What's wrong with the new site?


wtf where are the rollovers? keep it chronological!

can somebody just like, make oldanarchistnews.org with the original blue format.
and continually update the content in accordance with the new anarchistnews.org?
For an anarchist i dont much like change...

At least anews hasn't fallen into the irrelevance and always outdated fate of infoshop.org

Agreed with the first statement. And the RSS, at least through SAGE, doesn't list the most recent posts.

ditto...the rollovers were usually the best part of the site.


chronology! without workers rollover editorializing im lost!!!!!!


thanks for keeping it "real".

I really appreciated the single column chronological presentation. It was easy to process visually and I think it left room for longer article snippets, which is important for me. I don't necessarily object to the orange, although I think there are probably better colors.

I second this, especially about the longer article snippets. It invites skipping articles over in a way the site didn't before. And the new categories promote missing them entirely.

Agreed on chronological ordering instead of in categories. Also, I like to be able to see how many comments each article has.

Oh I see. I can just open each section in an individual tab (action, analysis, opinion, other, projects, and international) and then it becomes manageable and I get chronological and comment notes which works. I am just checking six websites instead of just one now.
This isn't meant to sound sarcastic.

I like arranging the submissions into categories but there needs to be a dumpster category for interpersonal drama, snitch-jacketing, and anonymous call-outs. That way I'll never have to read it.

(I already commented but I have more to say...)

I think the new layout makes it look like a music review or pop culture website; the way the articles are now presented some horizontally and some vertically, makes it seem like maybe some of them could be fluff pieces, some trend pieces, and so on...

if I were redesigning it, I would just keep the same layout as before-- it was really a very good design -- and just clean up the header and buttons and whatnot

this is like an all-you-can -eat buffet, and is pretty much everyhting that is wrong with society (to boring to recount...guess...) also, the 'original' site, the blue site, as far as the design, was almost perfect for reading ...and commenting....it was 'thought-freindly'....this is not. why did you change it anyway? the other site could have just been tweeked to make it look fresh. this is just begging you not to read it or take it seriously. good job with all the new "improvements"

yeah it's totally wrong to separate the articles into categories, those were never really important. nobody's ever going to be like, oh this article is "analysis" let's skip it I only like "breaking news"

except for me... I just did

not sure I believe you but id you really want to do that it was never very hard to scroll past articles you didn't want to read.

It's also false to think that those categories never overlap; there are plenty of international actions, communiques that contain analysis, etc.

it's all about segregation and compartmentalisation

the old site looked far more like a coloring book.... now i'm a bit lost on how to properly troll

what the fuck maybe you should add a disco ball and a lava lamp on the fron tpage, maybe some house music should come on automatically?


yeah I second that

i third that. lulz



Why did you want to make it look more busy?

night at the roxbury of anarchy. love it!

Are we going to be able to access the much older articles at some point or are they lost to internet oblivion? Really appreciate all the work put in. If we complain too much I say redirect the site to, like, TMZ or something for a day for shits and giggles.

indymedia had a nice layout

I like that the categorization makes @News something more than just a glorified RSS site. The orange isn't more offensive than the old site's blue, less so, actually. The flaw is that the site's interface no longer includes the marginal inclusion of content from other sites like Anarchy101 or The Anarchist Library.

Exactly, I came in here to say the same thing. It looks nice, but where are the other sites?

Yes, it is something that actually matters.

Too busy. I have no idea where I'm supposed to be looking, my attention is split between three or four different segments of the page that seem equally important, and are all colored differently.

just copy the css of the drudge report website. that shit is beautiful

i lol'd....okay fyi orange is the color of madness..... my eyes hurt and i hate all of you fucking pretentious obnoxious reatards.


that A seems to about to be overtaken by a pile of dirt and littter. not super-heroic.

a little spot of golf, anyone?

at least As aren't over the hill yet.



"anarchists can't even climb hills"



1) update theme
2) retrieve backups
3) ignore demand-y requests

Everything looks better. The mobile design is effective. The orange in the header should be a lighter tint. The color doesn't need to change, but a lighter tint will be softer on the eyes. The header .png reeeeally needs help. It needs a darker, bolder graphic that communicates "anarchist news." The flag is okay, but it should be the focus, and the round horizon should be cut. A thick circle with a black flag would be be more effective, even if over done. If you're going the route of well designed bloggy feel, the type for "anarchist news" must lose the stroke! However if you want to keep the pervy 4-chan aesthetic, then the low res outlined bad type decision does reference meme art.

