Anarchy Now! Chile Elects to Revolt

  • Posted on: 3 July 2015
  • By: stimulator

This week we take a look at the 6 plus year student revolt in Chile, plus ballot burning fury in Mexico and an interview with militants from Santiago who tell us about the anarchist scene there.

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Anarchy now!? this video is basically glorifying chilean student and worker unions, the most radicals being bolivarian or communists (but yes it is in style to identify as anarchist in chile, as it is elswhere) and lets not forget the important "anarchist" student union FEL (frente estudiante libertario) and their vocal support for chavismo during uprisings in venezuela last year.
And that interview with the focus on neolibaralism as root problem and the calling for education controlled by the people for cultural revolution, these people are not my compas.
About the rioting, people with very different views erect barricades or "riot" in Chile. The cops always come sooner or later with the paramilitary apparatus so some people confront them, its basically a ritual at this point.Unions, independent workers (like fishers), mapuche, "students", or people affected by natural disasters like floods or earthquakes. Many of these same people, especially the unions regularly smear anarchists as infiltrators (which isnt totally false, as an anarchist minority - which would still be substantial compared to other places - does infiltrate bigger marches to reek havoc, they just arent cops though). And lots of kids just enjoy destroying the urban decor, lamplights, bus stops, street signals, etc. which I find a lot more admirable and worthwhile than the fucking Organizers and their groups and politics, always instrumentalizing the situation.

Yeah Frank Lopez / Stimulator always goes for the most populist BS he can find - disappointing how there was no mention of the recent hunger strike of anarchist prisoners Nataly, Juan, Guillermo and Enrique or anything about the sentencing of anarchist prisoner Tamara Sol Vergara or any word on the many barricades, incendiary attacks etc that took place in Chile to mark the anniversary of insurrectionist anarchist Mauricio Morale's untimely demise. As usual Lopez plays it safe and sticks with the populist nonsense that is barely connected to anarchism at all and like the worst type of propagandists he spreads the lie that the student protests and the union protests etc are some kind of anarchist initiative which they are not. lame, but then what else did you expect from the hipster poseur?

You two are sanctimonious assholes. The reason Lopez pimps the militant street tactics is because it's essential to the praxis he's promoting. It's compelling imagery on camera, it's easily imitated and the proliferation of such tactics would benefit many of the underdogs INCLUDING (but not limited to) the anarchists.

The emphasis is on ruptures of the social peace, infinitely more important than your d-bag notions of anarchist piety. None of which is meant to detract from those other issues you raise but you're essentially saying he should be making a total different show that appeals to an even narrower base … which would be a stupid move from a media perspective. Why bother making a show at all if it only appeals to the people who are already fully in the loop? Fuck right off with that noise...

Well more callous bitching doesn't solve callous bitching. Yes, the commenter above was over-the-top critical about Stim, and part of this criticism is founded, but if you

There IS a major cause for bringing prisoner struggle to the video format... The only problem is HOW to do it in a way that's appealing and provoking. Beyond tons of Hollywood productions on the matter, and a few good indy films, it's quite a steep challenge to make video reporting on ongoing live struggles in prison, beyond the few prisonn riots that we've only got images from the outside.

I'd say the best thing to be done would be to film noise demos at prisons and push them to the Stimulator. If anyone does that, I swear I'll be supporting the initiative... Just send me an email if it doesn't go through.

- the belligerent blogger Anabraxas

Yeah, I remember you. That's an unresolvable problem you're referring to by the way. I'm a media background and I've tried filming noise demos … doesn't really work. It's just not the kind of thing that translates to the camera well. You can't get the access so you're just filming people yelling at a building and it's the opposite of inspiring. I'm taking nothing away from prison solidarity work but filming it is such a bad idea that it's probably detrimental to the work. That's how painful it is to watch.

Basically anarchist politics are too hostile towards the institution to allow the kind of collaboration that would be necessary to gain access to do anything decent. They're obviously not going to let you film prison riots and that leaves pointing a camera at people well they write letters or stand outside the jail. Maybe somebody could think outside the box on this one but I doubt it.

Those are the limitations of the docu/media reporting that suck... The only way to do something good on the prisoner struggle would be through fiction. Fiction's just not the stuff of the Stim, that's all.

Boo hoo, there's like one anarchist doing a video news show and you're treating him like an elected representative. Fuck people who just complain about others' efforts--you're behaving like a fucking voter. As an anon commenter on this site, you have zero credibility from which to criticize anybody else's work. If you have suggestions, make them without accusing the people doing the hard work of being "hipster poseurs," or else don't be surprised when people lump it in with all the cointeltroll nonsense on here. Frank is a decent guy, I bet he'd be happy to include material about everything you described with a little better-mannered encouragement.

I agree with that. Haters gonna hate.

- belligerent blogger A.

and fanboys will troll on any decent criticism...
The first commenter has very valid points about what Frank Lopez is actually encouraging in this video and what discourse he's spreading, how he's blurring things to make them fit in it. Now you can see his posse on the defensive because they have similar views.. Anabraxas, you are another blogger to which similar critiques can be directed, with your uncritical support of anything "anticolonialist" under the sun, like any warrior society initiative, for example. There should be a lot more of these criticisms made but unfortunately when someone does so, the herd comes running, scandalized, accusing others of going over the top and of purism.

