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Interview with Kevin Keating on housing and the SF Bay Area's anarchist subculture

Power Lines: Police Brutality, Public Transit, and Development in the Twin Cities

photo of Metro Transit light rail train

The Metro Transit police made the news this weekend in the Twin Cities for their significant size increase over the past few years, almost the same day as a video surfaced showing a police officer slam a handcuffed passenger onto the ground for not paying the light rail fare.

Now that it’s undeniable: Gentrification in Hamilton 2015

Precarity in Paradise: the Barcelona Model of Gentrification

From Roar Mag

Fusing gentrification, technology, tourism and anti-terrorism, the Barcelona model of urban redevelopment has sparked an upsurge of popular resistance.

Cameras Snatched in Philly

On the night of May 3 a few surveillance cameras were taken down from the unfinished developments they were attached to in the Mantua neighborhood, just north of University City in Philadelphia. Removing plastic cylindrical cameras is not hard, grabbing and pulling down or using a long stick is enough to knock one down quickly.

New anti-work zine out today

The flatirons anarchist alliance began distributing its first zine in the flatirons of colorado. We made drops and hand outs to people who were currently working. You can download at

Portland, OR: Anti-Gentrification Sabotage in Solidarity with Baltimore Rebellion

On Tuesday night survey stakes were pulled up at a proposed townhouse development off N. Williams Ave in North Portland. This is an small act of solidarity with the uprising in Baltimore carried out in an effort to highlight the relationship between gentrification and the perpetuation of white supremacy, police repression, and displacement. The dispossessed of Baltimore are not alone in their desire to strike out against a society that is intolerable.

-some anarchists

Philadelphia: Attack on OCF Realty car

We noticed an OCF Realty car parked in a gentrifying neighborhood in West Philadelphia. OCF Realty is actively furthering gentrification in multiple neighborhoods and has been the target of anti-gentrification actions in the past.

We went out one night last week and slashed two of the car's tires. This took under two minutes.

EASTWEST #10: An Anarchist Newspaper

The issue of EastWest includes an interview with Linda Grant about the ongoing takeover of a vacant plot of land and the creation of Afrikatown, mega-developer Phil Tagami's battle against native Bay Area Dante Cano, a local news round-up, and new developments in downtown Oakland gentrification.

EASTWEST #10 link

"Dispatches Against Displacement" -- a review.

A work by a prominent San Francisco housing activist in a context of ongoing defeat for San Francisco renters...

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