We Went into the Mall and Began 'Looting'

  • Posted on: 14 September 2005
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><em>[Note: I edited this article heavily because it was so long. Please read the entire text if you so desire at the link following the excerpts…. -pu]</em><br><br>

"We were given a separate line. Our line was escorted to and from the food by Guardsmen. No one from our group was ever able to walk alone. As always, it is the racist hysterical argument that prevails." <br><br>

Greece: Anarchists Riot Against the Government's Harsh Economic Policies (video)

  • Posted on: 13 September 2005
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>Video from the dynamic reaction by anarchists against the harsh greek government's policies, especially in relation to the economy, employment and suppression of personal rights and liberties.<br><br>

<a href="http://athens.indymedia.org/media_object.php?mediaId=2775">Small size, (2.25 MB)</a>

David Graeber appeals decision

  • Posted on: 12 September 2005
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>BY JULIE POST | Staff Reporter | Yale Daily News

Sociocultural anthropology professor David Graeber, a self-described anarchist whose contract renewal was denied by the University last spring, has formally appealed the decision amid suspicion the denial was based on his political views.