The Infinite

  • Posted on: 18 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Anarchist International</a>

Not contradiction, nor the absence of contradiction. The infinite is both simultaneously. It is contradiction and the absence of contradiction. One and all, infinitely, forever. It is the truth and the false revealed to be what they are while also being neither. The last remnants of rational thought floating in a green-lit ocean of irrational chaos: this is perfectly rational, for it is the only balance we are interested in achieving: the end of time, the triumph of chaos, the infinite peace.</td><td><img title="Isn't this seemingly infinite peace (aka the Spectacle) the problem?" src=""></td></tr><...

This peace is also an eternal war, the most devastating war this world will ever know. But this war will so closely resemble peace that we will be unable to find the words to explain how it is possible to distinguish between the two. Where there is no rationality, there is no direct causality, no clear sequence of events. Chaos is how the world ends, permanently and irreversibly.

We are firm believers in what we have just said, but we continue to write more confusing words. We write them knowing they will always possess a remainder of rationality, comprehension, and reason. Everything else will always be up in the air or below the ground, equally and perfectly. Inequality exists only with reason. Rationality creates order to explain itself.

<a href=" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-400" title="universe1" src=" alt="" width="600" height="414" /></a>

We will destroy all order. Rationality will implode like a tower. The upper floors will fall down, guaranteeing the total destruction of those below. Rationality will crush itself under the weight of its own pointlessness. The universe did not end, nor did it begin. It existed always in a moment with no time. We experience it looking backwards. There is only the end and the beginning, remaining neither and affirming both.

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Montreal witnesses the expansion of the Geist and its reckless, multiform nature. It arrives and swims through every person and every house. Montreal exists within the borders of every city on a terrain that cannot be mapped. A fighter in Asturias in1936 reaches out and fires a rocket at the police in 2012. This happens in both moments, simultaneously and concurrently. If the battle is won in1936, it is won in 2012. The opposite it also true. Without time, there is no direction. The fighting in the hills of Asturias takes place forever. The streets of Montreal empty out onto the fields of eternity and continue onward, backward and forward, both and neither.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"></iframe>

This is what we have been speaking of. The shape contorts, the image blurs, everything becomes warped by the Geist passing through time. The offensive begins again and occurs always, traveling towards the infinite in all directions simultaneously.

We will defeat all order and live freely. Were this not true, we would not exist. The black hole grows until it devours all the life and energy of the universe and then transforms itself into the cosmos, bursting forward in an explosion of possibility, chaos, and life. We are the light of the stars bursting forth from the infinite singularity. Our task is simple: to explode away from the black hole while knowing that we will fall back into it, to understand that our struggle is the universe understanding itself. The world revolutionary Geist that we have spoken of is nothing more than this knowledge spreading across the planet

<a href=" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-399" title="universe" src=" alt="" width="634" height="559" /></a>

We are immortal, we reappear endlessly, and we continue to push everyone around us towards the infinite. It exists outside of the time, the machines, the logic and the systems that have been created to contain it. The infinite is our final barrier. To understand it is to become it.

We wish you all well and good luck in all your efforts.

This concludes <em>On History, Repression, and the Infinite</em><em> </em>

<strong>Towards the destruction of authority</strong>

<strong>and the ignition of life</strong>




No ideal is as powerful as the nihilist desire to destroy society and subvert its authoritarian order. A desire that boils within the collective subconscious like a rumbling super-volcano, and cuts society wide open with the strength of thunder. NO government shall stand in its way, as no order can survive universal chaos!!!

Let's wreak havoc in the tissue of reality, comrades, brother and sisters, so that the final revolution happens, once and for all!

wtf? is that short for "anarchist international house of stoned philosophy majors"?



Got any suggestions for how to? People in protests are rather hard to mangle with in Montreal, aside than when in jail... but this is where the undercover game is at it's fullest too!

so would you guys consider ultrafinitism an infantile disorder????

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