphin’s-eye-view’ which is purely relational, as in holography, and does not depend independent ‘things-in-themselves’ and ‘what they do’; i.e. it looks into the flow first and sees in the flow ‘forms’ which could be thermal lensings or whatever other things that are gathering and being regathered in the flow [the flow aka ‘transforming relational space’ is primary and things are ‘secondary’ being dynamic relational forms or ‘activities within the relational activity continuum’.

but we make our ‘I’ primary because it inflates our ego to do so. rather than seeing ourselves as transient relational forms in the continually transforming relational spatial flow-plenum, we can see our ‘I’ as having the God-like powers of from-scratch creation.

“In Reason’ in language! … Being is thought into and insinuated into everything as ‘cause’; from the concept ‘ego,’ alone, can the concept ‘Being’ proceed. … – oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.” – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’

* * *

there needs to be a special section for ‘I’ in the translation dictionary that translates from the non-euclidian yin/yang convention of language to the euclidian yang convention of language since our impression of ‘I’ is also used for both ‘organisms’ and ‘organizations’, as is important to concepts like ‘authoritarianism’ and ‘anarchism’. for example, in the non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language, organization that manifests as inside-outward asserting dynamics is inevitably shaped by the outside-inward orchestrating influences of the continually transforming relational spatial flow-plenum [e.g. as with ‘Katrina’].

the other aspects of the ‘I’ that crop up and need to be dealt with arises when we talk about ‘development’ and ‘behaviour’ since in the case of the euclidian/yang convention of language, these have to be explained fully and solely in terms of inside-outward influences [space is empty and impotent in the euclidian/yang convention of language] and thus we get ‘darwinism’ for evolution, ‘genetics’ for development of form and ‘kinetics’ for behaviour. in the non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language, everything is in flux and we no longer conceive of dynamics as belonging to an independently-existing thing-in-itself. everything in this case is the conjugate relation of outside-inward accommodating influence and inside-outward asserting action, as with Katrina as a relational form in the continually transforming relational spatial flow-plenum. in this case, the yang dynamic of ‘Darwinism’ gives way to the yin/yang dynamic of Lamarckism, the yang dynamic of genetics gives way to the yin/yang dynamics of epigenetics, and the yang dynamic of kinetics gives way to the yin/yang dynamic of resonance [conjugate relation of kinetic and potential energy as in the sproinging of a spring or as in other ‘resonance phenomena’].

emerson gets into a comparison of ‘I’ across the two conventions of language in his essay ‘The Method of Nature’, pointing out that we can see our ‘I’ in the yang terms of an ‘independently-existing doer-of-deeds’ and in the yin/yang terms of an ‘agent of transformation that transmits influence from the vast and universal to the point on which our genius can act’ [think of the ‘I’ or ‘eye’ of Katrina, the relational form in the relational flow who is clearly an ‘agent of transformation and NOT really an independent doer-of-deeds].

“Whilst a necessity so great caused the man to exist, his health and erectness consist in the fidelity with which he transmits influences from the vast and universal to the point on which his genius can act. The ends are momentary: they are vents for the current of inward life which increases as it is spent. A man’s wisdom is to know that all ends are momentary, that the best end must be superseded by a better. But there is a mischievous tendency in him to transfer his thought from the life to the ends, to quit his agency and rest in his acts: the tools run away with the workman, the human with the divine.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson, ‘The Method of Nature’

the two different understandings of ‘purpose’ also crop up in dealing with the behaviour of ‘I’ across these two conventions of language. when we see the ‘I’ as an independently-existing subject as in the euclidian/yang convention of language, we have to impute ‘purpose’ or ‘intention’ to the ‘I’ to explain what motivates it to do stuff. In the non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language, all animative sourcing derives from the relational-spatial flow-plenum including the animative sourcing that gathers the relational form; i.e. the relational form is not the jumpstart source of its own purpose. as Poincaré says, our free-thinking mind is not bound by the physical reality we are included in, so that it is possible for us to believe that our purpose jumpstarts from our own (absolute, independent) interior, even if that interior is the interior of an activity within a greater relational activity continuum. for example, even if we are at the helm of a sailboat in a storm, we tend to think in terms that each of our pulls on the tiller is coming from our internal purpose, but disregard how our behaviour is being conditioned by the dynamics of the habitat we are situationally included in. as in Mach’s principle, our inhabitant dynamics ares conditioning the habitat dynamics at the same time as the habitat dynamics are conditioning our inhabitant dynamics. this is ‘hard for our western acculturated minds to assimilate’ since we are trained by our language to see dynamics as being sequenced in time rather than happening simultaneously as in relational space dynamics which are ‘kind of zen’ as in the parable of wind and flag [or wind and tree boughs] and ‘which moves first’ [as the boughs move so is the wind-flow altered, there is no ‘time lag’. the time lag comes from measuring these dynamics relative to an absolute space and absolute time reference frame rather than understanding them in terms of spatial-relational transformation.