I prefer the single column or what not of the previous two sites and I do find this one to busy. I don't like the colors and brightness of the site as it is, but again that's probably part of the busy feel. However, I didn't bust my ass making the site or had to bear the whinny fallout of people you are impossible to please. The one thing I would recommend fixing on the current site is if possible, make it not so hard on the eyes.

I think I could really learn to like the thematically divided front page, though at first I struggled to find the article whose comment thread I wanted to lol about. I wonder how much of our griping about this layout would be the same in response to literally any change. It's like when facebook does an update and everyone thinks it's ruined but then still lets it suck out their souls...

The sections will probably make it easier to find old specific old articles when we can't remember the title, or to look back for similar stuff without wading through a million articles.

I couldn't find a button to get me to the comments of the poll, had to go through the older polls list. That could be because im on Tor and someone had already voted from this node when i arrived at the site.

I miss being able to see the number of comments an article has from the main page. That was one of the main ways I decided what to read, I'm ashamed to say.

Being able to feature articles at the top is awesome. Although the "flatness" of the old layout was democratic, I think it could be good to be able to give more attention to the more interesting pieces.

Thanks for putting the work in to do a redesign.

yeah I agree as shameful as it is, but seeing those double and sometime triple digit comments got me going in the morning. It was a good way to find a discussion/troll-a-thon taking place and a good way to get lost on @ news for hours in the process. That is something I would really like to see come back.

  1. no wyswyg editor aka if I didn't know how to properly format HTML I could not make this ordered list
  2. the slider would be more attractive if it was full width and took up the screen with the flex slider making it mobile
  3. I'll email you worker if I find bugs! cause I love this website
  4. the footer blocks look at random and are confusing...

nothing's wrong - it looks great :D
but let us remind you that restoration of older links such as this precious one http://anarchistnews.org/content/june-11th-roundup are in order
keep up the work, worker!!

Ha, when I clicked on "results" I got "access denied." I had to go to "old polls" to get here.

But the main problem--and listen, worker, please--is that there is not enough to go on to tell what the new articles are about. For years now, I have visited this website once a day, skimmed all the new articles, and read one or two. I can't skim the main page and tell what the articles are about--the descriptions are way too short, and the titles are not enough. I'm not going to click all around every day to figure out what's going on--realistically, that's just not happening.

Hope you can figure out what to do about this...? I'd like to keep using the site, as there is no decent alternative, but if it stays as it is, I may have to give up on it.

1) Have patience. this is day one of very big change. I am listening and will change things over time. The redesign is an attempt at finding a new audience. I think it could work for that.
2) Have you tried https://anarchistnews.org/tracker? It is my main interface to the site and hasn't changed (much) since the blue site.
3) I am considering (short term) adding # comments and a list view for those who need that.

Thank you. I appreciate the work you're putting in. I didn't know about #2, and I think you should add what you're talking about in #3.

excellent - that i smy new bookmark. and i know this is a lot of work and a huge leap in design direction. good to see you stepping out of your box.

ditto with the other commenters. The simple chronological format was easier to track, read, and follow. If you want to have separate sections that's great, but reserving the main space for all articles, posted in chronological order, is essential to keeping track of everything. I don't want to have to look at 6 different boxes to see if there are new articles.

it reminds me of al jazeera's website and i think it should be better at being that. make the title at the top bigger but keep it white. i think it could be nice. looks legit.

RSS feed broken?

looks excellent!

Fuck orange. Otherwise, looks good!

I like the new layout. This way it will be much easier to avoid reading livejournal drama and wingnut opinion pieces.

i was more offended by the light-saber weilding Moses. maybe I should be jewish?

i am surprised because i have not been following the josh story. is this the same person i went through a Hardee's drive-through with who ordered "one large monkey" and then, when the nice drive through lady finally got the joke, he said "you don't have monkeys at this establishment? well, i will take my business elsewhere!" and drove away? and we had to explain to everyone in camelot why we brought back mc donald's instead?

i am surely a person who identifies as Christian. and i am pretty liberal. however, i don't eat sugar anymore, so i guess i am anti-pez, although is support other people's rights to both make jesus action figures and pose them with sugar, which will make you fat and rot your teeth.

does that make me a libertarian?

all I know is you can't write a coherent paragraph for shit, and you make reference to things I don't like

all I know is you can't write a coherent paragraph for shit, and you make reference to things I don't like

it's appropriated. wait until we break out the real thing.

i like the look in general, but, i like orange (never mind the silly's that say it is the color of chicken commies). categorization seems unnecessary and perhaps incorrect or obscurative, but for those who like such rigidity, have at it. i prefer the chronological approach due to poor internet access - i want to see what is new at a glance so i can read and move on.

