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Education, Pirsig, and Subject-Object splitting and non-splitting

Pirsig's views are close to emile's; i.e. Pirsig's 'Quality' is emile's 'Resonance'' (subject-object nonduality).

[Note: 'subject-object splitting' = 'duality', 'subject-object non-splitting' = 'nonduality']

Letting go of one's fixed identity is essential in order to avoid cultural mediating of one's relational inclusion in the world. it opens the way to experiencing one's 'natural Self' as a relational feature that is uniquely, situationally included in the transforming relational continuum.

in the path of totality...

on the upcoming New Moon, a Monday morning,
darkness and light mingle as Luna casts upon Earth her shadow, and Señor Sol presents to us his crown.
multitudes will congregate to witness as the bodies align.
will there be harmonization?
might we find ourselves together in The Path of Totality?
where are you going to be?

the Internet and Technology


You say:

'"It [the internet] can be demystified and thought about in the same way that the trains are thought about. The same way factories and distribution chains and retail outlets are thought about." .... seems to portray the internet as a disconnected 'utility'. '

That is not at all what I am trying to convey; but, I am trying to convey a few points at the same time:

Do antifascists really understand the fascism of the ordinary? (Or care?)

As I see it, the hypernormalization is the actual real fascism happening around us. Of course there's no denying of the sick cultist hatred and violence of neofascist fringe groups, but it isn't as dangerous as a mass-based culture and dynamics of extensive and UNchallenged conformity to the same old social institutions that anarchists -before the age of millenials at least- have been pitted against.

local counter-info projects?

i moved to a mid-sized american city a few years ago for school. a bunch of (campus-y) leftists but not really any anarchists. i was brainstorming the other day with one of the tiny handful of people i know that "would be down to do stuff" and one of the ideas that came up was something like Modesto Anarcho or Plain Words, a zine giving a radical spin on local affairs. i would really like to hear from anyone who has experience with something like this that they think might be useful to share.

Identity Politics?

On the cast @ interweb, I see criticisms of identity politics thrown around a lot. Especially when people are just doing things to make the lives of people in a shared situation less shitty. Im trying to get it but don't so maybe you can help. Most of the time no one's pretending what they're doing is the rev or whatever.

Why reforming our modus operandi is 'not enough'

this was originally posted as a comment in response to 'Ten Steps to Anarchism'
it was removed and deep-sixed without comment by thecollective

here it is, as originally posted by emile Fri, 07/21/2017 - 12:17

comment title: more 'direct control' is not an answer to 'the crisis'

"The need to take back control - agency - is at the heart of this crisis. Rather than discredited politicians, we need to decide the things that matter to us."

Is shadowsmoke an RCP agent?!

There was a comment in the Wolfi thread suggesting this as a possiblity, cuz I think wearing a hammer-and-sickle bandana means, well, not much - certainly not that a person is tanky, especially when weighed against other evidence.

Mods deleted the comment, and that's cool, cuz it was definitely off-topic. But censorship is boring, and I thought it was funny, and am sad that my phone dying meant I couldn't respond, lol. So, please discuss.