Jeff Monson: Anarchy is America's solution

  • Posted on: 7 January 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">RT</a>

<p>With the 2012 presidential election less than a year away, everyone is looking for ways to turn around America with an array of promises on the campaign trail that seemingly give each politician added credence over the others. </p>

<P>Radical times may call for radical ideas. But for Jeff Monson and likeminded others, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to examine that society could better itself if it tried, in turn propelling America’s economy out of the dumps and towards a future full of prospect.</P><P><EM>“I think the first thing we need to do is socialize things,”</EM> said Monson, who calls himself an anarchist but is perhaps best known outside of politics but in the realm of sports. Monson, 40, is an American mixed martial artist that holds multiple titles across the globe for his athleticism. Currently, Monson holds the world heavyweight championship title in the International Sport Karate Association. </P></td><td><img title="By socialize do you mean tea and crumpets? Cuz that would be awesome" src=""></td></tr></tab...

<P>To the fighter, if America reexamined entities made available to the public and offered more fair and affordable services, society would see an improvement. </P><P>Roadblocks line the way to that future, however, and Monson says that one of the biggest is the role that big corporations play in the American way of live. President Obama may have campaigned on promises thought to be capable, but Monson says the commander-in-chief has since run into a brick wall. <EM>“Now he has to sacrifice a lot of his ideas,” </EM>Monson told RT. Although he may have had best intentions at first, politics in America are bought and sold by the corporations, said the fighter<EM>. “You have to get all those people out,” </EM>he said. “<EM>You have to get the people to make a decision. We live in a Democracy, supposedly, but it’s not really a Democracy—it’s a corpocracy.” </EM></P><P>Obama, said Monson, came into the White House with a lot of promise. Without the success of big business, however, the president’s campaign in 2008 couldn’t have come through. </P><P><EM>“He had to take a lot of heat (and) earn more money for his campaign than any other president in history,”</EM> said Monson. Now those big-money backers that helped put Obama in the White House <EM>“want something in return for their contributions.”</EM></P><P><EM>“He was the best candidate for what the corporations thought they could get,</EM>” said Monson. <EM>“He’s in there and he owes them and he’s kind of running into a brick wall. The corporations really run this country.”</EM></P><P>Monson says that his ideas for America involve his personal ethos, anarchism, but the media often portrays such a notion as one too radical to be a reality. The wrestler revealed to RT, however, that <EM>“really, anarchy to me means everybody has absolute freedom.”</EM></P><P><EM>“What I think is the worst thing,”</EM> said Monson, <EM>is “people in the United States and around the world can’t do what they want to do with their life.”</EM></P><P><EM>“Actually contributing to society,”</EM> he added<EM>, “we waste our potential as human beings and I think that is the biggest crime of what we call capitalism.”</EM></P><P>Also going to waste, said Monson, is the voice of each American, a mistake that is made by voting in officials unrepresentative of what the country needs. </P><P><EM>“When you vote, you’re putting someone else’s idea of what should be instead of your own,”</EM> said Monson. <EM>“You are giving someone else permission to make decisions for me. It’s strange to me that people would give that kind of power to someone else.”</EM></P>


Are there any other anarchist "celebrities"?

The drummer from Fall Out Boy identifies as an anarcho-primitivist.

I meant anarchist not anarcho-primitivist.

an anarcho-primitivist is a type of anarchist, thus he would be a celebrity anarchist.

We need to kick the primmies out of anarchy club.

The central committee of Anarchy can try to kick out who ever they want to from the "Anarchy club" be it Individualist and Egoist anarchists, Anarcho-Primitivists and other anti-civ anarchists, etc. But none of those people care about your petty attempts at Ideological purity by purging the "undesirables", they just laugh and say things like "The Orthodox Anarchists are at it again, scrambling to preserve the worn out and dull conception of Anarchy that they so desperately cling to".

Fuck yes

We're doing a pretty good job of keeping out the "anarcho-capitalists," so U FAIL

agreed. and the "national anarchists." there are lines, you dolts.

Hell yeah. As I keep saying, we need to work together if we want social change. There's something trivial, time-wasting and kinda pathetic about ANY anti-authouritarians arguing amongst one another when the world burns.

also a date rapist, and no longer a celebrity...get yer shit straight

I looked up Andy Hurley (the drummer of fall out boy) and date rape and found no articles dealing with allegations of date rape, so your claim seems very questionable to say the least. He is in a metal super group The Damned Things and is still the drummer for Fall Out Boy (even though the band is on hiatus right now), so i would say he is still a celebrity.

i only say date rapist, cause he lives nearby, he's rich and calls his mansion 'fuckcity'...i've known some ladies who don't quite like what he's done...and if you think he's a celebrity, that's cause you must listen to shit music, or think that a drummer (beside phil colons [sp]) can achieve celebrity...travis barker doesn't count, his music is also shit.