I like the stories in chronological order, easier for my brain to comprehend. Also, I like seeing how many comments a particular story has. As much as I thought I hated all the troll bullshit, infoshop lost me when it lost nearly all of its commenting. Keep up the hard work!
P.S. I don't mind the orange at all

I really appreciate all the work you're putting into this...................sike

What do you think sike means, wise guy?

wot, m8‽

THUMBS UP if you think Black and White is more suitable :)

we don't have thumbs anymore since worker destroyed the site and the entire village of true anarchy. all that's left is a little put-put golf hole over mound of litter that white people strew over an indian graveyard

all anarchists are native people

It's okay. Nobody that comes here was ever serious about anything anyway.

thats not actually true

they're still gonna troll, worker.

i do see objections to a lack of rollovers, i imagine this will be rectified.

this might take a little getting used to, but this looks great!

i miss the rollovers too, but to be honest, the page in general is a bit too cluttered and busy. there's like 4 or 5 different sections on my screen at any time on the home page, and two of them are moving. there isn't nearly as much of an intro to articles prior to clicking on them so i'm less likely to be intrigued by anything and actually choose to click on it. good star though, i think.

Hey All -

The RSS feed doesn't seem to work, it is only publishing the poll and maybe an event (? -- "emergency grand jury resistance workshop").

Also, it would be nice to have a sidebar (perhaps on the right) that would just run a chronological list of all the recent posts so you can get them at a glance. I think that would be helpful for me and probably others too.

I don't like how there's a separate international section

Everything is wrong with the new site. The other one was easier to negotiate.

i'm surprised i even fucking made it to this page here, what a fucking weird new site...so i'm like "imma just check out @ news, cause i ain't been round that shithole to troll in about a day or two. and maybe that shit from west bend is still circulating these lame feeds. maybe i'll make some overweight, black clad, whitey get a tear on their vegan circle @ tat.' then the site's all nope.

and my eyes are fucking sore from working all day, smoking weed, and being hung over on to of all that. what an orange page...who, or what chose orange. have you been to a store, or outside, or ever seen fashion police on the many many different television channels that you probably watch all the time between videogames and hentai.

okay. so. now what i want from you, dude guy behind teh innernets....i want what was normal, back a few months ago, before all of these new changes came to fuck with my life. i don't like change, i didn't even vote for obama. change means capitalism something something. also, how do i get around in this website. i got lost, real quick.

and orange....no...no one likes orange.

Orange sucks. Make it black and white or red and black you fucking tool.

37% majority say it's too fucking orange. The blue sucked and the orange sucks worse. Are you an anarchist or a pumpkin? Let me take control of this site. This guy doesn't know what the fuck is going on.

Worker is a pumpkin from way back

Sorry worker, purple doesn't look great either.

It was really disappointing when this site started implementing that 'click or drag the shape to the grey area' security method. Am I the only one who can't comment on actions anymore since I want to be anonymous using with TOR without scripts enabled? This is a security risk, not improvement... Please change to system that does not require Java to be enabled! Captcha was working fine. Security culture, c'mon!!


the main problem with the site is that has been taken over by australians

majorly confusing. I can't decide if I should be reading or masturbating.

This might eliminate many of your concerns. Feedback appreciated.


Hi worker,

I enjoy the new site and all the work put into making this site useful for anarchists and their friends. Just a couple of notes here from my perspective:

1.) I actually enjoyed the orange color more so than the purple. There was something about it that had a nice touch and was appealing to the eye. I realize others mentioned it was too harsh on the eye, but for me it wasn't. Furthermore, the purple isn't bad - I just found the orange more appealing to the eye. It seemed to just make it stand out more and almost more magazine / newspaper like.

2.) I've also checked the site on moblie and it looks nice. One thing though that was difficult to navigate was the "featured box" with the little circles for navigation to the next (because sometimes I just can't wait). Maybe if they were bigger or there was some arrows that were clickable for easier scrolling through the featured articles.

3.) Chronology has been mentioned a lot in this poll and I agree. I'm glad to see the "latest" section for easier browsing for those who this concerns. However, I feel that with time and more use perhaps the main site will become more comfortable. I really enjoy reading a snipit of the articles (as seen on latest) vs. the very brief text on the main site.

