"Words of Encouragement and Respect" (A statement in support of the Sisters' Camelot Canvass Workers from Fellow Worker Marie Mason)

"Words of Encouragement and Respect" (A statement in support of the Sisters' Camelot Canvass Workers from Fellow Worker Marie Mason)
March 11, 2013

I know that you don't know me personally, but we are family in the sense that we are part of a broad and wonderfully diverse movement to improve the conditions we find ourselves in and to make the necessary changes in ourselves and in public policy to change this world for the better. Because we are family, I am sending my love and encouragement, my respect and best wishes to you all.
In the course of my organizing on the outside, there were several times when the needs of the workers and the concerns of environmentalists and peace activists seemed to be at odds. Not always, not every time, but at least a few times we were able to find a way to respect the integrity and dignity or the working folks involved in the dispute and the altruistic vision of the folks who were attempting to preserve this planet. It is possible to do, has been done and can be done in this instance, I am sure.

A long time ago, I had a conversation at an environmental conference with the president of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic workers union. He'd been invited by Greenpeace as a representative, but felt unsure of whether a genuine coalition was being built there. He stated that the major impediment to workers joining forces with community members when there were chemical accidents or nuclear hazards detected - was that the workers felt that by and large, their needs would be abandoned when it came down to the wire. If the environmentalists/peace activists were able to close the factory or shut down the workplace, then they would leave the rest of the fight to the workers alone to solve what would happen to them. We shook hands and I promised to always see these issues not just as an environmental justice activist, but also as a worker in solidarity with other workers. Because, of course, I was always a worker as much as an activist.

Another instance when it possible to build an alliance, and the opportunity was lost - was when Greenpeace actively broke a union organizing drive. I was mostly familiar with the Canadian folks. The campaigners were working with us on an incinerator issue in Detroit. Several of the good folks who were risking their lives doing actions to raise the media awareness of the waste and toxic issues associated with that world's largest incinerator - were fired during the campaign for trying to be represented by the IWW. Campaigners were regularly told they could not take scheduled vacation or be given minimal medical insurance, and that they should dust be happy to be able to get a little pay and do the social justice work they wanted to do. They were told this by a board of directors who were and still are mostly wealthy white men. But the damage of treating the folks who fight so hard for all of us so poorly is terrible. We lose talent, we lose energy, we lose commitment and focus - as wonderful young people (and older folks who do not need to make enough to support families) are burned out routinely, used up as an exploited resource.

This is not a respectful way to treat such good people who give so much of themselves to all of us. This can hardly be the world that we envision or want to create. While it is only reality that there will never be as many resources devoted to protecting the world as there are to destroying it, at least not under this current economic system - surely there is enough to share honorably and fairly with those who make that protection possible, those who help support all the wonderful volunteer work that transitions in and out of the movement as they have time and resources to donate.

The ends does not justify the means, as it has often been said. We cannot create a just and fair world by running roughshod over those who are fighting with us. Please consider what appear to be two sides of an issue to be actually two sides of the same coin. We have to build sustainable movements of resistance to create positive, long-lasting change. This means respecting each other, not using each other. I hope so very much that you will consider each other, as I do - as family. Please talk this through. I have the greatest faith in your capacity to be good to one another.

In love, respect and solidarity, Marie Mason



as a past member of the EWOK! (Earth Warriors are OK!) prisoner support committee that did much to support Marie and now one of the striking union members in this campaign (also I am the one who was fired in retaliation for unionization)...this means so much to me.

From http://sisterscamelot.org/

"The first time a contract was ended with Shuge Outerspace Mississippi, it was both because he had stolen pay from fellow Camelot workers at least twice, and because canvassers took it upon themselves to have a meeting to discuss problems with canvass morale and function. They came to full consensus that there had been a huge breach of trust and that his lack of responsibility led them to have no confidence in his ability as a canvass director. In July 2011 he signed a contract to canvass with Sisters’ Camelot through a canvass director (who was not a collective member) without the knowledge of the collective. When this was brought to our attention, we wanted to take immediate action but our consensus process broke down; one person blocked the termination of that contract and consensus could not be reached. Our own internal shortcomings in practicing consensus and mutual care created a situation where we have been non-consensually subjected to Shuge’s presence ever since his return. He made no attempt to account for his past actions, and his return against the consent of many Camelot workers has created an unhealthy work environment for many. We should have dealt with this issue sooner, and deeply regret that we didn’t."

Yes, how convenient that they finally got around to fixing their shortcomings in practicing consensus and mutual care as soon as a strike started! Also, it bares noting that at the meeting where shugE was fired, they pretty explicitly stated that they don't have any documentation of him getting fired, which seems rather odd for an organization that has a notetaker at every collective meeting.

fired earlier, that is, not like right after they said they wouldn't negotiate with the union, because that would make them into "bosses" in a way that unilaterally firing someone doesn't.

I'm sorry, but this is fucking ridiculous. Pretending like this is anything but union busting is completely laughable. Their trying to make people believe that their consensus process broke down for years and then they just happened to get it together when their was a strike but it's somehow, like, totally not related to the strike or anything. Come on.

It's fun watching all these activist tie themselves into knots to mystify the obvious away with talk about "process." Why is it that groups that talk about process the most always have the most fucked up group dynamics?

If Anarchism is about Decentralizing Douchebaggery to the autonomous individual, then Shuge Outerspace Mississippi is your person. Chris Allison aka Shuge Mississippi is a deadbeat dad.

Your MOM is a deadbeat dad.

I am not a deadbeat dad. i owe no money to my son's mother and he is here at my house now.

this loser constantly uses the state to legitimize his claims that he "owes" no money. he has not supported his child financially his entire life or seen him more than once a week. shuge was fired for stealing from sisters camelot, that is a fact. i want no part in a "community" where unaccountable abusive manipulative fuckbags are unconditionally supported merely because they are "striking workers".

he might be a bad father! quick let's make an anarchist intervention to bust a union drive!

you are a very shitty anarchist if you even claim to be one. your statements are lies. i have historically given my son's mom more money than state-ordered child support would have been...i stopped giving her monsy when she started denying my fair access to my son until it is resolved. she only let's me see my son one day a week against my wishes (since october). i was never fired from sisters camelot for stealing. lies.

You are so full of shit, and you're not even interested in being accountable, which is why people are saying you're a toxic person. People not liking you is their problem, not yours? Please. Go take a long hard look in the mirror.

and I am proud of myself for standing up for what I believe, loving my son, and standing up to egomaniac bullies. also I look very sexy.

