Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain Can't Stop, Won't Stop

  • Posted on: 23 June 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

There's lots of new stuff at!

Want to see a basic chronology of what's been going on in the war of attrition between Sean and certain central office fuckweasels? Look here:

How about Sean's proposal of how to settle the A12M lawsuit before things get any more out of hand after the doxing of fuckweasels? That's here:

Wanna see the argument Sean used to win a reduction in his security level? I think you do! (It includes COs running around naked and shooting roman candles out of their ass cracks):

Sean's most recent philosophical treatise is a twelve page deposition to the courts, in which he tries to explain anti-civ anarchism to the poor deluded hierarchs in a language they might understand. Wanna read it?

How about his recent Final Straw Segments? They continue in other prisoner's voices despite the ODRC's attempts to blacksite him. Here: and here:

Concerned about and what kind of escalation that might bring? Sean's take on what it's actually all about is here:

Or, you can just check out this awesome drawing that one of Sean's youngest supporters made for him:

In short: Can't stop. Won't stop. Sean remains unflappable and hilariously vitriolic in the face of ever increasing repression by the state.

Please share any and all of this information widely. We need your help because the State's efforts to cut Sean off have resulted in certain complicit social media outlets (facevirus) banning his virtual presence. Thanks!



Why is Sean Swain being called a "lunatic" by the admins?

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