SF Bay Anarchist Book Fair 2012 Speaker Schedule

  • Posted on: 16 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://bayareaanarchistbookfair.wordpress.com/book-fair-events/speakers/... Area Anarchist Book Fair</a>

<h2>Saturday, March 31</h2>

<h3>In the Auditorium</h3>

Surrealism, Art And Anarchy Panel: Penelope Rosemont, Winston Smith, V Vale, and Ron Sakolsky

Anarchism Today: Randall Amster</td><td><img title="At least there is good shopping" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/whatever.jpg"></td></tr></t...

Hillbillies, Rednecks and Race Rebels: James Tracy

Communes And The Commons: Iain Boal

Liu Shifu And The Twelve Commandments Of Chinese Anarchism: Alexander Akin

The Worse The Better? Sasha Lilley

Asia’s Unknown Uprisings: George Katsiaficas

Luddites, The Commons And Utopia Panel: Peter Linebaugh, Iain Boal and Sasha Lilley

Terrorism, Dissent and Repression Panel: Scott Crow, Claude Marks and TBA

Global Connections, Universal Intuition and Social Movements Panel: George Katsiaficas, Andrej Grubacic and Cindy Milstein

<h3>In the Café</h3>

Hopeless: The Spectacle Of Electoral Politics Panel: Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank

Love And Struggle: David Gilbert, SDS, and the Weather Underground Panel: Terry Bisson and TBA

Occupy The Future: Science Fiction writers on Radical Visions of Tomorrow Panel: Rudy Rucker, Terry Bisson and TBA

On the Ground: 60’s Underground Press Panel: Trina Robbins, Billy X Jennings and TBA

19th Century Art And Anarchism Panel: Richard Brettell, Allan Antliff, and Dana Ward

Haiti: Black Jacobins Then and Now Panel: Selma James, Pierre Labossiere, Andaiye, Nell Myhand

Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison-Industrial Complex Panel: Nat Smith

<h2>Sunday, April 1st</h2>

<h3>In the Auditorium</h3>

<strong>12:00- 1:00</strong>
CLR James: Organization Once The Party’s Over: Selma James

<strong>1:00 – 1:30</strong>
Decolonizing Anarchism: An Antiauthoritarian History of India’s Liberation Struggle: Maia Ramnath

Twenty-Three Shades Of Black: Kenneth Wishnia

Paths toward Utopia: Explorations in Everyday Anarchism: Cindy Milstein

Ned Ludd & Queen Mab: Machine-Breaking, Romanticism, and the Several Commons of 1811-12: Peter Linebaugh

Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy and the Common Ground Collective: Scott Crow

<h3>In the Café</h3>

Process And Political Culture: Anarchism In Montreal Panel: Anna Kruzynski and Sandra Jeppensen

Accumulation of Freedom: Anarchist Writings on Economics Panel: Deric Shannon and TBA

West Of Eden: Communes And Utopia in Northern California Panel: Iain Boal, Jeff Lustig and Cal Winslow

Occupy The Imagination: The Politics Of Fiction Panel: Kenneth Wishnia, Nick Mamatas, Michael Harris, Owen Hill and Summer Brenner

Contemporary Art and Anarchism Panel: Allan Antliff, Sandra Jeppensen, Wolf Edwards, David Cunningham, and Elizabeth Sims

Rad Dad Panel: Tomas Moniz and Jeremy Smith


Wow. This sounds terrible. There is literally only one talk that sounds interesting, and unfortunately it concerns events that occurred 200 years ago.

How strange that formal anarchists and their bookfairs kept going further back in History for their references one year to the next... They really seem to be plunging into deep schizophrenia, always more withdrawing fro the social reality of the ongoing struggle.

Eventually they'll be doing workshops about some medieval-era self-managed hippie commune and they'll finally to attract new people... the medieval games and D&D crowd! The anarcho-syndicalists in Monty Python's Holy Grail... lol

Come see the violence inherent in the system... 900 years ago? Help help, they were being repressed...?

meh, I wouldn't mind hearing about India.