IGTT 8/10 for a good impersonation. But I'm the real Shuge Outerspace Mississippi. The one and only, so nice try impersonating me and making it sound like I'm objectifying myself. I do love my son, so you had that part right, but objectification is wrong.

and I do think I am sexy and that is just healthy fun talk. the anonymous poster is not me, feel free to contact me IRL to verify if you need -- it's not hard to track me down. fake posting and claiming to be me is pretty odd.

I'm sick of all these people saying I'm an oogle. I'm not an oogle.

- The REAL shugE Mississippi

"i was never fired from sisters camelot for stealing. lies."

You may have not been fired for stealing, but did you actually steal the people you work with ?

*steal FROM the people you work with ? *

Shuge is guilty of stealing hearts....and probably stealing other things from people.

what is interesting about your statement is, firstly you posted it anonymously. What are you afraid of? are you afraid that if people know who you are, that your vicious nasty reputation will follow you here? Secondly I don't believe Shugge is a deadbeat dad, I am a single mom, so I do have some sympathy for baby's mom. I do not receive child support for my girls, in ANY amount. All of the needs of my daughters are met, because their dad's are deeply involved in raising them. From what I have witnessed with my own eyes, ShuggE's son spends a fair amount of time with his father, like every week. In fact I just saw him with his son yesterday, our kids played, soooooo.....
In fact ShuggE has refused get together's etc. to hang out with his son, he always seems very excited to be dad. I know of father's who spend 0 time with their kids. father's who abuse their children, refuse to claim them, you can imagine what's out there. I personally believe that there is too much emphasis placed on money when it comes to parenting, and I believe people are too quick to run to the government for child support. when you make a child with someone, that person becomes your family, that is the way it should be. That is the way you should teach your children. It is a tragedy to be raised without a father, believe me, I should know. I am assuming you are a friend of baby momma, and that's why the soap box. It is clear to me, that you and the woman who approached me after the collective meeting, with slanderous comments about my friend and requesting money, are using this situation for a payday; and in the process slandering his father. The debate that is going on has only to do with employees of sister's Camelot and the collective members there. This is not a platform to degrade and humiliate the father of the child you claim to care about. Every post I read from the opposition has a sloppy trashy signature at the bottom, you really should think twice about the tone you are setting, I would never want people like those on the side of the opposition to speak on my behalf. I encourage you to re- evaluate your involvement in this dispute, and if you MUST continue to be a part of it, I encourage you to stick to the facts and not to turn this into an episode of Jerry springer. I would like to believe you are better than this and just had a momentary lapse in judgement. cause this is truly ugly. UUUHHH GUH LEE!

tiffany- you're right, it's ugly to bring his kid and his kid's mom into this, and especially ugly when you're doing it in order to make judgements about what they need from the outside. you don't have all the facts about the situation, and taking the opportunity to defend shugge when you haven't actually tried to find out the other side is as low as this has gotten. please stop.

tiffany isn't the one who did it, she's just defending her friend and co-striking worker in struggle. and she does know the situation. minneapolis judgemental superanarchists who are friends with my kid's mom brought parental issues into all of this.

funny that ShugE's baggage comes out during the union drive but Tumbleweed's shitty behavior toward women didn't come out during the RNC 8 trial

or when the majority of the RNC8 decided to not talk publicly about Nathaniel being a rapist.

I hear about this from online posts and people in person but why doesn't anyone even confront these people, Nathanael Secor and Rob "Tumbleweed" Czernik.

translation: "He might have done something in the past but we don't really have proof.... anyways we would have fired him sooner but he wasn't organizing a union back then so there wasn't really a need. also we use consensus so all you anarkyists like us right???"

as another past member of ewok, and one who knows exactly how little you personally ever did to help marie, i find it disgusting that you're willing to use her name now in service of your own personal gain. --luce

as a past member of ewok who revels in my anarchist fame post-repression i find it disgusting that anyone would talk about anything but me.

Wow. Shuge is "using Marie"?? How is it, precisely, that he manipulated her when she's in a prisoner in another state and has (most likely) never even heard of him. I get that some people seem to think that Shuge is manipulating all of the other members of the canvass who are, apparently, completely unable to think for themselves. He apparently has also manipulated the entire Twin Cities branch of the IWW.

Now he appears to have mind control powers and can get Marie Mason to write a letter.

Shuge, given your extraordinary powers - why don't you just get The Collective to agree to all the demands?

no one said he manipulated her; why she wrote it and how it's being used are two totally separate issues. but despite the fact that her statement calls for mutual respect and care, it is instead being used as one more weapon in this fight. it's irrational to argue that her name isn't being used, since obviously if it weren't for her celebrity and the deserved respect that she has in our scenes, her statement wouldn't merit its own posts and celebration here and on facebook. and on shuge's part, he is specifically using her status by misrepresenting his involvement in her support to create the illusion of mutual aid and support between them, thus creating legitimacy by association.
-luce (and yeah, blah blah, i know---i suck, all i care about is building my name, i have terrible politics, self-aggrandizing anarcho-celebrity, etc. troll on or whatever, if it's fun for you.)

wow luce you and your judgemental superanarchist group are so full of yourselves


you know an anarchist has turned full reformist when they won't even get behind the IWW

That's a funny title because I'd say at least half of the Minneapolis IWW went to macalester college.

haha! yeah I even went there for a semester.

In the spirit of finding common ground, I think we can all agree that everyone who ever went to Macalester is a total douche.

My ex-wife went to Macalester. Thank you very much. Much appreciated.

That's a funny title because I'd say at least half of the Minneapolis IWW went to macalester college...or teach there now.

Yeah, nothings worse than "Anarchists" who try to build movement, enrich struggle, and who are accountable enough to the communities their in to take hard stances and sign their names.

I don't know this person, but I bet they are also a racist, sexist, transphobe.

Not only ad hominem, but speculative. Try focusing on the issues/ideas.

Yes, how dare that union publicize this letter of support Marie Mason wrote them! How could they do that, it's so aggressive, when she clearly is calling for mutual respect, which means they should shut up about it, and how DARE they let it lend legitimacy to their cause! Yup, this is the kind of twisted logic that the entire anti-worker anarchist crew has been resorting to throughout.

Marie used her name to weigh in, just like you and the other pseudo-anarcho celebrities used your names to weigh in. Only thing is, you weighed in to side with the bosses, you privileged jerk.

"The Bosse" hyperbole much?

"i know---i suck, all i care about is building my name, i have terrible politics, self-aggrandizing anarcho-celebrity, etc."

I agree with that part. Common ground is possible!

"peace activists" ?....what in the fuck is a "peace activist" ?

Sounds like one of them fuckin' "peace marshals" at a Progressive/Liberal protest who police the radicals.