4.) Now that it seems a lot of the major layout is done it may be nice to see something done again with the comments and voting. Although, at the same time I feel the comment section isn't bad or broken right now - but, it could be nice to see comments rated on a scale and have the option for them to appear ranked by other users. Obviously comments keep the site going and people returning each day and while it isn't a pain to scroll down to find something worthwhile, it could be nice to have them sorted by user (a la Reddit). But, honestly - I feel like this isn't such a big deal.

That's all for now. Cheers!

This is great. Thank you! Please keep it around for the long term. :)

TRIGGER WARNING! this poll is oppressive, and it needs to be taken down. like right MAO. or i'll never cum here again.

REALLY USEFUL! we can not live without it
so, can you please put this link as "Recent Posts" or whatever you like to call it, onto some visible spot on the site? e.g. above the "Breaking news"...? some addicted to @news would like this to happen :-)

it is on the regular site as of today, as "Recent" - however if you are using tor broswer perhaps, none of the top links show up, not sure why, but that is my experience.

I don't like this purple business, can we do a forest green testrun please?

okay Kevin Tucker... go back to Facebook.

What? I think it would look nice. Would you rather have bright red glaring at you? Green at least is better than this New-Age purple. Is this a yoga website or @new?

Actually that's not a bad suggestion. Not a primmie at all but green would probably look a lot better.

I much prefer purple to forest green.

Violet: the anti-orange.

Separate news from the @ movement and those from mainstream etc.
Something's wrong with a RSS feed.

Is this a joke? or is this just a big way of saying fuck you to anarchy and anarchists?

yes, there was a troll that had big plans for this site several months ago, if you recall.

I think that was a conversation we wouldn't be able to find now - on a discussion forum. anarchy 101 is gone too. But anyway, the troll explicitly said it wouldn't stop until everything on this site made no sense and was incomprehensible.


Also, it's really fucking creepy that all the prisoner support has been put in a category called "other"

they just put an article about state repression in canada in "other". So into "other" goes all people being actively repressed by the state.

The categories are a work in progress. The tags are the more useful way to sort topics IMO but I'm thinking of pushing analysis and opinion together. Maybe the 6th category would be "state action" or "prisoners"? I hate making a whole category about repression (of us) but otherwise other becomes the category it's become (which probably is 80% repression type stuff...).

I don't think this is worker.

make it all shades of black

i like the purple you fussies! let worker do their thing - the site ain't ready yet - worker listen, adapt the project to many desires, and anyway they have factually promoted anarchist discourse over the years - why don't you express some appreciation finally?!

Thank you worker!


You could consider using some scrolling colored text and those pop up ads advertising fleshlights and hookers.

Thanks for adding the Recent tab, but where is the calendar?

Oh the teal's actually good, I like the teal! If we can just get the rollover's back and get rid of that stupid slideshow or whatever, everything will be fine!

1.) the rollers are still there, and have been... sooo, idk

2.) teal? COME ON NOW. everytime i see teal i want to eat. eat babies.

baby carrots that is.

Speaking of carrots, I think an orange banner would be pretty cool.

Or do you mean purple carrots, because in that case, I think a purple banner could be neat too.

1140px of reading is bad for the eyes.

I still say forest green would be the most wholesome color for the eyes.

that's a really hippy thing of you to say on an ANARCHIST website.

maybe the headlines in the breaking news section could also include what category those articles could be found in? that way if i don't manage to click the headline in the 2 seconds it's there i don't need to sift through six categories of different stories to find that one?

http://anarchistnews.org/latest (I will add it to other locations for our secret agent friends)


Why don't you guys get off the computer for once and throw something together for a change.



why don't you do everything different than the way you've already done it and when you do do it differently, why don't you do it even more differently than that.

So if the Kasama page looks better than the Anarchist News Page, isn't it obvious there's something wrong

why all the interpersonal drama postings? unverifiable abuse claims, publishing drama- i know these kinds of articles get like 300 comments but really? could you please stop posting this shit- its gross, painful and counter-productive. if you're going to post beef between people at least take the phrase "non-sectarian" out of the website description. thanks

I post it all. News is a broader category than just items of interest. @News has become both an outlet for traditional "news" stories and a watering hole for "stories." I don't hate the gossip. I think it's part of what humans, even @ humans, do and I often get something out of it. Even if it just disgust. But let's discuss whether or not it is productive. I'm open to hearing the case either way.

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