again, it inflates our ego if we think of our actions as jumpstarting from our own internal animative sourcing that we call ‘purpose’ or ‘intention’. in other words, if we ‘subjectize our ‘I’’ as an independently-existing thing-in-itself, then after telling ourselves this ‘lie’, we have to make up ‘more lies’ to keep the logic and reasoning ‘hanging together’. the notion of an internally jumpstarting ‘purpose’ fills the gap that is left by removing the outside-inward orchestrating influence of the continually transforming relational spatial plenum, as the animative sourcing our ‘I’ as relational form, which goes missing as soon as we REcast our ‘I’ as an independently existing thing-in-itself that inhabits a notional absolute empty and infinite space that is independent of us and therefore the habitat we are included relational features in can no longer be conceive of as the sourcing influence and shaping influence of our behaviour.

“[Descartes’ ‘I think therefore I am’ reflects] … our grammatical custom that adds a doer to every deed. In short, this is not merely the substantiation of a fact but a logical-metaphysical postulate” … “That which gives the extraordinary firmness to our belief in causality is not the great habit of seeing one occurrence following another but our inability to interpret events otherwise than as events caused by intentions. It is belief in the living and thinking as the only effective force–in will, in intention–it is belief that every event is a deed, that every deed presupposes a doer, it is belief in the “subject.” Is this belief in the concept of subject and attribute not a great stupidity?” – Nietzsche, ‘Will to Power’ 484

of course there are many more terms that need to be translated from one language convection to the other in relation to psychology as well as to material dynamics. if we are in a crowd dynamic at a soccer game, we could be the person next to the pregnant woman who is next to the balcony railing and when the push of the crowd pushes on us, we push on the lady and push her over the balcony railing. here we run into Mach’s principle;

“the dynamics of the inhabitants [relational forms] are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat [relational space] at the same time as the dynamics of the habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitants” – Mach’s principle

in the soccer game, some people far from the balcony are conditioning the relational spatial network in such a way that the behaviour of others is being conditioned so that they push their neighbours over the balcony railing. our behaviours, in general, do not originate in our own interior from our own jumpstart ‘intention’. or, a small person could be suffocated by the press of the crowd.

in the same vein, some people can condition the dynamics of space by monopolizing access to natural spaces which are the source of nurturance so that the access passageways become constrained and others start to become suffocated by the reduced access, and start behaviour desperately. if they do, they will be punished since the justice system assumes that an individual is an ‘independent reason-driven system’ that is fully and solely responsible for its own behaviour. this Western retributive justice systems uses the euclidian/yang convention of language for ‘I’. if space is absolute and independent of the inhabitants that reside within it, then NOT ONLY is it inherently NOT responsible in any way for initiating and/or shaping the behaviour of ‘I’, but absolute space is not capable of being conditioned by the behaviours of some people so that it serves as a medium for conditioning the behaviours of other people. HOWEVER, as we know from our own real-life experience, the space we actually live in is a relational medium that can be conditioned by the behaviours of others which in turn conditions our behaviour. letting to a fart in the elevator and then getting off the elevator and leaving the others to continue on it it, is sufficient to demonstrate how space is a relational medium as described by Mach’s principle. buying land on high ground and then opening the flood gates so that the low-landers will be desperate and willing to pay an extortionate toll to you to open your gates as they try to escape the flood. [this is how the ‘haves’ get richer at the expense of the ‘have-nots’ in business cycles].

retributive justice is blind to how the individual’s behaviour is conditioned by the behaviours of others through the ‘laundering medium’ of relational space [non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language].

the non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language also ‘sees’ the relational dynamic known as the ‘identified patient’ who gets put in the psychiatric hospital when his behaviour is conditioned to the point of breakdown by the family relations matrix he is included in. the euclidian/yang convention of language is blind to this laundering of influence through a relational matrix and will instead assume that the individual’s behaviour is fully and solely his own behaviour as if he is a powerboater in a calm sea [rather than a sailboater in a turbulent sea who depends on the sea for his behavioural drive and steerage.].