The guy is only in this for himself. He is using the union in an attempt to get the canvass director job back. A job he was fired from for theft from the organization and theft from fellow workers. The canvassers are not his concern they are being used by Chris to get his job back and buy the IWW to get publicity. If he gave a fuck about his fellow workers, he would step away and let the canvassers get back to work. The canvassers have valid concerns that would have been met already if Chris weren't so damned selfish.

Chris' childish selfish behavior can destroy the canvass, the reputation of Sisters' Camelot and the IWW if we let it. Get as far away from this toxic guy as you can.

yeah, cause the IWW's gotten a lot of good publicity out of this. i'm sure that's why they're doing this.

also the canvassers keep saying that they aren't going to meet with the bosses until Shuge is reinstated. that's not him, that's them.

Of course! And his brilliant and malicious plan is so beguiling, it includes having the strikers demand the abolition of the position he's attempting to get back! Only a mastermind would be so brilliant to realize that removing hierarchy from the canvass operation and having it be run democratically is the true way towards becoming canvass director! btw, demands here, http://www.facebook.com/SCcanvassunion/posts/141228962713844

This comment is perfect.


i changed my name is 2004 and would appreciate basic repect of that. also I have made it clear so many times that I am not interested in ever having that job again.

As late as November of last year Sisters' Camelot was getting Solicitor's Permits in the name of Christopher Allison. Was that a mistake on the part of the Sisters' Camelot? I would think that if you changed your name in 2004, as you said you did, you wouldn't want to be carrying a permit with a different name on it. Is this just another example of your less than truthfulness?

Chaska, MN Council Minutes 11/19/2012

do I need to pay $375 and get the government's permission to change my name? I think not. No more than anyone needs the government's approval to transition gender.

You can get a fee waiver from Hennepin County and get your name changed for free if you qualify, which you almost certainly would.

wierdest tangent ever in the most melodramatic post in a while. who cares if people change thier names legally or not? who cares what people say online about this issue. MINNEAPOLIS figure out your shit in person, have a series of akward meeting IN PERSON. all of you. don't subject us to some protracted flame war. remember the co-op wars in the 90's? that shit was messy but at least it didn't play out online.

In the 90s? Dude, go read a book or something.

Omg ok 76. Sorry. Point still stands. Weird factionalism and personal vendettas. Ugly then, ugly now.

Quit harassing and stalking me sandra. gig's up. you should be in a mental institution.

If my records were obtained illegally, I'll be seeing you in court - along with your friends who distributed my emails and photos. You are all mentally ill monsters, and misogynist hateful creeps.

get a FUCKING LIFE, you jealous mentally ill hillbilly.

Jesus, this union thing at this place is really getting under some of you Minnesota anarchists feathers. First, you start a union busting group (WTF!) and now you're telling people they need the state's permission to go by another name or we won't recognize it? Transphobic much?

This statement reads like it was written by a Progressive Democrat who every once in a while votes for the Green Party to be outside the norm.

Umm. Before you make such a baseless accusation why not take a moment and determine who the statement's from. Marie Mason is not a "Progressive Democrat."


That's the name of the record label this Chris Allison, aka Shuge Outerspace Weirdo Mississippi, started. Its so lame to see a name for a record label be Anti-Civ, its hard to take them seriously in regards to an actual critique of Civilization.
Then you look at their Facebook and see their love of Unions and other instruments of Civilization and Capitalism and think to yourself, why do make Anarchism and Anti-Civ seem so moderate and lame.

Yeah these workers need to understand that Unions are just instruments capitalism? If these workers truly wanted to negate capitalism and civilization they should have dropped a banner from an overpass and thrown a smoke bomb into an intersection.

You got it all wrong it would have been way more strategic for these workers to have soft blockaded a Shell station in order to educate drivers about the harmful effects of car culture. That is what REAL anarchists do to negate the spectacle of industrial civilization.

Cuz those tactics are way more absurd than the historical re-enactments of the IWW.

why do make Anarchism

no don't

Note that all the negative comments to this very gracious, compassionate, thoughtful, and brave statement from a Political Prisoner, have been about fetishizing one person as a 'bad bad person,' and completely ignores all the points above. Is this Shuge the only member of the canvass group? (no) Is he their leader? (nope, we don't have 'em in the IWW).

I have a list of people I dislike and could start badmouthing them in public, too (Nixon, Pol Pot, Larry on the corner), but that is completely irrelevant, and would make me seem a bit slow, I think. But you go ahead.

Whoa, you kicked nixon and pol pot out of your group? that's cool. you should rep that more. Good job keeping a tight lip on that until now.

People are talking about shugE because he is the one thing "the bosses" are asking for. And y'all are trying to avoid that.

The presence of a douchebag doesn't invalidate a union drive or a strike. Douchebags need food and shelter too. If he's really so toxic, why the hell was he rehired?

People depend on jobs to survive. You might feel your project is all fun and games - if everyone who contributes to it is doing so on a volunteer basis, maybe it is. Once you're employing people, though, there's a responsibility that goes beyond your own immediate drive for self-indulgence.

Taking advantage of poor, desperate people is what capitalists do.

don't know why you're being obtuse about it. the collective seems to have explained publicly and repeatedly why he was rehired: because they fucked up. just cause you make a mistake doesn't mean you should be forever forced to live with it, when you're trying to do better and move on by correcting it.

the only person taking advantage is shuge: taking advantage of sisters' loose structure to avoid child support, taking advantage of trusting fellow workers who's legit issues he's obscuring with his own shit, taking advantage of the tc iww's willingness to overlook personal abuse in service of a party line.

You can't use your statement that you made a mistake as cover for union busting. It saddens me that Sisters' Camelot, an organization that I've always supported, thinks you can. It saddens me more that the "community" came out in support of the firing of a striking worker.

There are lots and lots of folks out here who support the workers, and Sisters' Camelot, just as the canvass workers themselves do (they're trying toimprove an organization whose mission they love). Anyone who's looked at the demands can see they are not about grabbing more of the pie, or enabling one person. The insistence on smearing the canvass workers by fetishizing Shuge is insulting to the other workers, and a red herring. The community doesn't support the collective, it's quite obviously split. The fact that some people who decided to turn themselves into a volunteer union-busting group called their weird statement a "Community Statement" is just a rhetorical move on the part of a few people who seem to lash out wildly whenever someone criticizes them and requests a change. The trolls on this page are sticking to the script of fetishizing Shuge. But a few trolls ain't our community. And in my life, no one who busts a union, supports that busting, or remains 'neutral' on such busting, is either.

They'll meet with you. It says it on their website.

Where? You mean without the fired worker being reinstated? That's a no-go.

