Oakland California: Infinite Strike! Infinite Solidarity!

  • Posted on: 3 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td> People began arriving at 19th and Telegraph around 7 pm and by 7:30 around 80 or so people left the park marching behind a banner reading “SOLIDARITE AVEC LA GREVE INFINIE”. Armed with pots, pans, and a few flags, we wound our way through the streets of downtown Oakland on what seemed to be a fairly busy Friday night. Chants such as “Montreal to Oakland We Ain’t Jokin! Cairo to Greece! Fuck the Police!" and “Oakland to Montreal! Capitalism Has Got to Fall!” could be heard rumbling off the windows of the office buildings that had been deserted for the weekend. The march first headed towards the lake and then snaked it’s way thru the streets towards the direction of Art Murmur (A monthly arts-walk that happens in Oakland on the last Friday of every month). Somewhere along the way a marching band joined in on the fun and for a few minutes our chants actually had some background music.

By the time we reached art murmur our numbers had swelled to around 110 and the mood was still very festive and joyous. More fliers were distributed to those attending the murmur and overall the response from the motorists and pedestrians was either enthusiastic or curious. Next the march headed back towards downtown as the next stop was going to be in front of the city jail. When we arrived at the jail everyone started to make as much noise as possible. The clamoring of the pots and pans provided the back drop to our chant "Our Passion For Freedom, Is Stronger Than Their Prisons!". At least a few people inside heard our noise and responded by waving their hands in front of their windows, this only caused our demo to erupt in even more cheers! The march then quickly strolled back to 19th and Telegraph and dispersed, but not before joyfully tearing down a very ugly chain-link fence.</td><td><img title="I liked that performance piece but hate the fact that they still believe in ART" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/flowerbed.jpg"></td></tr></...

Though this march was not very confrontational, it was still a very positive experience to see that Oakland can pull that many people out on the street on such short notice. There were definitely some missed opportunities, but overall everyone who attended the demo left feeling pretty positive about holding the street for over an hour and distributing fliers about the current situation in both Montreal and Oakland.

Text from the flier below...

"Initially started as a student protest against tuition hikes, the situation in Montreal has now become something much more powerful, generalized social revolt. Recently seeing the 100th night of consecutive demos, the situation in Montreal has become much more uncontrollable than the student activists could have ever imagined. The situation in Montreal is a people's response to the war of austerity that is being waged against them.

The state was quick to enact repressive measures meant to stifle the growing dissent that they clearly saw as a threat. Bill 78, also known as the special law, criminalizes demonstrations not approved by the police and makes it illegal for anyone to wear a mask while participating in a demo. This Bill, and the subsequent crackdown are already responsible for placing over 2,000 of our comrades behind bars. But, in reality there is nothing special about this Bill. It is a predictable response to a special mobilization, a struggle that is unprecedented in it's size, popular support and ferocity in recent Quebec history.

The situation in Oakland may not be that much different. We already have the city council attempting to approve the ban of "tools of violence" at our demonstrations. While it is understandable for us to be outraged by such proposals, it is also a mistake to not be expecting such repressive measures. However, It is important not to participate in the discussion of rights and laws: Remember that our rights are granted to us by the same people who oppress us. We cannot settle for the rights they grant us, but must struggle to take what we can for ourselves and each other.

Now is the time for solidarity, solidarity with comrades in Montreal, solidarity with that which is uncontrollable. While this entire situation started as a response, it has grown into an attack. An attack on the existing misery that consumes our everyday life. From Montreal to Oakland: REVOLT FOR A LIFE WORTH LIVING!!!"

P.S.- Here's a link to a cool video someone made with footage from the demo.




Seriously, why would you douche up the communique by including the fact that a fence was ripped down as if that was an important accomplishment?

I think the specific fence has a history.

"I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be"

"I believe the children are our future
Stop them before it is too late
The best of intentions only heap burdens upon them
Which they will heap on their children
As our parents heaped on us
Let the crushing of the children's freedom remind us how we were once crushed in kind"


... the same reason it was reported what chants were used and a million other details like that? Because it isn't a communique, it's a reportback, and it was, well, reporting?


it's actually not the 100th night of consecutive demos. may 22nd was a pseudo-official 100th day of the strike. there have been demos every night now for over a month...

also, 2000 people are not behind bars, and many of them never were. most of those people were mass-arrested and given tickets or minor infractions.

To infinity, and BEYOND!

montreal to oakland we aint jokin

oakland to greece FUCK THA POLICE!

Infinite Strike! Infinite Solidarity! Infinite Hyperbole!
this message brought to you by bayofrage.com

This is interesting to say the least, but you have a pretty major error on the write up of your flier. "Bill 78, also known as the special law, criminalizes demonstrations not approved by the police and makes it illegal for anyone to wear a mask while participating in a demo." Loi 78 makes it illegal for a demonstration to occur unless the route is given to the police prior to the march occuring. Which means even if a march decides to not follow the planned route it can be declared illegal at any point. Every march has become illegal since Loi 78. Loi 78 has nothing to do with masks, it is a separate bill itself that is about a person masking or covering their face.
It is also quite interest/funny that people have taken on the casseroles in the States. And to me seems to be part of a large cycle of "radical reproduction" that occurs in the left-anarchist milieu. The casseroles are usually very pacified and people who do not generally come out to the streets go to these events. Because they are more accepted by the provisional government of Quebec as a legitimate form of protest. These casseroles have also changed the confrontational element of the night time demos that occur in Montreal. This is not to say they should not happen, there is quite a bit that the media do not report on. Like the letters sent to different offices and buildings within the area, attacks on banks, bomb threats, etc. There is a lot missing in translation.

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