Anarchist takeover

  • Posted on: 27 November 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From News Review

AK Press set to relocate its Oakland warehouse to the Chico airport

Book worms and anarchists were all atwitter this past week when news broke that AK Press, an institution in Oakland, was moving its warehouse to Chico. The independent book publisher, with its roots in Scotland but its main market in the United States, is giving up Bay Area living for a quieter, more affordable base of operations.

“Most of it is the cost of living in the Bay Area—it’s getting unsustainable,” said employee Bill, who declined to give a last name.

As rent prices in Oakland and its environs have escalated in recent years, it follows that life has become less comfortable for the company’s employees. What’s more, the AK Press warehouse, hit by fire earlier this year, was red-tagged by the city and ordered to undergo major improvements before being deemed habitable again.

“That really lit a fire under our ass,” Bill said, chuckling at his own unintentional pun. The company had been looking to move anyway, he said, and being red-tagged forced their hand.

AK Press has published and distributed a number of controversial books on radical leftist politics. As an anarchist company, it works on a cooperative model. Every employee is equal, sharing in the fun stuff as well as janitorial duties and receiving the same amount of pay. Despite a fair amount of name recognition, however, AK Press is not a big company. Three employees will move from Oakland—where the company’s warehouse has been located for 15 years—to Chico, with no expectation of hiring. They’re currently in escrow on a warehouse on Ryan Avenue by the Chico Municipal Airport.

“We’ll probably actually move up there in January,” Bill said. “There are a lot of things that are still up in the air.”

One thing, however, is for sure: The AK Press folks are excited for a new start. Over the past several years, they stopped holding events at their warehouse. The space had become too cramped. At their new location in Chico, they hope to hold book-release parties, author readings and other events, said Charles Weigl, another AK Press employee. Given Chico’s strong arts and literary scene, the community seems like a perfect fit.

“Considering the size of Chico, we have a pretty big following there,” Bill said. “Since we posted about the move on Facebook, we’ve had all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork, saying ‘ ‘Yay!’”



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Ever since the hardcore fail of OWS, I don't blame any activist wanting to leave Oakland or even the United States for that matter. It's just not interesting anymore. And lots of people no longer care. For many good reasons I might add..

People are living different lives over here. There is no cohesion among the people. There is a constant cultural clash happening at every second where people constantly misunderstand each other and just don't see eye to eye. You can thank OWS for making everyone consciously aware to hyper consciously aware of their status and what role they play in society as a woman, gay, man, poor, unemployable, black man, white privilege or what ever profile you fit what ever the description you are. People see and talk and think about their status every second now till it bothers them enough to the point of feeling uncomfortable around others if not feeling uncomfortable with themselves. As if being self-conscious wasn't already enough before Occupy Wall Street came in. The constant infighting and divisions that spring about with each and every movement with in the left is exhausting enough to make people withdraw support and give up on everything which leaves it down now to nothing but a bunch of women's rights activists, anti-racism, anti-police and LGBT activists and issues. Everything has shrunk down to that and to this day continues to eat away at itself in a process of elimination. Where people point out each others differences and different experiences in life as a reason to not work together. People are too emotionally sensitive and get offended easily. They can't help but criticize their own movement before segregating them selves. The blame game for why history panned out the way it did is so counter productive. But it happens anyway rather than looking for ways to move ahead. As if capitalism weren't still the root cause behind a heightened state of war, terrorism, poverty, racism, police terror and the backlash against feminism and in some extreme cases against all women in general. Rather than attacking capitalism, we attack the symptoms of capitalism.

It all boils down to being an American. We all like to attack the symptom here. Globalization creating illegal immigration for example. Attack the immigrants. That's why people are giving up and trying to forget protest even happened.

There was a man who once said it so well.

“The Revolution devours its children,” -Jacques Mallet Du Pan

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