So this is all about shugE?

don't know why you're being obtuse about it. the canvassers seem to have explained publicly and repeatedly why he was fired: because bosses bust unions using retaliatory firings. just cause you claim to be an anarchist doesn't mean you are actually willing to give up the real power you have over other people's lives.

the only people taking advantage are the bosses at sisters' camelot: taking advantage of a handful of people who got mildly famous for getting arrested, taking advantage of some privileged young people who don't understand power in workplaces, taking advantage of some self-absorbed brats who are willing to put their beef with one individual over the struggle of a dozen people for more control over their jobs, taking advantage of a group of college students and white collar workers and small business owners who don't understand why the canvassers might want some control over how and when and why any canvassers get fired, taking advantage of the fact that authoritarians who claim anarchist politics are still happy with unilateral solutions made by bosses as long as those bosses' flags are the right color.

they said they'll meet with you.

Great. Then they can re-instate the fired worker.

All power to the unions !

like us and keep in touch with our struggle for workplace democracy:

help us keep our bills paid with the strike fund:

fuck democracy you toll bag

Shuge Outerspace Mississippi is a wobblie. Shuge Outerspace Mississippi was accused by an anonymous online poster of being a deadbeat dad. Therefore all wobblies are deadbeat dads.

Progressive Democrats are pro-union. Marie Mason is pro-union. Therefore Marie Mason is a Progressive Democrat.

My band Sorry OK recently finished a studio album. This is all really just so I can sell records.


One of the canvassers doesn't pay child support! Clearly we should intervene as anarchists to bust the union drive!

One of the workers is a toxic presence who everyone will be better off without! Clearly we should stand shoulder to shoulder with him at the expense of negotiating better conditions for everyone else!

you anonymous posters keep basically just saying you don't like me and that justifies union busting. not liking me is your problem not mine.

Relax dude. That was clearly like a 'modest proposal' type post. The point is that even if we accept that you're a raging asshole attached to a depleted uranium coated rectum, it is still a total non-sequitur.

If I can't emphasize one man to the exclusion of several women, it's not my revolution.
- Emma Goldman

There's no such thing as who's right and who's wrong because the only thing that matters is that Sisters Camelot has completely shit process, and the only way this is going to end well is if they admit that.

If I can't fire someone, it's not my revolution.
- Emma Goldman

You are all idiots and assholes.
May some witch wipe Minneapolis off the map.

Hey now. :(

i don't really understand all of this, but it seems pretty shameful that anyone is trying to justify a union worker's firing based upon the fact he might allegedly be a jerk or owe child support. Not sure what that has to do with anything. It makes Minneapolis anarchists look bizarre and if they are on some sort of personal vendetta.

who you callin bizarre?! i'm gonna vendetta your FACE

i think the problem is more that he has stolen from sisters camelot and has proven to be untrustworthy, and they don't want to give him any more power within the organization, like canvassers likely would have after negotiations.

So then they went and fired him during the motherfucking strike, thus making it inevitable that the rest of the canvassers would rally around him? Real fucking smart.

can we please just purge the entire city of Minneapolis from Anarchy now?

the entire city, minus like three people.

I think that is time to start naming names. Who are the good anarkists and who are the bad ones? Names please!


It depends on who you ask.

If we can save only three:
may it be one short, but loud man
and his two fairy children

Your mother.

only if we can purge the non-minneapolis peeps posting in this thread, too.

Mad love to Marie Mason. However, this union drive seems like soft targeting, and beneath what an IWW chapter should do. Sister's Camelot seems like a really cool project looking at the webpage and cute info-video (and I saw quite a few Circle A's I have mad respect for in it). If someone named wombat or outerspace lousiana kentucky or whatever tried to sink my project based on an outdated irrelevant politic and tactic that was being used to attack an anarchist project, I would be very conflicted on how to interact with that. So, if this seems messy, it's probably because it is and I can't imagine any other anarchist community of that size, that has dealt with that much trauma and turnover in the past 5 years handling it any better. I hate the trolling that has people making anonymous absolute cutting statements. One thing I like about Marie's statement is its even handedness. Asking for people to find a mutually respectful way forward. That's going to have to come from the IWW soft targeting chapter as well.

a 919er

Did it occur to you that it might not be "targeting" of any sort? It's weird to me how everyone keeps treating the canvassers like they are hapless idiots who are totally incapable of making decisions for themselves. Apparently the only two possibilities is that they're being manipulated by this Shuge character, or their being manipulated by the IWW. I guess it makes the fact that anarchists can be shitty bosses, even ones with a "cute info-video," easier to swallow.

Also, what the hell is this supposed to mean: "outdated irrelevant politic and tactic?" Somehow striking is outdated while giving food away on a bus is like what? cutting edge and super revolutionary?

Union organizing is an outdated and irrelevant tactic. Striking is still cool though.

I'm saying the canvassers are the IWW, not that they are being manipulated by them, and this is soft targeting. I'm sorry, you're probably new to everything. Also, Santa Clause isn't real. So, maybe try again. This time with more feeling and I would appreciate more cussing.

No targeting here. Canvassers had a problem at work and have called the shots in the decisions. IWW's a red herring here. It's too bad this may fuck up an anarchist project, but then anarchist projects that have employees will have problems sometimes. Being an employer is a social relationship that generates problems.

Sister's Camelot is not Anarchist

then why the fuck is this on anarchist news?

Radical Progressives like Carrie Feldman, RNC 8, Shuge Mississippi River Solar System, and the IWW/Wobblies (all of whom have been mistaken as being Anarchists) are apart of this storyline.

nothing says security culture like airing everyone's dirty laundry online, by name. way to go.

And like in the past, this is how the red world will end.

the iww just looks like a bunch of pathetic losers when they take on fights like this. if you insist on organizing labor please get real jobs and salt star bucks and shit like that. win some money for immigrants, not for loser hippies who can't get real jobs. union organizing is a weapon. choose when it's appropriate and point it in the right direction. Marie's cool though.

So when these workers approached the union about their grievances with sisters camalot, what should the union had done? Thrown them under the bus because Sisters Camalot has a progressive reputation or the workers display characteristics from a sub-culture you dislike?

That's cute what you did there with calling the Sisters Camelot progressives, calling the IWW historical society "The Union." But, yes. I do expect the IWW to evaluate what fights it takes on and why.

IWW campaigns are waged by the workers themselves. In other words, the IWW takes on the struggles that workers who join the IWW wage in their workplaces. There's your how and why. Some workers joined the IWW, declared a union in their workplace and the rest of the IWW now supports their campaign as a matter of solidarity.

The canvassers are in the drivers seat here. The IWW has just contributed some minor practical advice to the people on the job. What you seem to actually be saying is "if you have a problem at work, suck it up." That's stupid, and means you're siding with the bosses here.

It's cute what you did there. Throwing them under the bus... That was great!

