Solidarity: Get off the computer and attack!

  • Posted on: 5 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td> As I am writing this there are militant marches careening threw the streets of Canadian cities, also solidarity marches across the globe. Every night OWS has a march in solidarity, as i watch on my computer distant from NYC I see clusters of black bloc'ers. I think i know there are more than this, but I realize everyone is on their computers who could be there. Egyptian revolutionaries have sent an open letter to OWS it states that they will not vote in the Egyptian elections because they represent no one. I see these revolutionaries becoming more and more Anacho-Communist then liberal, which is what most of them were. They even said "Solidarity means ATTACK!" So do we just stand by and do nothing?

I just took a break from typing to listen to their chants in NYC "1, 2, 3, 4 I DECLARE A CLASS WAR! 5, 6, 7, 8, EAT THE RICH AND SMASH THE STATE!" So where are you all? I now I sound hypocritical, but I am involved in stuff where I live. We must not stop, in the streets every chance we get. Build the shields, construct the polls, assemble your friends and Molotov's. </td><td><img title="Let 1000 Molotov's bloom" src=""></td><...

* Formula one party crashing- Montreal, Canada. June 7-?

* National Occupy convergence (#NATGAT)- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. June 30-July 4

* The 2012 Olympics**- London, U.K. July 27-Aug 12

* The RNC- Tampa bay, Florida. Aug 27-29

* The DNC- Charlotte, NC. Sept 3-6


Now obviously there are other events, post them in the comments.


-Some impatient Anarchists


Ooh! I know this game! Look, I can play too!

"We are red-zone activists and our oppressors will see the reflection of red hot malevolence, determination and endurance in our eyes. We will not back down and we will not be intimidated. Arrest will neither deter us nor alter our cause."

Any bets on which department wrote this one?

STFU. Because anyone who thinks that attack is spreading and must be widened further must be a cop? STFU, cop. Can't stop the chaos mother fucker.

Have fun with your polls and Molotov's, dude. Can't wait to do prisoner support for you in a year!

Fucking FED get out off of here!!! We do NOT welcome you here!!!

You got it wrong. A FED encourages you to use molotovs so that you can get arrested, not the other way around.

But the FED also tries to get vanguardists or "leaders" to pacify the movement and not use molotovs.

Yeah because as soon as you throw anything more than a plastic water bottle, cops use their star trek teleporters to ninja-appear in your bedroom at night while you sleep. It's science.

Only people who actually fight back go to jail, instantly, every time.

the point being, the FEDs want to create the illusion of the omnipotent/omniscient nature of the state by repression AND trolling groups undercover as anarchists , suggesting that molotovs are baaad and only baaaad anarchists use them.

come on anarchists, let's not fall for this shit again. fuck the FEDs

Molotovs look neat as riot porn but don't do much.
They do however get you charged with terrorism.

Maybe agents try to convince you not to use molotovs or other explosives, but that isn't what we've seen in Austin pre-RNC, Cleveland, Chicago, etc.

no, the point i'm making is that they do BOTH. they get the more militant to make molotovs and then criminalize them and then use their OTHER agents to polarize the community. divide and conquer.

i've said this on @news before. make molotovs on your own. You don't even need an affinity group, no one needs to know what YOU are planning.

The community is a myth.

Prisoner support? All I do is comment on @news. Gonna have to wait at least another few years till that is illegal. Until then, can't stop the chaos motherfucker!

all the feds are on this thread. how long till fox news uses this thread in lead of to DNC/RNC. anarchist made plans on website....

INDYTACT FOREVER! was it bloomington police?

Step up your spell-check.

Can't stop the chaos. Old time anarchists, as well as newbies from Occupy are itching for some anarchy.

But the chaos can't stop anything either.


Let's go TEAM! I got Chicago checked, see you all in Tampa and Charlotte, but damn I really wanted to make it to London this year. That's kind of depressing that I won't make it.

When the revolution doesn't happen it is your fault.

You're a dick, haha. Now I really am starting to feel guilty, though. Suppose I should up the ante at Tampa and Charlotte...

Acting out of guilt doesn't bring the revolution.
Neither will you doing anything in Tampa or Charlotte, whether or not the ante has been upped.

Why are y'all so focused on the State?
You can't attack Capitalism.

And you can't attack the State.

What can we attack? Windows once or twice a year.
(The misery continues.)
(We are getting older and our dreams are still not coming true.)

blah blah i know nothing about anarchydocuments.i2p blah blah blah opmonsanto

fuck cops, fuck cops, fuck cops. why the fuck do you want to go to these big summits where there is 6,000 pigs. read sun tzu! the art of war.

attack directly, secure victory indirectly!

Yeah but there are still many idiots who still haven't figured out that WE ARE AT WAR.

But don't waste your time with them.... just go forward with your tactics. And be lethal... that's how you'll get the upper-hand.

shut up j edgar


Shut up Gandhi II

Not a cop or fed, im 16

know dat feel

*Motherfucking total destroy- everywhere. Now-?

Impatient Anarchist Federation! (IAF)

This is totally the wrong direction to go and has been for over a decade.

Out now!
Update on the Movement of Freaks #4: The Real is on the Rise
Read it here:

haha. yet another child who read about @ism on the internet and supposed it bore some actually reality to what is being practiced out in the world. may your disillusionment burn on and may your immanent nihilism refuse even the conditions of what is being reified as an "anarchist community"

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