Anyone else notice that the majority of speakers are in the AK/PM Press stable? Marxists and Marxist topics abound. When will the lazy anarchist organizers of the bookfair finally have enough of this personal/business colonization? Or when will they give up and change the name of the event to reflect reality and call it the "PM Press pseudo-anarchist book and t-shirt fair"?

Does your face bump into that huge chip on your shoulder when you turn your head?

really! this guy does nothing (at least on this site) but snark and condescend and give off a holier-than-thou stink.

So neither of you bookfair apologisst have anything at all to say about the actual criticism? Nice.

Yeah, the one time I actually make a criticism...

awwww. does someone need a hug?

I'll take a hug! I'm just some random other guy who needs a shower FYI


just walk it off, buddy.

Guess you haven't been to the Bay Area @ book fair recently.

Yes. Yes it does.

holier-than-stink . . . confirmed!

who gives a shit? "oh noes theys selling teh t-shirtz and books!!! WHY, GOD, WHY???"

pulling your head out of the sand and reading the critique again might illuminate who might give a shit.

I don't think any of them are self-identified as anarchists (certainly not the two that I know personally, Vale and Rosemont). But that's par for the course at the SF "Anarchist" Bookfair which has showcased as speakers such hardly-anarchist thugs as Chris Carlsson and Ward Churchill. Google for Bob Black's review of the AK Press catalog, "Wooden Shoes or Platform Shoes?" AK Press/PM Press control the Wooden Shoe bookstore, which stages the Bookfair. It's been suggested, not without cause, that the event should be renamed the Anarchist T-Shirt Fair because that's the product that sells best.

Anarchy is nothing other than a cool t-shirt, don't get shit twisted, comrade.


i'm assuming you never buy anything, right, comrade?

Then when Circle A becomes the next Walmart we can smash their windows and burn the fucker down!

^ Lol. Nah, I buy shit, but 'anarchy,' or more specifically nihilism is starting to disgust me. I pirate my books.

"Wooden Shoes or Platform Shoes?" is a critique of neo-Platformism and has almost nothing to do with Wooden Shoe Books. The bookstore officially sponsoring the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair is called Bound Together; different bookstore, different coast, different people, and different political tendency. Black's critique of the AK Press catalog is this:

yeah, it's amazing how entirely irrelevant to our political moment these panels are. nothing on occupy or occupy oakland? on shit that's happening in present in greece, chile, the middle east?

You don't think state repression or prisons are relevant? You must be living in a different world than I am.

there's no panel on prisons. there's a panel on "terrorism, dissent and repression." i'll bet that it's mostly irrelevant, but maybe not.

in any case, let's just say that *most* of this stuff is irrelevant.

this book-fair continues to act as if anarchism were another political identity or cafe culture. which is unfortunate, given that we live in a time when anarchists can actually make shit happen.

As much as I hate eric stanley captive genders is supposed to be about queer and trans people in the pic

but definitely not anarchist.


e stan is not anarchist but...

eric stanley is soooo ugly, too. looks like he fell out the ugly tree, hitting every branch on the way down. and then he landed on his ugly face. he puts on some ugly glasses and thinks they'll distract from how ugly his face is but he's wrooooong

Because ugly people are banned from being anarchists!

I guess I'll hang up my black hoodie and get a real job...

no no, comrade, you're beautiful on the inside.

derp, aren't you aware that OO is the most important thing in the world? (at least until the next bay area trend)

haters gonna hate.

I hope the panels are being recorded so they can later be made available as podcasts.

yeah, they are. you can get them through FOIA requests in about 8 years. lol.

whos gonna get the pie this yea?!?

The organizers.

We can only hope.

anarchists used to pie people like the president of the World Bank, and now we have been reduced to pieing each other? pa-the-tic

Actually we've been reduced to pieing Lierre Kieth, easy target yes... Worthwhile? Fuck yeah.

why are almost all of these speakers either not anarchists or are talking about non-anarchist stuff? this is insane.

thats just how they do

I was Impressed By Selma James. She let everyone Women have a turn to speak. She also spoke on Occupy. Anarchism differs from person to person. Every panel I attended I gained something from.

There's no food being sold in the cafe this year. Which is the greater tragedy? Not enough anarchists speaking, or no food from Arizmendi? It's a toss-up.

if theres no 4$ pizza im not going!