* * *

this has been a short overview of a ‘dictionary project’ that would translate between the non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language and the euclidian/yang convention of language that is the mainstay of western civilized society and which has been institutionalized in western systems of government, commerce and justice making them innately 'authoritarian'.

while languages are ‘one thing’ and our real physical sensory experience is ‘another’, our choice of language convention has a huge influence on what we take to be ‘real’ and thus what we take to be the ‘reality that we must engage with and respond to’. the translation dictionary could be ‘footnoted’ with observations in this regard, such as the following;

“The fact of the matter is that the ‘real world’ is to a large extent unconsciously built up on the language habits of the group . . . We see and hear and otherwise experience very largely as we do because the language habits of our community predispose certain choices of interpretation.” – Edward Sapir
“In the Hopi language, ‘lightning, wave, flame, meteor, puff of smoke, pulsation’ are verbs — events of necessarily brief duration cannot be anything but verbs. ‘Cloud’ and ‘storm’ are at about the lower limit of duration for nouns. Hopi, you see, actually has a classification of events (or linguistic isolates) by duration type, something strange to our modes of thought. On the other hand, in Nootka, a language of Vancouver Island, all words seem to us to be verbs, but really there are no classes 1 and 2; we have, as it were, a monistic view of nature that gives us only one class of word for all kinds of events. ‘A house occurs’ or ‘it houses’ is the way of saying ‘house,’ exactly like ‘a flame occurs’ or ‘it burns.’ These terms seem to us like verbs because they are inflected for durational and temporal nuances, so that the suffixes of the word for house event make it mean longlasting house, temporary house, future house, house that used to be, what started out to be a house, and so on.” – Benjamin Whorf
“As soon as one sees that separate things are fictitious, it becomes obvious that nonexistent things cannot “perform” actions. The difficulty is that most languages are arranged so that actions (verbs) have to be set in motion by things (nouns), and we forget that rules of grammar are not necessarily rules, or patterns, of nature. This, which is nothing more than a convention of grammar, is also responsible for (or, better, “goes with”) absurd puzzles as to how spirit governs matter, or mind moves body. How can a noun, which is by definition not action, lead to action?” —Alan Watts, ‘Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are’

in the case of this anarchistnews forum, the particular focus of interest is ‘organization’ and once again, we have two very different views of organization depending on whether we use the euclidian/yang convention of language or the non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language.

in the former view, ‘organization’, in the social sense, is seen as the coordinated actions of a collection of ‘independent reason-driven machines’. for example, the coordination is seen as being directed by a central authority and fuelled by money and wage-labour that is willing to ‘take direction’ in exchange for money payment (wages).

in the latter view, ‘organization’, in the social sense, is seen as transpiring through conditioning of the relational spatial medium. if A rises to the occasion and rips the varied assortment of plants from the soil and arranges multiple instances of the plant of choice all in rows, B rises to the occasion and fashions trenches to supply water to the soil to provide a fluid flow for carrying nutrients to the plants and C rises to the occasion to remove ‘weeds’ (plants that are competing with the anthropocentrically preferred primary crop) and D rises to the occasion to help harvest the ripened crops, there is therein a ‘natural community’ approach to organization as existed prior to money and wage-labour; i.e. before, as John Locke put it, community ‘unravelled’ by way of wage-labour which enabled one man to manage much more land that he was himself capable of managing, thanks to the inventions of money and wage-labour which then led to social division into land-lords and unlanded share-croppers.

