Mandy Hiscocks: Diary of a jailed anarchist

  • Posted on: 4 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Star</a>

<p>Amanda “Mandy” Hiscocks, a G20 activist serving jail time, is writing a blog chronicling her life behind bars. </p>
<p>In her online journal “<a href='' target='_blank'>bored but not broken,</a>” Hiscocks muses on prison time (“my biggest fear is that I’ll become a cynical, nasty person in here”), complains about the quality of the underwear (“the cheapest kind known to humanity”) and dismisses the possibility of early parole (“they want to see remorse, of which I have none”).</p>
<p>Web developer Justin Saunders, whose organization hosts Hiscocks’s site, says her first post had “over ten thousand” visits within the first few days. </p>
<p>“It’s nice that so many people are interested,” says Hiscocks by phone from the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, Ont. “But it’s uncomfortable.” </p></td><td><img title="How do I explain that I've become cynical & nasty out here? :-(" src=""></td></tr...

<p>She should have known her blog would be an instant hit. Prison diaries are a hot commodity. Earlier this year, rocker Courtney Love, Lil Wayne and U.S. student Amanda Knox, who all spent time behind bars, announced multimillion dollar deals to release their memoirs. </p>

<p>But Hiscocks, in accordance with her anti-capitalist beliefs, chooses to use her material as an educational tool, not a money-making one. </p>

<p>“In this day and age of conservatism, fear mongering and <a href='' target='_blank'>Bill C-10</a> (“Safe Streets and Communities Act”) it’s really important for us to have a good understanding of who’s in jail and what purpose it’s serving,” wrote Hiscocks in January. “I hope I can contribute to that.”</p>

<p>Last November, the 37-year-old veteran activist from Guelph pleaded guilty to counselling to obstruct police and counselling to commit mischief — or, in the words of fellow activist Monica Peters, “to do <a href='' target='_blank'>smashy-smashy</a>.” </p>

<p>Hiscocks is serving her time in unit 2F maximum security at the Vanier Centre. Leah Henderson, another G20 activist who pleaded guilty, is down the hall in 2A.</p>

<p> “I can see her,” said Hiscocks, “but we’re not allowed to wave or smile at people in other ranges.”</p>

<p>She writes her blog on paper in prison, then sends her entry by mail to a friend who types and posts the entry online. </p>

<p>“Not much has changed since the summer of 2010,” writes Hiscocks in a Jan. 29 entry, “just some little things, like now we get compostable ‘ecotainer’ cups instead of Styrofoam, and instead of real soy milk there’s this horrible smart milk non-dairy milk replacer powder. Kosher, vegan and gross.”</p>

<p>In jail, Hiscocks craves her political news fix. “For someone who used to watch <a href='' target='_blank'>Democracy Now!</a> every day and read <a href='' target='_blank'>The Dominion</a> on a regular basis this is quite a shock to the system,” she writes. </p>

<p>Hiscocks describes her daily routine in a February entry titled “home, home on the range,” deploring the afternoons when the television is on.</p>

<p>“This is the time of Really Bad TV: Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Silent Library, Scare Tactics,” she writes. “It’s painful, and hard to get away from, but I’m getting better at tuning it out.”</p>

<p>Still, it’s not all bad, she writes: “My fears of a shelf full of Harlequin Romance novels and Danielle Steel were unfounded!” </p>

<p>At times, the blog is personal, such as when Hiscocks recalls her cellmate — a loyal Scrabble and backgammon partner — commenting on a lockdown. “We’re not getting out any time soon. And we still don’t know why. As my cellie likes to say, ‘We’re just mushrooms, they like to keep us in the dark.’ ”</p>

<p>Hiscocks says the reaction to her posts so far has been incredible. </p>

<p>“I’ve had really, really good feedback,” she says. “People seem to love the blog.”</p>


mandy is a fucking inspiration to anarchists everywhere and i am so proud to call myself her comrade when i hear of her unwavering resolve and complete lack of fear while facing down all the guns, bomber planes, and prisons of the state first hand.

i only hope i have as much courage and dignity as she does. her actions build those qualities in all of us with the example she has set by her actions.

fuck yes, mandy. you rule.

Yeah, she is pretty awesome, and her response to the judge was fucking inspiring. So, should we put some money or her books and send her some letters or what?


I just did.

I'm going to throw down a tenner, this shit better be getting to her.

^^ this is rad.

Amanda Hiscocks
Vanier Centre for Women
655 Martin Street
Box 1040
Milton, ON
L9T 5E6

and you joshua clover - what ARE you, exactly? how many fucking blogs and identities do you have??? it's pretty scary, dude. IS anybody actually THERE? thinking...NO.

i guess you just felt more comfortable around someone ugly - and i mean on the inside. we've all seen whats inside of that person...

Yeah, it's quite possible that we have, but anonymity estranges us from the fact of matters...

what?! i heard he was like a really chill dude. yer insane!!!!!!!!!!

I'm pretty jaded when it comes to what young anarchists (I'm 51) write on blogs or as communiques or court statements. I've seen it all, and a lot of it is pretty bad (i.e. purple prose). Hyperbole and polemnics usually carry the day.

But I have to admit Mandy's statement was far better than I expected. It's quite compelling, and not a trace of pretentiousness.

Here it is:

here, here. polemnics and praeternaturalness do not carry the day, only hyperpoles do.

She got kept in lockdown for a day just because she "misbehaved" at an anal cop who bullied her for recycling a rubber band from her broken underwear, into a hairband...
All this for a damn, stupid rubber band.

And they dare bitching at other countries over repressive policies. Fucking morons.

Mandy rules!!!

let's get that cops name and have a home demo at her house!

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