I don't know these workshops sound pretty good!

Liu Shifu And The Twelve Commandments Of Chinese Anarchism: Alexander Akin

Accumulation of Freedom: Anarchist Writings on Economics Panel: Deric Shannon and TBA

12:00- 1:00
CLR James: Organization Once The Party’s Over: Selma James

Global Connections, Universal Intuition and Social Movements Panel: George Katsiaficas, Andrej Grubacic and Cindy Milstein

Yea they sound great if youre into really uninteresting things.

well, it's cool. we know that bookfairs aren't about the panels. they're about taking full measure of the orchestral array of body odors that a gathering of anarchists can present. and free pamphlets!

I find them to be wonderful opportunities to shuffle around, pretend I can afford to buy something, see the familiar @ faces from my area (that middle-aged guy with the long purple hair and the receding hairline who is at everything), and pretend that I actually have any relation to the anarchist in-club in my town when I go to the pub after to listen to them talk about their fascinating scene drama...

I'm interested in Asia’s Unknown Uprisings: George Katsiaficas.

Really though. The problem with this event isn't that these talks are all going to suck. They won't. The problem is there's a glaring absence of discussion and reflection on current struggles relevant to anarchists.

... or even past struggles relevant to anarchists.

if this is the height of anarchism in the US, i'd much rather check out what the abyss is like.

Well come on down, bruh wwwdotpoliticsisnotabananadotcom
The water is voidy and sludgey

srsly tho, who gives 2 fucks about art and anarchy? enough to have like 3258675497 panels on it? BOOOORING.

Well, you could always break some windows to liven things up.


...because so true

This lineup sucks because all of us have nothing interesting to say to people who haven't read foucault.

while we're all quoting the fugees and shit:

"Even after all my logic and my theory, I add a muthafucka so all you ignant niggas hear me."

lol @ people on this thread. liberals boycott, anarchists seize. fuck y'all been doing?

Everything about this Conference is terrible -- I wish they'd abandon all political pretensions and just sell books and T-shirts -- but I am especially disappointed that Rudy Rucker would dirty himself by lending his celebrity to the San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair. He is a descendant of Hegel. Perhaps this is the recessive gene finally manifesting itself.

So many funny jokes.

This actually looks good. I was expecting workshops on how to make tampons with dumpstered newspapers and guiltfests on how to be an ally to asexual Eskimos with one arm and a speech impediment.

yeah dude, all these PC pansies need to shut up about inequality and accommodate my right to ignore it.

I don't want your allyship

I think a lot of these criticisms are valid, but remember that the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair is NOT AN ANARCHIST CONFERENCE! It's just a Book Fair. It promotes and celebrates anarchist literature that is mostly local and recently published (in the last year). It's organized by a very small group of volunteers and there is no money to fly out authors from all over the world. It is also designed to help anarchist/leftist vendors promote their projects. While I agree that it could be improved, it's important to remember the logistic limits of your organizing comrades (and the fact that they have to deal with SF Parks and Rec to put it on and are personally responsible for all damage and fines) and the limits of the event's mission itself.

That being said, an EASY BAY ANARCHIST CONFERENCE should definitely happen next year!! Let's organize!

it is NOT just a bookfair. speakers speaking is not just a bookfair. the fact that all the speakers are in the stable of one of the main organizers of the bookfair is an embarassment. the fact that this event has been happening for so long (which is great, don't get me wrong) SHOULD mean that some things have become easier, and that MORE thought could go into who comes to speak. instead it seems like LESS thought and effort go into it. and if it was so hard then why the hell did it become a two day affair? whatever. maybe i just don;t get it... but saying "criticisms are valid but its not a conference and plus we're overworked" is some halfassery.

and there already ISan easy bay anarchist conference, you jerk.


Real anarchists spend all their time on the internet and talk shit all day.

Normally I would agree, but it's an free opportunity to hate on marxists. Hating marxists who call themselves anarchists is like a sworn anarchist duty, right?


This Bookfair has become something like a small deformed radical stepchild of Wondercon. Not every year is gonna have Nick Spencer, Brian Wood, Robert Kirkman and Warren Ellis.

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