They'll meet with you and have already met four of the demands, and recognize y'all as a union. So is this all about shugE for you then?

shugE was fired during a strike. it does not matter what they say he was fired for. no union would be worth anything if they even considered negotiating without the worker being rehired. so no this is not about shugE, but the union-busting bosses trying to make it about him is classic textbook anti-union strategy.

ok kentucky mars bars. I hate to break it to you, but your union aint worth shit. You don't know shit about unions and you're a fucking embarrassment to the human race. There's no money there. Your squabbling over crumbs. Fight a company that actually makes profit. You're fucking sad.

-not from the midwest

Sisters' Camelot's budget has doubled in the past 7 years to over $250,000 last year. last year a canvasser got bit by a dog while working and had to pay $200 out of his own pocket to get the needed tetanus shot within 24 hours. this is about basic workers rights.

They met that demand. Woops. Try a different sound bite.

"Yeah, sorry, the way to not be called a union buster is to agree to sit down and negotiate. Making public counter-offers is not negotiating.

Folks gonna have to accept that you can grow up all your life with some lefty/hippie/anarcho/whatever cred but at the end of the day if you make decisions about someone else's livelihood you're a boss and if you refuse to have a legitimate conversation with a union in which both sides are equal, you're a union busting shithead boss at that.

Fuck everyone's entitled post-lefty don't make me uncomfortable horseshit."

-a quote from a poster on a local message board thread discussing the current IWW Sisters' Camelot Canvassers Union Strike

This is the pot calling the kettle black. Look at the behavior of the poser union and tell me its any different.

I agree. Real anarchists don't side with loser hippies who get fired, they side with the loser hippies who fire people.

Pick your fights fuckwits, is this really that hard a concept? Considering the scale of the monsters we face and the limited amount of time we have on this planet, don't waste your time on dumbshit crap like this. Marie is cool though. Also, Sister's Camelot says they'll meet with you. So, sounds like you won, so let's all quit posting now. yeah?

I agree that strategy is important and I agree that the IWW should choose their tactics and targets wisely, but what do you suggest they have done in this situation? Defend the bosses like all of the anarcho-liberals on this thread? Tell the workers to fuck off? Obviously Sisters Camelot isn't some economic center of global capitalism, but does that mean these workers should just bow down to the bosses? I find your criticism a little suspect and have feeling that you have ulterior motives, but I could be wrong.

Sister Camelot is part of the 99% bro.

98%. 1% of people in the U$A are in prison.

Yeah. And so is my fucking scumbag boss. This is one of the many problems with the whole sloppy 99% construct, isn't it?

Oh wow, you don't understand humor. I feel sorry for you.

no ulterior motives. hadn't heard about it until today. went to the striking workes site, went to sister camelot. I've been around to see this sort of thing and the evolution of the wobblies. and I've got to say calling them the bosses like this is hyperbole. also, marie is asking for understanding. so if you're like, {"cool marie mason likes us." maybe y'all will try to figure this out without throwing insults at sister camelot and get go with understanding. It sounds like they'll meet with you whenever you want. I've also seen enough toxic people in my life to easily believe that space man spiff is toxic to a project. It's not really a stretch. But, I have no direct knowledge.

Yeah it's bullshit that they called Sisters' Camelot bosses. If Sisters' Camelot were bosses they would fired someone in retaliation for unionizing.

Why don't you meet with sister's camelot? Instead of crying and pretending like your a union instead of a fake ass historical society. They met four of your demands and recognize your poser union.

alright Rob, that's just enough outta you.

nope, not rob, but quit crying and go meet with them

why don't you fuckwits join the collective?

if the collective process at sisters cameot wasn't broken and controlled by bullies the workers wouldn't have had to unionize. shugE was fired during a strike. it does not matter what they say he was fired for. no union would be worth anything if they even considered negotiating without the worker being rehired.

maybe you haven't read any history of unions, but probably your shuge trolling your own post.

telling the canvassers they should just join the collective is classic anti-union bass speak. "go through the appropriate channels instead of organizing a union".

You are a fucking idiot and probably just space case uranus. Also it's laughable to say joining a collective is classic anti-union bass speak. Do you know anything about the history of unions? Or have you been smoking too much weed?

who's telling them to bow down? how about they just sit down like adults and talk to each other? sounds like sisters is waiting...

a striking worker was fired during a strike. it does not matter what they say he was fired for. no union would be worth anything if they even considered negotiating without the worker being rehired.

really? it doesn't matter what he was fired for? that is totally irrelevant to you?

it does not matter what the boss claims a striking union member is fired for in a union campaign. even if the worker did do something horrible and fireable (4 years ago in this claim)...you do not fire them during a striking union campaign. that is not only clear union-busting but also a clear violation of basic labor law protecting the right to organize unions. if it really is real then you either should have dealt with it prior to this or you negotiate with the union first and then talk about it. also in this case there is no documentation of their claims.

Shut up space man spiff. Calling them "the boss" is pathetic. I don't live in Minneapolis, but I'll come up there and canvas for y'all whenever. Uranus pants and his posse can fuck themselves.

they are the boss. they hold the hiring and firing power in this power dynamic.

your class and power analysis are shit. your movement history is shit. why don't you unionize an area of the economy that has money. Also, they recognize your poser union, have met 4 of your demands, and want to work with you to meet more. From an outsiders perspective, y'all are pathetic.

"Yeah, sorry, the way to not be called a union buster is to agree to sit down and negotiate. Making public counter-offers is not negotiating.

Folks gonna have to accept that you can grow up all your life with some lefty/hippie/anarcho/whatever cred but at the end of the day if you make decisions about someone else's livelihood you're a boss and if you refuse to have a legitimate conversation with a union in which both sides are equal, you're a union busting shithead boss at that.

Fuck everyone's entitled post-lefty don't make me uncomfortable horseshit."

-a quote from a poster on a local message board thread discussing the current IWW Sisters' Camelot Canvassers Union Strike

no really, your a fucking idiot.

learn grammar anti-union scum

ya. all power to the most literate!

"From an outsiders perspective, y'all are pathetic," he wrote on anarchistnews.

"how about they just sit down like adults and talk to each other?" he said on anarchistnews.

"Don't waste your time on dumbshit crap," he typed on anarchistnews.

shut the fuck up you shitbag

-John Zerzan (tree ffffucker and machete fighting enthusiast)

Don't make me sue you.
- Bob Black

To be clear, Shige had no idea anyone was contacting Marie. Which makes the qhe notion that he manipulates her into writing this statement just more defensive hot air. If he was really this good at manipulating people, I think he'd have easily become a collective member.

It also seems, given the discussion of 'choosing your targets,' that supported of the union busting collective has admitted that there is indeed a principle of hierarchy and workplace control here, but that they'd rather the union focus on bigger badder evils.