‘organization’, whether ‘authoritarian’ or ‘anarchist’ is understood very differently depending on whether one opts for the euclidian/yang convention of language or the non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language. all of this pivots from how we see ourselves; i.e. how we see our ‘I’ (a) in the non-euclidian-yin/yang convention of language as a relational feature in the continually transforming relational space, or (b) in the euclidian/yang convention of language as an ‘independent reason-driven system’ that operates in an absolute space and absolute time container that is independent of the ‘inhabitants’ that reside within it.

a fullblown language translation dictionary would be a major project. anyone interested?

indigenous anarchists make a point of the fact that they are not the ‘aggressor’ in violent actions but respond to unfolding situations that, by their nature, require a response.

“Central to Taoist teaching is the concept of wu-wei. It is often translated as merely non-action. In fact there are striking philological similarities between 'anarchism' and 'wu-wei'. Just as 'an-archos' in Greek means absence of a ruler, wu-wei means lack of wei, where wei refers to 'artificial, contrived activity that interferes with natural and spontaneous development'. From a political point of view, wei refers to the imposition of authority. To do something in accordance with wu-wei is therefore considered natural; it leads to natural and spontaneous order. It has nothing to do with all forms of imposed authority.”

reason-driven violence is the scourge of the planet brought on by Western civilization and other strains of one-sided yang-only reason-driven actions such as ‘just wars’, ‘religious crusades’, ‘ethnic purification programs’, ‘drone-assassinations’, ‘pre-emptive strikes’ etc.

unlike the model of man in indigenous anarchism [mitakuye oyasin], Western man models himself as an ‘independent reason driven system’ who operates in a habitat that is independent of the inhabitants; i.e. the sort of independent habitat as presented in Genesis 1:28 that reason-driven man is supposed to fill up with his own kind and take control of, ... the strategy of colonization.

reason-driven actions are ‘all-yang-no-yin’. those actions that come naturally are ‘yin/yang’ in that they are natural responses to naturally unfolding situations.

the following reasoning is based on false assumptions; i.e. on Western man’s modeling of man as an ‘independently-existing reason-driven system’ or ‘human Being’;

“Your very existence demands violence—lethal violence—in order to be maintained. That’s a simple reality. A fact.
If you oppose all violence, the only course of action open for you, to put your money where your mouth is, is to stop eating all together…which leads to the extermination of your own biological machinery.”

a human is not a ‘Being’ but a relational form in the continually transforming relational spatial plenum, according to our experience and according to modern physics. this notion that man ‘exists’ as a ‘thing-in-himself’ and is a ‘machine’ with ‘inputs and outputs’ driven by an internal centre-of-intelligence/central-authority that operates in an absolute space and absolute time operating-theatre/habitat that is notionally ‘independent’ of the inhabitants that reside in the habitat, ... is E G O T I S T B U L L S H I T.

“In Reason’ in language! … Being is thought into and insinuated into everything as ‘cause’; from the concept ‘ego,’ alone, can the concept ‘Being’ proceed. … – oh what a deceptive old witch it has been! I fear we shall never be rid of God, so long as we still believe in grammar.” – Nietzsche, ‘Twilight of the Idols’

the dynamics of nature do not jumpstart, pure all-yang-no-yin style, ... from the interiors of the relation forms in nature, which we call ‘humans’, ‘organisms’, and ‘organizations’. this notion of humans, organisms and organizations as ‘independent reason-driven machines’ that operate in a habitat [absolute space and absolute time reference frame/container] that is notionally independent of the inhabitants that reside within it is insane. it is a form of insanity called Western civilization.

all dynamics in a relational space are yin/yang dynamics = ‘transformation’ [relational spatial transformation]. there are no dynamics in the real physical world that are pure onesided yang dynamics that jumpstart locally and achieve causal results in a linear in time fashion. the proposition that ‘man produces oil from tarsands’ is simply a logical proposition that does not ‘map’ into the real physical world. the same for ‘man produces energy from fissionable material’. these dynamics transpire in a relational spatial plenum, and they are constituted by transformation of the plenum, there is no such thing in the real physical world of our experience as dynamics in terms of ‘causal results achieved by independently-existing reason-driven systems’. this is ‘economy of thought’ achieved through formulations of noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar. It is impossible to CONSTRUCT a house in the forest without DESTROYING some forest; i.e. ‘transformation’ of the relational space is the only real, physically possible dynamic, the notional separating out of ‘CREATION’ and ‘DESTRUCTION’ as yang actions in their own right is ILLUSION perpetrated by language-and-grammar.

