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The Good Fight - new website about martial arts

The Good Fight is the first comprehensive English-language resource for the anti-fascist martial arts movement, and a community-building platform for all people who believe that the fighting arts and athletics can play an important role in improving people’s lives and the struggle for a better world.

We believe:

The more good people who know how to fight, the better place the world is.

Reasons for anarchism.

What is the future of freedom? What does a free world look like? Anarchism is the best way to guarantee the freedom of humans and animals, now and in the future. Anarchists want to eliminate government and other forms of hierarchy. The ultimate form of hierarchy is incarceration: when one group of people keeps another group of people confined in a small area and tells them what to do. Incarceration is the biggest threat to freedom. Anarchists oppose incarceration.

How to: smash the social iceberg of Hate

Make no mistake, the exploits done by antifa lately, especially around the Inauguration Day, are highly enjoyable, from a distance. And I get to do my own antiracist/antifascist actions whenever I can...

But neofascism, police violence, racism, antifeminist sexism are only tips of a deep, supermassive iceberg that we are all connected to, and we keep making it colder day after day, as we refuse to bring some warmth and open cracks.

The ingredients of fascism.

1. Fascists gain control of governments by overthrowing the elite through elections or force. The new fascist regime is more oppressive than the elite they replaced.
2. Populism: a form of political discourse that says the majority is being exploited by a small, corrupt elite and that if we overthrow the elite then all our problems will be solved.

continuing conversation on what anarchists have been saying

i realize that there is a common 'ethic', particularly strong on forums to label people as 'unreliable' on some basis or other, perhaps a single incident in their lives, and then to dismiss anything they have to say, on that basis, as if listeners are unable to make their own assessments of what is being said.

continuing conversation on some thoughts

one view of the self associates with the view of Bohm (and Mach, Nietzsche, Emerson) wherein the world is a transforming relational continuum (energy-charged plenum) which is the mother of all physically real things (relational forms in the flow). this is what Nietzsche calls the 'big sagacity view of the natural Self'.