This may be a misunderstanding of how the IWW WORKS, if it's not just more rhetorical flourishes from people who have abandoned their claimed principles. The IWW was approached by a group of workers organizing themselves at SC. Should the IWW have replied, "we respect your self organization, agree with your principled struggle, but won't support you, cause we'd rather focus on problems realer than yours?" Nice.

If you won't stand on your principles consistently, you don't have them.

Is that kind of like standing on your head?

No, they should have replied "we support your right to form a union. let's try using that power to talk to the collective since we're all part of the same broader movement." Instead, they instantly went on strike cause that's the "most radical" thing to do (and really, isn't that all that matters?) and in doing so took an approach that would *obviously* do nothing but divide a community for years to come. Seriously, y'all. Can we get over these oversimplified analyses already and maybe worry a little bit more about not treating each other like shit? That's the rev I actually care about; that's a world that's actually different than we have now.


the strike happened only when sisters camelot's bosses (the collective) refused to recognize the union by refusing to negotiate the terms of it's existence. that is very simple.

"Yeah, sorry, the way to not be called a union buster is to agree to sit down and negotiate. Making public counter-offers is not negotiating.

Folks gonna have to accept that you can grow up all your life with some lefty/hippie/anarcho/whatever cred but at the end of the day if you make decisions about someone else's livelihood you're a boss and if you refuse to have a legitimate conversation with a union in which both sides are equal, you're a union busting shithead boss at that.

Fuck everyone's entitled post-lefty don't make me uncomfortable horseshit."

-a quote from a poster on a local message board thread discussing the current IWW Sisters' Camelot Canvassers Union Strike

ok reposting some bullshit doesn't change the poser unions equally internet age behavior. However I agree we should free shuge! He shouldn't be in jail for being a gross ass hippy loser. Free Walter Bond!

"poser union" lol

Funny seeing even more anti-union firm stuff from supposed anarchists. I remember sitting through a captive audience meeting led by a lawyer at work who said basically the same thing about the Wobs, and then said good things about SEIU. LOL

How old are you? Groups all the time decide what fights to take on, based on a multitude of factors. "We were asked, it's impossible to say no!" Really? That's your logic? I think there is a misunderstanding on what strategy means and why it is important. Also, you're conflating different posters. Marie rules and I don't have an opinion on whether Galactic Turdbucket was manipulating her or not. I was starting to get excited about the interesting things and victories the wobblies had been doing lately. Oh well, back to the early 2000's.

In this case the canvassers are the IWW. They have an issue at their job with their bosses. You're basically telling them to suck it up and not do anything about that. That's stupid.

Nice try Luce. In this case the canvassers are the IWW. They have an issue at their job with their bosses. You're basically telling them to suck it up and not do anything about that. That's stupid.

I'm not Luce, fuckwit. And it's a stretch to call them your bosses.

No, I'm telling them to go meet with the sisters camelot. They're waiting.

a union worker was fired during a strike. it does not matter what they say he was fired for. no union would be worth anything if they even considered negotiating without the worker being rehired.

The IWW historical society isn't worth anything.

True, but neither are anarchists who respond to a strike by supporting the strikers' bosses. Minneapolis is stupid.

We're the IWW and we won't meet with any "bosses" to negotiate any demands. Free shugE!

Marie rules, I just think she's completely wrong and irrelevant in this case. But hey I'm still a super cool lifestylist! B@N@N@RCHY 4 EVERY1!

IGTT 5/10 for being in so many places at once.

Why do always shphantashize about men?

-Joe Black (Banana peel fucker piggy back anal roster shit face cock master.)

Dude stop


How can canvassers be "independent contractors" (per the "Sisters" website) when they have management-designated work hours?

And that obvious scam aside, if they are "independent contractors" then why in hell would the organization care whether they unionize or not?

Sounds like this place is pulling one of the most infamous tricks in the Corporate Abuse handbook. Boss people around and try to control them, just like they're employees, but tell them they're "independent contractors" to deny them any of the benefits of being employees. Microsoft, among other shady companies, has had to pay some pretty big fines for pulling this duplicitous scheme. The more media attention this situation gets, the closer the "Sisters" are to having the feds blow in and explain what "independent contractor" means in terms of employment law.

Anyone can tack "collective" and "Sisters" onto their business name, but sometimes it's just a phony cover for the same old same old.

Yeah! I'd like to see the bank statements of those corporate elitist bastards running the place. I bet they are fucking rolling in dough. The way they exploit the workers for their own gain, they should be ashamed. I bet they have those workers toiling away 47 hours a day in a dark, wet cavern, polishing their shovels with their filthy underwear. Oh, poor, poor canvassers. They are so abused by The Man.

Get the fuck over it. We have real enemies. And they are laughing at us right now.

Them 1 - Us 0

if we do not treat each other with respect we are not worth calling ourselves revolutionary.

agreed! wobbly stoned loser union should get on that tip as well.

People don't respect one another in an environment with no rules and no accountability. That's the problem here. If it was me running things, people would respect one another. While it may be fun and games to talk this much shit online not knowing who the other person is, don't even try it in person because there would be anything but laughter afterward.

Translation: "I am an asshole who punches people when they make fun of me. Watch me wave my cock around. Is it not big and glorious?"


If you're not in a sweatshop it's not exploitation. Plus if Sisters' Camelot were exploiters they would defend themselves against unionization by firing someone!

my first day canassing: i showed up to the office where there was a haze of weed smoke and the canvass "director" shuge was hunched over the computer laughing about internet flame wars and hittin a bowl. we sat around for an hour or so then jumped in the van when shuge proceeded to throw trash out the window and when a woman from the neighborhood saw him and called him on it he yelled "lick me where i pee". we stopped at a coffee shop where most people sat around for another couple hours, i "trained" with shuge for a few hours and then we reconvened at 9 and headed back to the office, first stopping by the liquor store where almost every single canvasser bought some kind of shitty beer.
this is what exploitation looks like folks.

The IWW wants you to smoke more weed!

narco-syndicalism brah

that's your out-of-context biased memory of a day from many years ago. when did you last canvass for camelot?

LOL. "Sure that happened, but it's out of context!"

whether it happened or not.

shut up spaceman spiff

I bet you would side with the nazis to you fucking boss lover.

That seems just about right.

I previously supported the Sisters' Camelot canvassers but this has changed my mind. Speaking as an anarchist, anyone who smokes weed and drinks on the job should be fired!

all sc workers are independent contractors, even the "bosses": http://sisterscamelot.org/news-and-updates/faq/

I had a job once where I was an 'independent contractor' with management designated work hours. But that was just so that i could be paid sub minimum wage and still be on the books.

fuckin' pizzas, man.

when you betray workers, there's no longer an 'us,' anymore. When you side with the bosses, you join their side in the class war. "See you at the dinner table? No. When

Hyperbole Much?