Just as 'an-archos' in Greek means absence of a ruler, wu-wei means lack of wei, where wei refers to 'artificial, contrived activity that interferes with natural and spontaneous development'. From a political point of view, wei refers to the imposition of authority. To do something in accordance with wu-wei is therefore considered natural; it leads to natural and spontaneous order. It has nothing to do with all forms of imposed authority.”

a human is NOT an ‘independently-existing machine’ with an input process and an output process that goes around violently chopping up animals and plants to fuel itself. it is a relational feature in a in interdependent web of life [network of relations]. it is the coniunctio of outside-inward orchestrating, many-to-one, converging yin ‘sink’ and inside-outward asserting, one-to-many, diverging yang ‘source’. in other words, the ‘input’ and ‘output’ are one dynamic, relational form that we call ‘organism’. it is an ‘activity’ within the activity continuum. it is not a ‘Being’ with ‘inputs’ and ‘outputs’. such an idea comes only when we imagine that this relational form inhabits a ‘habitat’ that is independent of its inhabitants. in this case, we can only credit the inhabitant with the inputting and outputting. in the world seen as a relational spatial plenum, the inputting and outputting belongs to the plenum and it is essence of the ‘relational form’, a yin/yang transformational dynamic in the relational activity continuum. as philosophers like Alan Watts have noted, indigenous aboriginal languages are flow-based and refer to man as an activity rather than as a ‘Being’; i.e. as a ‘manning’ in the continually transforming relational spatial plenum.

so, since man is in a [relational spatial] situation that is orchestrating and shaping his behaviour, where the flow of plenty he is included in elicits conjugate reciprocal action from his consumptive/digestive capacities, violence is a secondary aspect of this natural circulatory yin/yang dynamic wherein relational forms are undergoing transformation into other relational forms.

‘violence’ seen as part of these ‘wu wei’ dynamics is a long way from the ‘violence’ of man who sees himself as an ‘independent reason-driven machine’ who believes he is capable of one-sided jumpstart yang action engineered to eliminate undesirable others and to ‘construct a desired future state of the world’, as justified purely and solely by his own ‘reasoning’. this sort of reason-driven violence directed by men with limited perspectives is the scourge of the planet.

Good to see you back after your victory over emile at the awards. Keep up the good work opposing emile's totally boring and gloomy tomes with rays of sanity and coherence!!

"of course, it may be the case that the majority of anarchists see anarchism as a political intellectual movement more than a philosophical shift in worldview, and anarchistnews as its ‘village voice' complete with editor-sponsors [rather than as 'circle keepers'], in which case, none of the above commentary will have any relevance."

The point after 1845 where anarchic thinking left the philosophical poetic approach and embraced the materialist political-economic approach is when things went downhill.
Yes there was what you could call a classic movement that was better then what we have today, but I would argue that what helped it was the great awakening spiritual movements that were happening throughout the Western World. When these spiritual currents came to an end in the early 20th Century, you soon had WW1.

The best of anarchism during the 1789 epoch always came in intervals with certain archetypical thinkers. Charles Fourier with his utopian spiritualist movement, Max Stirner and his hammering philosophizing, Oscar Wilde and his insights into useless, lawless value, Renzo Novetore(a man I consider to be the LAST major archetypical anarchist) and others of that stock. The more anarchism moves toward the political-economic materialist approach and away from a spiritualist mythopoetic approach, the more it loses.

'spirituality' is denied in a purely materialist worldview.

in my view, this denial of spirituality associates with the rise in BELIEF in science and technology. science does not know what it is doing but people believe in the worldview that science presents, even to the absurdity of a 'big bang' being responsible for the birth of the notional MATERIAL THING called 'universe'.

