Recent Anti-Fascist Actions in Greece

  • Posted on: 3 July 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>The parliamentarian fascists are seeking to purchase consensus by throwing money at the local market of Ioannina, and beyond. Antifascist comrades wished to remind to any money grubber who does business with Nazis that the trade of fascism doesn’t only bring profits, but also causes damages…

The neo-Nazis of the Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn, in an effort to emerge from their holes in the city of Ioannina, delegated to the printing shop of A.Exarhos, located on 3, Riga Fereou Street, to print stickers and key chains for their gang.

On Friday, June 29th, antifascists visited the store of Exarhos, with the aim of giving a clear sign that the collaboration with the Nazis is not tolerated and will not remain unanswered, and destroyed all fascist material. There was a verbal confrontation, the slogan ‘War on the supporters of fascism’ was written on the shop’s glass windows, and several neo-Nazi printed stickers that were found were also destroyed. title="But that's commerce and shit..." src=""></td...

Responsibility claim for attack on Radio station, Greece

The elections are over

The war continues

After the system succeeded in creating the right conditions so that racist and fascist views become known to every middle class citizen, it artfully passed on the representatives of these beliefs who are non-other than the nazi gang golden dawn. With continuous reports about their action and interviews with its members by supposedly objective journalists who are allegedly trying to put the “extreme nationalists” in a difficult position and find out if they are nazis or not! They basically made a first class advertisement in a period where the anti-systemic and radical was in fashion in the mass of the middle class sheep voters. The news reports also played a decisive role in this advert, which on one side criticized some actions of the golden dawn as racist and extreme and as a next report they put crime stressing always that it comes from immigrants in an outbreak of police reports of such kind as always just before the elections making the ground fruitful for the brainless two legers to support and other times adopt the racist tactics going in the end to the ballots to vote the neo-nazis.

This mass of people who in no way should be called the people, is the one that on one hand curses the Media saying that it is controlled by “evil foreigners” and on the other they keep on chewing all the fake news using them as arguments for the racist stupid and in best case populist views falling in the trap of those who they criticized so much.

Thus, although we consider responsible the above mass of two legers for the present situation we target their “guides” who some of them are the media.

We decided to give an explosive warning placing an explosive mechanism in the offices of radio station Diavlos in Rodopi who wanting to pretend to be democratic gave a seat to a candidate of the golden dawn and to the press representative of Rodopi leaving them to propagate their nazi poison.

Finally whoever supports the nazis will be treated the same in the social war which continues.

P.S.1 Concerning the fascists from the east grey wolves who with the permission of the greek state chose the right period of time (post-election) to visit Thrace and Thessaloniki spreading their poison as well, we simply say that we were un prepared for their welcoming but the behavior of all those who supported them in Thrace will not remain unanswered.

P.S.2 Thrace from ancient times was an independent and multi-cultural area where as long as there was no one to ignite tensions, their people lived in harmony and solidarity.




Anarchist Revolutionary Group Antifascist Action


As we have said before, if elections were a phenomenon which would really change something, they would be illegal!

In the days we live we observe more and more by the voters-sheep the increase of the application of capitalism, the lies coming out in loads, the misinformation of the means of mass deceiving trying to propagate everything and go over struggles of political prisoners who basically demand what belongs to us!
These people could stay at home and build an extra step in the normality and misery of daily life. Despite all this, they chose the armed and non-armed struggle to demand things and values which belong to ALL of us.

As a minimal token of solidarity we smashed and threw paint bombs on the offices of Nea Dimokratia (ruling party) in Terpsithea to show that such scum as well as their actions and institutions, are completely unwanted by us!

The residence above on the other floors made us not burn it to the ground and destroy it completely, but in no way do we give mitigations.

Freedom and solidarity To the prisoners of February 12th,

To the members of the CCF and RS

To all political prisoners and to all the wolves who made out of the hunt.


Courage brothers and sisters


thunder of zeus! from oakland to greece....

Fuck Zeus.


anyone else find it weird the nazis and the anarchists use "wolves" imagery...sounds like they want to be indie bands from 2008 :P

1. Is 2008 considered a long time ago? Maybe a quarter of your life, I suppose.

2. Wolves run in packs and are considered vicious predators. Since anarchists and nazis like to run in groups and fuck shit up, it makes sense. Wolves are also all over our folklore (Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, Peter and the Wolf, Werewolves, Fenrir, etc.).

The Minnesota Timberwolves.

Hmmmmm so that's why me and mah friends like to howl at the moon.

Wolfpack was an anarcho-punk band. Just saying.

and they changed their name so as not to be confused with nazis

oh you mean the indie bands. yeah that was a thing. meh.

i'm starting to think the reader base of ANews is really dropping off.

it's just gonna be me and 8ball soon...

fuck punk

That wolf parade album was stellar

Nazis usually take the imagery of others to make themselves appealing. In the underground culture the examples are all over the place.

As the other said, it partly has to do with Wolfpack, but also with the symbolism of the Black Bloc, who share some features with wolves.

If such appropriation continues we will all have to change the names of our D-beat crust punk bands... This means war.

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