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Anarchism, Marxism, And Victor Serge

From Z Net by Staughton Lynd

A Review Essay of Anarchists Never Surrender: Essays, Polemics, and Correspondence on Anarchism, 1908-1938, ed. and translated by Mitchell Abidor (Oakland, CA: PM Press, 2015)

The Society of the Spectacle Reconsidered

From Fifth Estate - by John Clark

a review of The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord
Newly translated & annotated by Ken Knabb,
Bureau of Public Secrets, 2014, 150 pages. $15.

The Purge: Baltimore

From Anarcho-Geek Review - by MARGARET KILLJOY

Only two hours left before the purge. We’d better get inside. At the cafe, ominous music was playing, and as twilight set in outside, the crowd diminished and a nervous energy grew in those of us left. Or maybe that was just me.

20 Great Anarchist Movies That Are Worth Your Time

From Taste of Cinema by Brian Bergen-Aurand

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of films that address the themes of anarchism—some favorably (like most the films listed here) and some unfavorably. There are, as well, dozens of respected lists of “anarchist films.”

Review: Workers Unite! The International 150 years later

Review: Individualism versus Egoism

From Anarchist Writers - by anarcho

Individualist anarchism has always been very much a minority within the anarchist movement and given some of its advocates, you can understand why. However, it is always good to see material from the past made available to modern day radicals simply in order to allow people to judge for themselves.

From Libraries to Climate Change

From Counterpunch - by Mark Hand
Why Cindy Milstein Believes Anarchism is More Relevant Than Ever

Kevin Carson’s Revival of Individualist Anarchist Economic Theory

From Anarkismo by Wayne Price

Kevin Carson is attempting to resurrect anarchist economic theory. This is interesting because most current anarchist political economy is speculation about a post-capitalist, post-revolutionary, economy—what it would look like and how it might work. There is little or nothing of an analysis of how present-day capitalism functions. For that, most anarchists either rely on some variety of conventional (pro-capitalist) economics or they look to aspects of Marxism. The latter is the strategy I used in my book (Price 2013)—with the subtitle, “an anarchist introduction to Marx’s critique of political economy.” There have been anarchists using Karl Marx’s economic views—while rejecting his statist politics—beginning with Michael Bakunin. (And there has always been a minority of Marxists who look toward the more libertarian and humanistic side of Marx’s work, whose politics are close to anarchism.)

Review - Liminal by Natasha Alvarez

I study anarchist fiction. I read fiction that anarchists write and I read what other people write about what anarchists do. And in all that time, I can’t say I’ve read anarchist fiction that’s more deeply engaged and poetic than Liminal, a novella published by Black and Green Press.

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