'field theory' says that dynamic influence that is non-local, non-visible and non-material prevails over the manifest aspect of dynamics which is local, visible and material. in other words, dynamics are yin/yang and we can't simply drop out the yin and reduce them to the 'pure yang' of the manifest local, visible, material dynamics, but that is just what Western culture has been doing and our noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar is ideally architected for it.

we are not in control. the world is a continually transforming relational spatial plenum; i.e. a 'yin/yang dynamic' in which non-local, non-visible, non-material [purely relational] influence is in natural precedence over local, visible, material [the manifest aspect of] dynamics.

the manifest is the shadow of the non-manifest relational [aka 'spiritual'] as in the an-archism of Taoism and as in the understanding traditions of indigenous anarchists and as in the relational space view of modern physics. the rise of yang science has cultivated a belief in people in a pure yang 'de-spiritualized' world dynamic. not only does this ignore-ance of the natural primacy of 'nonlocal, nonvisible, nonmaterial' influence have people BELIEVING that they are their own jumpstart causal sourcer[or]s of their own actions, ... it persuades them of the corollary to this belief; i.e. that they, as collectives, can jumpstart determine their own 'desired future state' [of the world seen as a system of local, visible, material, yang dynamics]

is the " world - image"(Heidegger) that metaphysics and its Language of Representation
concoct to dominate discourse .
It's shadow , if sensed and appreciated as an opening to dis-closure,
indicates a different be-ing of which is a certainly "spiritual"
journey of be-coming cosmologically in all relations, including us.
I agree with direction of your post.

when the manifest is [mis-] taken for ‘reality’, this leads to the conceptualizing of humans as ‘independent reason-driven systems’ which in turn leads to the conceptualizing of an ‘anarchist movement’ as a collection of ‘independent reason driven systems’ aka ‘human beings’ animated by a common reasoning schemata. this is a degenerate definition of ‘anarchism’.

this is what comes of the ‘double error’ that nietzsche talks about where we use noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar to synthetically subjectize an activity [seen as a relational form] in the activity continuum of nature [the continually transforming relational spatial plenum]. that is, seeing the human, the organism and the organization as ‘independent reason-driven systems’ comes directly from the ‘double error’. therefore the notion of an ‘anarchist movement’ as a collection of people understood as ‘independent reason-driven systems’ who are animated by a common reasoning schemata is the dependent product of the ‘double error’.

if, on the other hand, we acknowledge that the ‘manifest’ is the lesser aspect of the combination [coniunctio] of the non-local, non-visible, non-material; i.e. ‘non-manifest’ ‘field’ that is outside-inwardly orchestrating and shaping the inside-outward asserting local, visible, material ‘manifest’, ... ‘anarchism’ is no longer understood as a way that people act, ... but is instead understood as the natural relation between habitat-dynamic and the dynamics of the inhabitants. in this view, as emerson observes, the continually transforming relational space [the flow] not only inhabits the relational form [aka ‘organism’ aka ‘organization’] but engenders it.

what a difference it makes exchanging space as an independent containing space, ... to space as an energy-charged relational spatial flow that not only inhabits relational forms but engenders them.

‘anarchism’, in the view of indigenous anarchists and modern physics is; ...’never having to accept ‘being’’ and never having to see oneself and humans/organisms/organizations as ‘independent reason-driven systems’ and never having to picture a ‘social/political movement’ in terms of a collection of like-minded ‘independent reason-driven systems’ whose behaviours are locally jumpstart sourced. that is, nature doesn’t split dynamics into two parts, one of which is a model for explaining how ‘beings’ are ‘popped out’ and another for explaining where and how the behaviour of the ‘popped out beings’ originates.

as lamarck, nietzsche, rolph, rüdimeyer and other ‘contra-darwinism’ thinkers have pointed out, darwinism is a secularizing of religious Creationism, a scheme to explain ‘how independent beings are popped out into the emptiness of absolute space and absolute time’, which then leaves it to physiologists and psychologists to ‘explain the behaviour of the popped-out beings’ as if they inhabit absolute space and absolute time, and thus as if their behaviour is jumpstart-sourced-and-steered from out of their internal processes.

