Housing is a Human Right March Black Bloc Anti Capitalist Contingent Rochester NY

  • Posted on: 12 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>With hundreds of people homeless every night, in a city that has enough vacant properties to house them all, we know that our communities are in crisis! When thousands of homes have been foreclosed upon by massive banks in our city, we know that housing must be a human right. Adequate access to housing is the cornerstone on which we build a thriving and vibrant community. At Metro Justice, we’ve taken that seriously and our Housing is a Human Right Campaign is growing. Our campaign makes two requests of the city that we intend to make very clear at our march on October 16th...

A statement from the march orgainzers are dear comrades and freinds... All though we give them a well deserved round of applause we are frankly sick of talk in this city we are ready and willing for action we have waited for that spark for to long... The anti capitalist march of july 26th failed to ignite it like many of us were hoping for. Instead are comrades were thorwn to the ground maced and kicked had there masks ripped off and were punished with brutality for marching in there own streets. I am urging anarchists and anti capitalist to come to Rochester on the 16th and take part in a black bloc contingent to show these liberals that have run this activist scence for the last decade how to protest and decry the housing crisis how to defy capitalism and everything it stands for! Sitting and chanting in front of a bank wont bring about radical change! It wont fix the fact that so many spend there nights on the Rochester streets just miles from where the bourgeoisie froclk in cafes and bars! Enough is Enough!

-Some fucking angry Rochester Anarchists</td><td><img title="relax. check your assumptions. breathe." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/cutecat.jpg"></td></tr></ta...


good luck with your requests of the city government. liberal.

we should introduce you to our liberal friends David Graeber and Scott Crow


Its so foolish how they make demands to the city and then just march around lets get some action going in Rochester on october 16th this is a call out everyone that can should come to rochester and take part we can provide housing also a link to the facebook event with more info is coming soon...

Make no demands only act on are desires in the streets ill be heading to Rochester for this and i hope to see a large amount of people there ready to hit the streets! Gather you afinty group and come to Rochester for the 16th of October! See you in the streets

Call a big activist demonstrations, you get:

•heavy Police control and targeting
•heavy infiltration
•political hot air for the reformists
•society keeps functioning
•the establishment is unaffected
•legal/prison system and lawyers cashing-in
•mainstream media covering it like it's yet another annoyance, so sheep get even more pissed off at the "lefties"
Make insurgents attacks -or urban guerillas- on the power structure, you get:

•social instability
•climate of creative conflictuality
•possibilities for the "laymen" to take part
•Police not knowing were to strike
•corporations losing money
•establishment considering relocating to some distant area


Can we be friends? I'll make you a friendship bracelet right now.


crackpots. no one gives a fuck what you do in rochester NY. where the fuck is that?

if you took over the whole city and formed a commune of utopian humanity, no one would give a fuck, and some F15s would bomb your asses into the ground for not surrendering when the Feds come to arrest you for violating property laws. game over.

why the fuck are you doing this? seriously. i want an answer that makes actual fucking sense.

Get lost you troll enough people are trying to get some action going in this city and if you have no heard of rochester new york you are clearly a fool

Rochester is in Michigan.

Rochester is in your heart

always next to Jesus :\

arghh, you call that decrying?!! I can decry so much harder than that, i got this special decrying move that i can do when my yellow bar is all the way charged and i do L1 L1 L2 R1 ex, square, triangle, ex and all the liberals are like whoa, that's some sweet decrying right there. did i say "there" maybe i meant "their", or "they're" or "thare". oh well, who "ceres"?

You want corporations and bank institutions out of your town? You have to run them out by fucking the law in the process. Don't advertise it. Surprise attack.

I find some serious issues with this "call out". The hover over says it well with - "relax. check your assumptions. breathe." Totally agree.

And the comments are even more bizarre - organizing over "facebook". As one said "Sketchy" - yup.

You sound like the liberal groups you are trying to bash here - "housing is a human right" (Rochester Take Back the Land). "Our friends in Metro Justice" - well when shit hits the fan, guess who will be asked who they're friends with.

No time? No meeting place? Should we check Facebook for this?

And please - it wouldn't hurt editing a little bit and learning the difference between things like "their, they're, and there". Sorry to sound like a dick, butt had to say this as a fellow anarchist from the Rochester area.

The #ROLFCOPTERS circle over head.

ps. the icing on the cake

this annoucement says October while this link below says september...


wtf is up rochester? seriously. wack.

Be careful out there.


Great idea over all poor delivery can kill somthing like this though i would try to edit it up and submit a 2nd one in the coming days with meeting places and all of that jazz. Somthing like that would help

Hey, I just realized if I get an account I can downvote every comment on a particular thread totally regardless of what they say. That sounds like an amazing form of stress relief.

Ignoring what a bunch of internet assholes have to say...

This march is a chance for everyone to come together in mass action to support Housing as a Human Right in the city. Organizers of the event include people from across the housing spectrum, including direct action movements like Take Back the Land. I this communique I see a lot about how liberals are running the scene, but there are a lot of anarchists of the foundation of this organizing effort and they keep direct action as the primary force to re-define housing.

What seems more important that bickering on the internet is to come out and make this a huge event!

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