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Best for long-distance graffiti

Very unconventional to post about practical shit on this site but hey that's just gonna help avoiding more Emilian Texwalls... maybe?

So what is to you the best -and hopefully cheap- kind of paint or paint mixture you'd be using for high-pressure graffiti ops, like the fire extinguisher trick?

I need something that's gonna last for a while and is waterproof, at least a few weeks if not erased by employees.


Thesis on the Apolitical


The apolitical is an expression not a subject. There is no 'the' in regards to what corporeal body expresses explicit apoliticality


The rejection of politics by the apolitical is not a renunciation based rejection such as that of radical ultra/post-left anti-politics, apoliticality begins with a rejection that is grounded in corporeal egoist preferences. It is not configured on initiating an attack on a given political structure.

'Realist' bias (intolerance) in Anarchistnews Editorial policy

‘Realist’ bias (intolerance) in the editorial policy of

The following comment was deleted by thecollective from the thread 'Strengthening Our Politics, Commitment and Growth: BRRN 4th National Convention'

my guess as to ‘why’ it was deleted was that there is a ‘realist’ bias (and intolerance of 'pragmatic idealism') in the editorial thinking of ‘Realist’ is explained in the body of the below comment.

Some Green Anarchy Points

- Green Pessimism: No alternative technology can be created that will maintain the current system and create freedom. The logic of progress makes people feel like we just jump from one alternative to another, each one getting better. This is a very short sighted position. Capitalism will not pull us out of the energy crisis without massive barbarism.

Education, Pirsig, and Subject-Object splitting and non-splitting

Pirsig's views are close to emile's; i.e. Pirsig's 'Quality' is emile's 'Resonance'' (subject-object nonduality).

[Note: 'subject-object splitting' = 'duality', 'subject-object non-splitting' = 'nonduality']

Letting go of one's fixed identity is essential in order to avoid cultural mediating of one's relational inclusion in the world. it opens the way to experiencing one's 'natural Self' as a relational feature that is uniquely, situationally included in the transforming relational continuum.

in the path of totality...

on the upcoming New Moon, a Monday morning,
darkness and light mingle as Luna casts upon Earth her shadow, and Señor Sol presents to us his crown.
multitudes will congregate to witness as the bodies align.
will there be harmonization?
might we find ourselves together in The Path of Totality?
where are you going to be?

the Internet and Technology


You say:

'"It [the internet] can be demystified and thought about in the same way that the trains are thought about. The same way factories and distribution chains and retail outlets are thought about." .... seems to portray the internet as a disconnected 'utility'. '

That is not at all what I am trying to convey; but, I am trying to convey a few points at the same time:

Do antifascists really understand the fascism of the ordinary? (Or care?)

As I see it, the hypernormalization is the actual real fascism happening around us. Of course there's no denying of the sick cultist hatred and violence of neofascist fringe groups, but it isn't as dangerous as a mass-based culture and dynamics of extensive and UNchallenged conformity to the same old social institutions that anarchists -before the age of millenials at least- have been pitted against.