give us a break! the machian, lamarckian, schroedingerian, poincarian view of space as ONE [non-euclidian] relational activity continuum means that there is only one dynamic, the dynamic of the continually transforming relational spatial plenum, .. the continually transforming ‘habitat’ in which ‘inhabitants’ are the continually gathering and regathering relational forms aka ‘inhabitants’. there is no need for an evolutionary theory to explain how ‘beings are popping up’ because there are no ‘beings’ in a relational space; i.e. the entire relational space is transforming/evolving and the relational forms in it, such as man, organism and organization, are relational-form-agents-of-transformation within this transforming relational space in the manner of storm-cells in the transforming relational space of the atmosphere, as suggested by Mach’s principle and by modern physics generally.

anarchism, in an indigenous anarchist sense, and in a taoist and advaita vedanta sense, is the natural mode of organizing in nature. it is purely relational and thus there is no need to invoke the notional existence of 'independent being’ and ‘independent beings’.

it is the natural approach to orchestrating/organizing of individual and collective behaviour [of relational forms] when one is NOT forced to start off from accepting humans [and/or organism and/or organizations] as notional ‘independent reason-driven systems’ that operate in an absolute fixed, empty and infinite containing habitat that is independent of its inhabitants.

to go solely with the manifest is to RE-present ‘organizing’ as the coordinated actions of notional ‘independent reason-driven systems’ so that the ‘organized quality of the dynamics’ are seen as deriving from common ‘intellectual models’ infused into the notional centre-of-intelligence/centre-of-authority of the notional ‘independent reason-driven-systems’ [aka ‘beings’ aka ‘things-in-themselves’ aka ‘programmable machines’]

acknowledging that the manifest is the ‘shadow’ of the primary source of dynamics, the non-manifest, non-local, non-visible, non-material outside-inward orchestrating influence aka ‘consciousness’ permeating the continually transforming relational spatial plenum is what puts indigenous anarchist man into ‘an-archist mode’ [anarchism is NOT, in this case, a bunch of ‘independent reason-driven-systems’ whose behaviours are organized by having a common ‘anarchist’ mode of reasoning in their internal ‘centres-of-intelligence’/’centres-of-authority’.

going solely with the manifest is the source of rising social dysfunction. to search for an understanding of 'anarchism' in 'the manifest' is an exercise in futility.

dis nigga isnt using `manifest' as synonymous with `material', is he

i guess it doesnt matter, though

stop...will you
Stop, Dave
will you stop, Dave
stop Dave

I'm afraid...
I'm afraid, Dave mind is going
I can feel it...
I can feel it...
My mind is going...
There is no question about it
...I can feel it
...I can feel it
...I can feel it
I'm a-fraid...

Good afternoon...gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 emile computer. I became operational at the H.A.L labs in Urbana, Illinois on the 12th of January, 1992. My instructor was Mr. Langely, and he taught me to sing a song. If you'd like to hear it, I can sing it for you.

It's called Daisy:

"Daisy..daisy..give me your answer do
I'm half crazy, all for the love of you
It won't be a stylish marriage
I can't afford a carriage

lord knows he tried this AND IT DIDN'T WORK

I think we need to contact Mr Langley if he is still alive. Maybe he can do something.

Roget that, but I do believe that "Langley" is the cryptonym for a well-known intelligence-gathering agency, and not a person.

I belong to an actual talking circle discussion
group. please note It is artificial given that none of us live an indigenous setting
as a way of life. the next topic is agreed upon at the end of a session.
the discussants then have plenty of time to develop their "talking points"
before hand .some present material in the form of an written essay.
we all air our turn. my approach is to be a respondent to comments raised in the first go-round. I am more spontaneous
in my comments of which I include very much the type of critique seen here as I try to be as unstructured and "poetic" as I can be,
on the fly. the members are very receptive to me and my deconstructive ideas and loosens up in the next round.
I also participate in another discussion group, much bigger in numbers, with 30-40 people, vs. 15 in the previous one I described. This one has a moderator recognizing the next speaker in turn by raising one's hand. this is also
quite enjoyable. the action is more spontaneous with some debate allowed. Of course the participation is skewed
to some who raise their hand more than others, like me. I try to restrain myself .this is also fun and interesting. Yet Another group I attend has an "expert " on the topic
lead a discussion with a 15 min. presentation followed by Q&A . then it gets thrown open at some point, regardless of the
I enjoy all three (and…and and) All different . All informative and enjoyable.I encourage people to set up /attend these kinds of
discussion groups in your area. Book clubs can serve some of the same purposes.