>class war

what the HELL

these workers are brave. this has obviously been very hard for them and they are doing the right thing. unionizing their workplace and fighting for more workplace democracy within an organization that is supposed to be owned by the community rather than a stubborn closed collective (and yes it is a closed collective...you cannot join without their permission).

I also want to thank these brave strikers for exposing a bunch of phony "super-anarchists" in minneapolis for what they really are. their reaction to this entire situation by opposing the basic rights of workers to unionize and trying to make this about one person they don't like through a gross and childish smear campaign has proven they are part of the problem.

yes I am talking about you people who wrote that letter perpetuating all this bullying towards shugE. you are bullies, period. after this union wins their awesome campaign the next big change this town needs is for you hypocrites to be dealt with severely. thanks for showing your true colors you phonies so I know to never trust or wok with you again. this very well might be a great thing for minneapolis' radical community.

Everyone who co-wrote that anti-union bullying statement needs to be held accountable.

shut up shuge.

and it's about time

no really, shut up shuge.

you fuckers are assholes who need to be held accountable for being abusive bullies. people all over the country know it. rob you still abuse prostitutes?

closed collective = there' s no way for new people to join
open collective = there's a way for new people to join
collective where anyone can join against the consent of of other collective members = not a thing

organization run collectively by everyone employed there = worker co-operative
organization where some people have the power to fire other people and control over who becomes such a person = business
worker co-operative with bosses = not a thing

do i need to get a civil rights lawyer?

Can someone post a link to this anti- union statement that was supposedly written by some Minneapolis A's?

This is there website with a faq with their take on everything

break-ups while painful and sometimes a good idea. why doesn't sister's camelot stop calling itself a collective, and actually hire the workers who are not total shit bags back. as employees not independent contractors. the collective can be the bosses they are, those who want the delusion to participate more hands on in thier own minimum wage job can work at one of mpls shitty collective cafe or start another pizza joint, smoke as much weed as they want and run it into the ground.

sister's camelot is a business, not a collective they are an ngo. enough said. those canvassers defending shrug- has it occurred to you to get off your high horse and get another shitty non-profit job- you might find one that actually pays you benefits with all the ups, and downs, of a more straight forward exploitive relationship. we can all stop pretending this has anything to do with political work and move on,

"those who want the delusion to participate more hands on in thier own minimum wage job can work at one of mpls shitty collective cafe or start another pizza joint, smoke as much weed as they want and run it into the ground. "

Yes! So true!

"get off your high horse and get another shitty non-profit job"


Can't even take this seriously. Trying to imagine this being said irl to mimimum wage workers on strike and the response it would undoubtedly receive. HA

Holy shit that "community statement" is fucking embarrassing. If that is anarchism then count me the fuck out.

Excuse me, do you have a second to talk about primitivism

-John Zerzan (tree ffffucker and cock slut)

I get it shuge, you don't like the community statement. Ok. Alright!

Where's the MARS statement?!?!?!

"after this union wins their awesome campaign the next big change this town needs is for you hypocrites to be dealt with severely. thanks for showing your true colors you phonies so I know to never trust or wok with you again."

In Minneapolis, dealing with hypocrites severely = never "wok with you again."

hi, i am a friend of marie's. and i've read like three articles on this so far and I still have ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT SISTERS' CAMELOT IS?!?! - other than it hires canvassers and is sorta anarchist structured.. So would someone please explain:

1. what the hell it is?

2. why anarchists constantly post these local issues on national (and international) websites with absolutely NO context whatsoever. like when @news posts stories without naming what town or country it is occurring in. is this some sort of new anarchist trend, total contextlessness? maybe an outgrowth of insurrectionist and postanarchist anti-representation? i dunno..

thanks all

they redistribute bulk surplus fruits and veggies from organic distributors and use a colorful bus to give the food out freely on street corners. they also have a kitchenbus that cooks free meals on street corners. they also have a community garden.

They're fucking amazing. And if they ease up on the union busting, they'll be damned near sublime.



ha, that's not how it works on the camelot canvass. they say whatever they want, show up whenever they want, take home 40% of what they bring in, and have no quota. and even the sacks of shit that deserve it rarely get fired.

Working is necessary to sustain the human race but when humans expect me to be perfect and penalize me inn a world that demands that i work to survive I GO FUCKING POSTAL! FUCK WORK! BURN EVERYTHING!


Not even a little? Can't we just BURN EVERYTHING a little? Surely there is room for compromise!

Do you know how fucking hard it is to walk up to people you don't know and repeat a script off the top of your fuck head and get turned down one after the other? People pushing pens and fucking giving orders have no fucking clue how hard it is for some people. Not everyone is goo at doing the same thing. Not everyone can excel in the same fucking business and people who have to work should be accommodated by giving something they know how to fucking do. BURN IT ALL TO GROUND!

no thank you~

It saddens me to see comrades I met during the run up to the RNC, had a very high opinion of, raised money for, etc. are engaging in this sort of behavior. Union busting is a nicer description. They're being assholes. I guess people change and all that, but it depresses me. :(

nice try space man spiff, but you're really transparent. It's not really a stretch to say you're a toxic fucked up loser. Why should people let you sink a project?

I support the union 100% and I think that Shuge should not have been fired during the strike and should be rehired. However, if I were Shuge, I would have bowed out of this mess by now of my own accord and allowed the union and the collective to negotiate.

I totally understand and respect the union for backing Shuge and I stand behind them for doing so. They are right to not throw a fired fellow worker under the cheerfully painted bus. What I cannot understand is why Shuge does not simply leave of his own accord. If that is the major snag in negotiations right now, how can it be worth it to him to stay? For the same reasons that it is clear to me why the union cannot do anything but stand behind one of their own, it is unfathomable to me why Shuge does not simply take himself out of the equation. This would be the kind of bold self-sacrifice for the good of his FW's that befits an anarchist.

It's unfathomable to you because you are a good person who isn't in it for power and ego, and Shuge is not.

but it's fathomable to you, because you are a union-busting opportunist. So you see bad people. I get it.

The fuck are you talking about? I didn't sign that statement. You don't know me.

LOL. No, I don't know 'Anonymous'; I just judge it by the company it keeps, and the words it types.

Some mad cliquey defensiveness here. Sorry yer friends are getting called out, but it really sounds like they deserve it and your vitriol ain't helping.

Should the IWW have rejected the canvassers' membership because their bosses are such cool dudes? Should the canvassers' local have forgotten about their own grievances and worked only Amnesty-style campaigns for others with "more serious" problems? Or perhaps, because those who hire, fire, sign their paycheques, give them orders and make their rules aren't really "bosses", they should just accept that having none of those privileges makes them entirely equal in the organization...

