Molotov Tossed at Wells Fargo

  • Posted on: 26 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>A large rock and subsequent molotov cocktail were tossed at a Wells Fargo window late last night in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

Wells Fargo displays a blatant disregard for any sort of social or environmental concerns, so may the flames from the molotov burn long and do their work! Hopefully next time (and with a larger rock) the whole building will go down with it, and maybe a newspaper box will be pushed into the street for good measure ;P..

Solidarity to the recent Mars Hill Church smashing here in Portland, done in memory of Mark Aguhar, an artist and trans/queer femme of color who recently killed herself, and other trans women and queers tormented within today's cissexist, femmephobic, racist, and transmisogynistic society and in the name of an intangible god.</td><td><img title="Identities for everyone!" src=""></td></tr></...

Solidarity to all those queers, people of color, and other folks who are marginalized, imprisoned and policed in the interest of vile financial institutions such as Wells Fargo.

WE QUEERS MAKE TOTAL DESTROY! Fuck all of the institutions which systematically subjugate us, churches and banks alike!

Heating it up for MAYDAY!!



I guess this is cool?

Cool that is all that you can extract from this ?... Don't be retarded

How fucking weird. "newspaper boxes thrown into the street" as part of the communique? Is this a made-for-internet-action? Or are you actually trying to burn something down?

Don't get me wrong here... its an awesome action. I love the escalation. But can you say something less retarded when you tell the world what you did last night?

Also I'm sure this was a great learning experience for everybody involved. Hopefully you can learn more than the pigs that are scouring the scene for evidence. I don't believe in any gods, but if your action was as well prepared as your communique, then I'm praying right now that you at least wore a mask and some fucking gloves.

Yes you get a hundred cool points or whatever you are looking for in doing this and then making a made-for-@news claim of responsibility. But if you're going to risk a serious jail sentence for arson, the cops and courts don't give a shit if you burn the fucker to the ground or if you just left a few scorch marks. Point being, if you're going to do this, you might as fucking well do it right. There is no point half-assing arson.

Again. Kudos. Keep up the intensity. Props for going out and doing something so fucking risky. I'm not trying to troll or shit talk or make you feel crappy over the internet, I really just don't want to read about any PDX comrades getting popped for some burn marks. Stay safe. Don't get caught!

Making revolt serious business rather than a frivolous game is exactly what those cops want. Why do you think it was reported as serious business? Why do you think they produced a super-serious spectacle of investigation?
It's precisely by making attack fun and lighthearted that we break off from trying to look badass rather than be effective (see: militancy). It's by joking that we reject the image of the hardened leftist terrorist whose whole existence has been subsumed by obligation and throw open the invitation to attack to anyone, not just their official, serious representatives.
It's by rejecting that image that we strengthen solidarity with the rest of the population.
This world is overwhelmingly dominated by seriousness. Practical trolling is a form of revolt with far more qualitative rupture and potential for infectiousness than a thousand serious, bland communiques for this or that cause.
Read some Armed Joy. Fuck.
And much love to my trolls.

Open trolling, not serious complaining!

I guess I was wrong. You are a fucking retard. I hope you are using Tor wherever you are responding to this shit.

Trolling = Rupture?

I like where this going..

When RL is modded by capitalists, trolling is a revolutionary act.

When society is moderation, revolutionaries must be trolls.

When the whole world's serious business, the only rebels are trolls.

When the whole world's Star Trek, only the tribbles are trolls.

When capitalists are the billy goats gruff trying to get across the bridge of ecological devastation into the greener grass of post-fossil fuels technology,

only trolls can stop them.

Triple the treble I'm gonna troll like a rebel

Fuckin awesome! Forward to mayday!

It's even hotter that there was a coincident attack with fire on Seattle bank.

Via the SPD Blotter: Attempted Arson and Smashed Window at Columbia City Bank

A Columbia City bank was damaged overnight after someone threw an incendiary device at the business.

At about 9:45 am Thursday, bank employees arrived at work and discovered a broken window and burn marks on the side of the building, located at Rainier Avenue S. and S. Edmunds Street.

It appears a gasoline-filled bottle struck and scorched the side of the bank, but the fire did not spread or cause extensive damage to the business.

As of yet unclaimed. Seattle discontents are so sexy that they've largely stopped claiming their attacks altogether.

Someone threw a molly at a federal building that DHS uses in really recently in STL too.

Communique from the Mars Hill attack that was mentioned:

so brave

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