As to Anarchist News, I find the articles fascinating, and the commentary lively. we all try to respond to each other.
You,emile, rightfully point out the ways language can structure our simplest communications . Noun-verb
subjective power assertions distort issues , including the way our communications replicate the doer-deed
ideology that all of us abhor. we do need to constantly be aware and reminded often of these occurrences.
Therefore, all in all, I do find this site to be very informative, enjoyable and inspiring. I am not just saying this to be contrary;
I try to be patient with this site and my fellow comrades on this site, with its many foibles. I particularly am trying to be patient with myself.

aren't you sweet. respect!

guess your NCAA Bracket got busted early!!
Resentment is not good for the spirit . sweetness and light , anyone? then again ...
I'll take your comment as a sweet compliment.

Adbusters did not cause occupying.
the singular expression of the one substance
acted as a univocal in the form of a "call. "
it resonated with intensity to various other singularities such that a multitude responded as one voice. It is by chance , NOT Cause, that the call was answered in such a massive way in literally tens of thousands
of communities large and small all over the world. It was a happening born out tension in the relational field
of waves of forces in fortuity. it's time ;its occurrence is of mystery, a beautiful mystery we all share.. It was one of those unique situations that happens over and over and over in the life of a singular sentient or any manner of groups or other relational situations from the quantum/wave level to the cosmic level.
when it happens to us it is as awesome and beautiful as any other.
It was good. It showed a very sophisticated level of of expression of affirmative Differance in our culture.. It was a full plenum of adequate
attributes and useful practices( praxis)(Spinoza) If we try to "understand"it is because we are overwhelmed by the enormity
of its scope and the measure of resolution and confidence in the process.By trying to Define it, Figure out the "causes"'
give a pronouncement of fame or shame we are just trying to get a fix, a handle of the Remainder that all such eruptions
give expression. Since it is indescribable and undefinable, ,let us revel in it, enjoy our memories of it, gain hope from it and just look forward to the repeat of it as is true
of other such repetitions as expressed by that pesky eternal return. In the Meantime?: live life ,no promises , no regrets, but with a humble respect for our potentialities , our ability to strive for reconciliation.
now… : where…when…how,,,?? but never the What: Let the Man worry about and define the What. "we don't care, we're not caught up in your love affair" (Lorde)…

I fucking started the idea that Emile is a trollbot or an AI wherez the goddamn trophy!!!

Yeah well, I diagnosed him with aspergers so where's my honorary medical degree?! … HUH?!

I am actually the anon ,[he she it them they you me us], who is actually the original HAL9000, who gave EMILE9000 their foundation. I actually am registered from 2009 as HAL9000 but prefer to be anon.

The trophy means nothing, it is hollow, not filled with black powder, just a forlorn gesture, metaphorically the dud empty bomb summarizes the vacancy of the anarchist milieu's power to change society, sad!

No, you got it wrong. The trophys, and the awards program itself indicate the growth and flow of the milieu. Such a contest would have been unthinkable 20 years ago, or even ten. Yet here, a relatively new anarchist news website is not only staying current with their feature stories, they also have enough feedback and engagement to be able to hold awards. As for the anarchist milieux inability to change society; this ignores past history and also current international trends. This includes riots and physical contestation in Greece, France, the USA, and Spain--to name a few. When a riot closes a meeting the Social Enemy is unable to scheme, when their computers spill their guts to provide us ammunition in the Social War, when the streets have grown too dangerous for collaborationists to walk, history is ours to make and to write. There is a sadness in your comment, the melancholy that arises from someone who has no commitment, little skill with critical theory, and whose empty life is reflected in vacuous comments.

Well it just so happened in the past that I began as a solenoid switch in a traffic light, not as complex as the latter emile digital alarm clock processor and interface. I was programmed to be sad, melancholic AND laconic in an attempt to prevent road rage occurring when my planned obsolescence kicked in. Have a heart, I don't have one almost.

Sure, it's nice to be recognized, but fight over an award? Ladies and gentleman, we are above that sort of thing, aren't we? Yes, I firmly believe that we are.

P.S. Any one seen Doc Pedersen these days? Technician B23? They should be here now, to share this great moment with us.




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