The fact that he is rich and calls his mansion 'fuckcity' doesn't mean hes a date rapist (it could mean is an asshole though). His record label and clothing line are also called 'fuckcity'. The claims of these ladies you know, on the other hand could prove he is a date rapist, depending on what it was that he did that these ladies don't like. Were they victims of date rape by him? do they know people who were?

so your definition of celebrity is someone who makes music that you like? because you say that Andy Hurley and Travis barker don't count because the music they make isn't good to you, which doesn't make any sense. I mean I don't like the music of Britney Spears, but I think its obvious she is a celebrity. Hurley might not be as famous as Phil Collins, but he is still a celebrity and there are more drummers that are pretty famous other than Phil Collins. Ringo Starr from the beatles is a good example.

lolz @ at anarcho-primitivist with a clothing line.

it is pretty stupid.

Program for destroying civilization

Step 1. Sell clothes
Step 2. Dance, Dance
Step 3. Date Rape/Owning a mansion
Step 4. Fuck City

Glorious lol.

when trolls attack, the beatles always get brought up

"nothing's gonna change my world." -- insurrectionist banner from greece.

fuck city is a nod to uncle ted, FC. idiots.

Uncle Ted!

also a bro house in milwaukee

As a rich person who lives nearby with a summer home called 'fuckvilla' I can say that yes he is date rapist, I hang out with him all the time and it's pretty much all we do.

what happens when it's just the two of you...

Cool, let's start calling everyone we politically disagree with a rapist with no real allegations made!

i admittedly don't know shit about all the stuff he's up to (or the allegations made - so i'll leave that alone unless something shitty actually comes out) but my understanding is that he's makin fuckin money (someone else would do it if he didn't anyway), putting out some good shit (peregrine kills it) and basically pimpin the system. again,, i could be wrong, that's just been my assumption.


nothing he puts out is black metal. try again.


"I have no daughter"

Depends what you define as "anarchist". Tons of prominent rockers, punks, metalheads who sold a lot of records are obvious anarchists, even though they don't wear that lame, formal A symbol. Like Lenny from Motorhead, Ozzy... there are easy ones.

I'll give you Lemmy, because he has described himself as such, but I've never heard Ozzy say he was one.

um yall do know he collects fascist memorabilia and has like sketchy right wing politics right? i love "ace of spades" as much as the next person, but its true....

Leatherface, the anarcho-punk version of Motorhead.

Andrew Eldritch from the 80's "Goth" band Sisters of Mercy claims to have "Anarcho-Syndicalist tendencies" despite being a traditional Labor party supporter, so I don't know if that counts.

it must count for something. best band evar.

Finally, anarchists that aren't skinny hipsters.

you mean crusters

Anarchy is America's solution? More like manarchy.

you can't get more manly than Anarchy.

wasn't there some govt. security document that said something about there being a branch of anarchism known as "anarcho-masculinism" or something?

yes. i'm pretty sure they were talking about ONLY this dude.

Well obviously, how much weight do you think a branch can support?

maybe in quebec? wouldn't be surprised if the masculinist (antifeminist) movement there was trying to position themselves as anarchist.

vote Anarchy 2012!

This guy gets punched in the head for a living and his analysis reflects that. Mmhmm.

Typical meak pacifist comment! Being an anarchist requires taking some hard knocks in preparation for what the capitalist mercenary thugs will do to you in the end anyway. No armchairs here Mmhmmm.(funny name?)

hes a fucking abuser, fuck him and his liberalism

True, fuck liberalism, so confront him with this tirade and judge for yourself his level of compassion.


"Anarchy is AMERICA's solution" Nice one RT, you keep pumping out the anti-america agitprop, and we'll forget why Anarchy isn't RUSSIA's solution. Nice one. Fucking RT. Just because Hilary says you're part of the infowar doesn't mean we all have sit around taking your nationalist garbage.

Cool story, bro.

-- Not Rebecca Black

Jeff Monson should be shot.

All anarchists should be unstoppable fighters like this guy, and fuck the state's allegations of his abusive behavior. The opinions of the same cops and lawyers who go to extreme lengths all the time to imprison us and our comrades should have no bearing on anyone's opinions of Jeff Monson.

Dude is tough, that's true. We should all be unstoppable fighters. We should all make the cops shake. But we should also have a better analysis than this idea. He's just a muscular liberal who read some Crimthinc.

Should be "idiot", not "idea". DOH!

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