To the other commenter:
"Frank is a decent guy, I bet he'd be happy to include material about everything you described with a little better-mannered encouragement."
My experience from having hung out with him for a while is that he's a "nice" guy, likes to keep you around as a friend as long as your useful to his projects, seems unwilling to have analytical debates, and seems to like to bring up purism when a conversation goes in the direction its taking right now.

..oh, or he tells you what you want to hear.

Oh, we're the herd now, are we? Perhaps the problem is that you lack manners, you offend people with your brusque self-righteous holier-than-thou routine, and then you're surprised when people express frustration with the tone of your criticism. I don't feel particularly herdish, nor do I want to see less critical engagement with anarchist projects, but honestly, we don't have a culture of constructive criticism around here, do we, just a bunch of (at best) player hating. Speaking of which, I"m sure Frank has his faults, but your description of what is unlikable about him matches the things I always hear from people who do less about people who do more. It's a structural problem with that relation, not an individual failing of his, I'll guess. But I don't know him as well as you are alleging you do, so maybe I'm wrong in this case--but why should I believe an anonymous comment on this site, either?

i'd like to hear your concept of "people who do less" and "people who do more"?
And i'm curious how you can judge on the internet who's who?
Some prefer anonymity to prestige, for good reasons...
And fuck your moral highground self-righteous correctness.

Who cares about Franks personality the issue of him supporting this kind of populist leftist rhetoric is a funcking important problem, specially with the kind of influence and uncritical support he has, as we can see here.

Dude … different poster. We're "uncritically supporting fanboys" because we point out how you're basically being a dick and calling it critique? The only actual criticism I read up there was that Lopez implies that populist ruptures are exclusively anarchist, which is obviously not true … as in, that perspective says more about you than it does him. None of us think every popular uprising equates to anarchism … that's not the point he's trying to make and that's not why it's interesting to us.

You're just grinding your axe, describing a different show that you can't be bothered to actually make, screaming "leftist" at everything that doesn't measure up to your notions of "true anarchism". It's tedious.

Yeah, seriously, fuck this person. Their critiques must be really fucking smart, seeing as their manners are so good.

Listen, kiddo, assholes who want to cut people down for doing things are a dime a dozen, so if you have a critique you really want others to profit by, present it like a mature adult, or expect to get verbally slapped around. There it is in a nutshell. Somebody's always going to talk shit, so make it possible to differentiate your perspective from mere zero-calorie competitive carping. If you don't, you're part of the problem. This isn't about Frank, this is about the bullshit dynamics in spaces like this that are made worse by self-important assholes.


-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and something you find around the house)

"Anabraxas, you are another blogger to which similar critiques can be directed, with your uncritical support of anything "anticolonialist" under the sun, like any warrior society initiative, for example."

What's this troll talking 'bout, Mo? Did I just slid into one of those parrallel universes. I miss you Mo... One day we'll meet again. Like back in the ZAD, you'll be sitting on my way to block me from going dumpstering on my bike, with your rough charms of a French masculine street gal, and I'll be seduced by you like a high school girl. Ah, life is so sweet when live insinuates itself like a thief, taking you from beneath by surprise like a kraken.

- Anabraxas (the one and many)

"when LOVE insinuates itself" !!!

To all those with criticisms, my suggestion is to try out what you are criticizing-- like Lopez's work-- and stick your neck out for others to criticize.

Frank's doing near-brilliant work. Forget him and your gripes about and pick on the governpimps!

You people have issues, the first comment has nothing to be bitching and moaning about, all I see there is someone giving a different perspective on Chile which happens to be more nuanced than the video and brings a very valid point about the student unions and workers what is everyone up in arms about? Someone broke your pipe dream?

It wasn't a "different perspective", that's the thing. This video is militant, populist propaganda from a semi-anarchist perspective just like always. He's been making the show for years.

The most annoying thing about people throwing the "leftist" accusation around is how they always seem to think they're the only one in the room who noticed and there's only one desirable goal of … what? Any propaganda ever? What the fuck IS media if not propaganda? Why would you even make a web show without having at least SOME broader appeal beyond the tiniest sliver of the anarchist milieu?

But that's "leftist glorification of people who aren't necessarily anarchists maaan" … yeah … WE KNOW THAT.

Well yes, obviously media is propaganda, who said otherwise? Or did you "think [you]'re the only one in the room who noticed"?

I dont give a shit if something is "leftist" and not "anarchist" enough, what bothers me is manipulating things for your discourse and your own political capital. In this case it happens to be glorification of reformist struggles in chile as "anarchist" or as "liberatory" praxis when they are not, any person who knows of everyday life in Chile, whether anarchist or not (I'm not an anarchist), would mostly agree with the first comments description of things, because its true.
The fact that it was mentioned that people represented in the video are a lot closer to bolivarian and communist ideals, is an "accusation" of Frank being a leftist? Why dont you just take it as it is, someone saying out loud what those people are, whether thats an accusation or not depends on your own preconceptions of "leftism" and people using the term "leftism". If people are so bent on whether Frank Lopez is an anarchist or not, its their time lost, not mine.

Good for you if you know all that, but why should no one else talk about it now?

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