Can the State Improve a Hobbesian World?

  • Posted on: 13 September 2006
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><a href="">by Edward Stringham</a>

<em>It is high time to shift out of the pragmatic mind-set that has been our national characteristic. The grand alternatives for social organization must be reconsidered. The loss of faith in the socialist dream has not, and probably will not, restore faith in laissez-faire. But what are the effective alternatives? Does anarchism deserve a hearing, and, if so, what sort of anarchism?</em>

Michael Schirru and the attempted assassination of Mussolini

  • Posted on: 11 September 2006
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From Man! via <a href="">Kate Sharpley Library</a>

<em>An account of the trial and death of American anarchist Michael Schirru, who had travelled to Italy to attempt to assassinate the fascist dictator.</em>

Despite his "crimes" not being punishable by death, Schirru was executed by firing squad.

Interview with Sholom Keller, 24 Year old Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Posted on: 11 September 2006
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Interviewer: Sarah Ruth Jacobs
Interviewee: Sholom Keller

For Sholom, the boundaries between sleep and waking or past and present are strained at best. His sleeping pattern is fitful—he might doze lightly for twenty minutes, then snap awake, eyes wide and painfully alert, testing his surroundings. In nightmares the children he saw on tour in Iraq reappear, an endlessly shuffling deck of small faces, angry or inquisitive. Their call to the soldiers, "meesta, meesta!" supplies a looping soundtrack.