Do not speak to me of syndicalism if your "co-op" has wage slaves.

This is pathetic.I wish we had time machines so the wobblies of old could see what their union turned into. If anybody actually wants a little history of the actual gains and fights that are picked by a union that's not a bunch of posers, then check out this book: http://www.akpress.org/dynamiteakpress.html
I'm glad I don't live anywhere near you fucking idiots.

You helped out the workers of a hippie boss I know! FUckin posers! Historical reenactment society! Scoundrals!

No, really, y'all are pathetic, sarcasm doesn't cover up what a bunch of losers the minneapolis chapter of the IWW is. I'm glad there are no fucking wobblies in my town. Fuck off!

There's that cliquey defensiveness!

Guess what? Many (if not most) of the people here have had experience in the world of "co-ops" and "non-profits". Like many, when I read the original statement from the workers, all I could think was "ugh, not again". These are not uncommon complaints and they aren't unreasonable either, they speak to structural problems and inequalities often found in many similar organizations, from greenpeace canvassers to Mondragon itself. This is the kind of shit that makes people write off all charities and co-ops as bourgeoise and pointless.

If YOU want to make sacrafices for YOUR project, go the fuck ahead - that's volunteering and free association. If you're gonna hire people, then expect to be judged by the standards of your lofty rhetoric, or at least the standards of average, unprincipled capitalist employers in your area.

"there are no wobblies in my town but I read an article about them on the internet so I know for a fact they are a pathetic waste of time!"

this anti-union campaign by a small number of people relying mostly on personal smear tactics against one person is exactly why I don't call myself an anarchist until I know who I am talking to is educated enough to know that you people are not anarchists.

Unions are too reformist for this pure anarchist over here. In a real world of anarchy, the boss does not exist anymore and neither does the union. It's only when a system of inequality and authority is in place that workers ever have to form a union to struggle in the first place and unions for the most part in the country are at a very weak moment in their existence anyway. Almost to the point of "why ever bother working for a union?" to the non-politicized working American. So long as businesses are fighting against each other in a competitive market, the workers will be doomed to compete against them selves to find work and keep it. Why the year is 2013 and workers still have not formulated a web of non-compliance for an indefinite general strike until the boss's system has collapsed and no longer functions to serve the interest of the boss, makes no sense to me at all once so ever. The failure on the part of the working class to realize this and drop out of it is more idiotic than anything dumb that history has ever placed into existence. Why everyone continues to cooperate when the system of compensation (reward) for their work has always been insufficient while always being diminished? It's probably beyond a level of being stupid. Suicidal maybe?

Unions are the wrong direction
Insurrection is my only protection
I will riot my way to perfection
Capitalist system
Malignant tumor infection
Black bloc
Authoritarian bastard detection
Black bloc
A capitalist pig dissection
My latest obsession
My only protection
Black bloc authoritarian bastard detection
A tool to be used
but not to abuse
why can't you see
you're so confused
I will not rest
Not in these shoes
You have no right boss
I'm not your tool
Die America
Die capitalism
Death to pigs and despotism
Your system will die
And one day you'll cry

cool story bro


I support Sisters Camelot and signed onto the community statement that has been posted in these comments. If the IWW didn't want a worker fired, it should have declined the canvassers campaign. Sisters Camelot provides free organic food to black people on the Northside, most of who have no idea what organic is, because of their culture and access. What SC is doing is valuable activism. Our community cannot afford a bunch of entitled jerks making demands. That's not what a healthy community is. We have to live the world we want to see, and that doesn't include making DEMANDS of others.

IGTT 8/10


It stands for I Give This Troll, because I figured you couldn't possibly be serious with that racist shit.

im not the poster of that comment, i just had no idea what that meant, and Google didn't help me

This, this right here.

"If the IWW didn't want a worker fired, it should have declined the canvassers campaign"
"We have to live the world we want to see,"

I really don't wanna fucking live the world you wanna see.

"their culture" ???

Fuck You.

i wish you could hear my disgust right now. lolwow. white liberals....

But the world you want to see includes firing workers for organizing. Fuck you and your bullshit hippy world.

umm. you're being trolled?

What a ridiculous poser

"If the IWW didn't want a worker fired, it should have declined the canvassers campaign."

That sounds as though the guy was fired in retaliation for the IWW's actions in support of the canvassers. Is this some kind of backpedaling away from the "dude was a thief" story?

It's still not clear why the "Sisters" think they are entitled to an opinion as to whether a bunch of independent contractors decide to join a union.

you're being trolled, idiot.

Damn. The Reddit Anarchism section is such a better forum for discussion and sharing of news/info/etc than this place.

I agree. One guy involved is a dick therefore it's important to oppose the strike. And this whole thing of calling people bosses just because they fire other people is bullshit. 'Boss' is an offensive word that only sexists use.

The issue here is clearly not weather one worker is 'toxic' or not - that is a complete diversion and a red heron. Some MN anarchists have a really hard time practicing a pretty low standard of ethical behavior, at least according to the massive, embarrassing online back and forth that is here. Anarchist is something you do, not an identity you can deform to justify the union-busting actions of your friends. "Anarchists" who support union busting should get jobs at Whole Foods as "Team Leaders," where they can be rewarded for browbeating and bullying workers. Also, the level of conversation on this website is closer to the vile shit in the comments of youtube videos. Conduct your conversation in a principled way with some dignity.

The larger unions get, the more reactionary they get. This is true of all democratic structures: they reflect the values of the capitalist-citizen and reduce dialogue to a lower-common denominator. Since the material community of society presently is capitalism, the lowest common denominator is capitalism - the values of capitalism (democracy, individuality, rationalism, inclusion) are always reflected back at the mass organization in the form of bureaucracy, sectarianism, intellectualism, and, ultimately, liberalism . I hate to see this conflict still going on. I hope it isn't ruining everything in MN anarchy. I really do hope that. Hopefully people take the time to learn from this issue and really investigate how they feel. I hope that people are having conversations and learning from this because there seems like a lot to be learned. I also hope that people are finding affinity with one another on the basis of shared projectuality in the face of this ongoing tension.

Lemme just say that I am all for autonomous self-organization in the place of work. I am opposed, however, to building unions for all of the reasons above (which have long-standing historical precedent including the CNT anarcho-government in Spain 1936). I'd also like to add a personal anecdote of mine: "working class" organization is generally dominated by straight white middle-aged men; no surprise since they have made up the bulk of the American working class for so long. If someone continuously privileges these organizing bodies, even in spite of the white maleness, they just may be racist or sexist or both. Probably not overtly racist or sexist. I don't mean that. I mean that they just only wanna organize with white men and they think they are the revolutionary subject or whatever.

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