Delayed Claim of Responsibility for Attacks in Brighton in 2014

  • Posted on: 2 February 2016
  • By: thecollective

Words without actions are nothing but corpses rotting in the mouths of those “charming and sophisticated” ones, ever ready to smear and drown out the insurrectional project of anarchists of praxis with speech.

Actions without words will never be enough to address and confront our daily struggles for individual liberation and autonomy, for it is with both the pen and the sword, theory and practise, that one is properly armed to give context and coordination to our struggles, to share solidarity and proposals in the most unmediated form, the direct attack against civilisation.

When attacks against the world of power are not claimed or publicised, the potential for spreading radical discussion, tactics and solidarity between whoever is interested is negated. Thus the aims to build a reciprocal, polymorphous and dynamic anarchist offensive is hindered, and the knowledge of so many attacks are lost to the void of clandestinity.

This claim of responsibility has been delayed so long for two reasons:

Firstly, the initial communique was foolishly sent only to one website, and for whatever reason was not published.

Secondly, due to some events around the time of these attacks, it made sense to postpone further debates on publicising our actions, for strategic reasons and to further develop our ideas and practises as individuals, outside of the temporary alliances forged in the context of struggle.

However, after almost 2 years of silence, I choose to lay my cards out on the table and do what i can to share these memories with whoever is interested, so that they may continue to inspire further action, as the communiques and actions of comrades worldwide continue to inspire and empower me in this war against society.

If my mind worked like a machine, i could offer more precise dates, but due to the time that has passed since the original claim of responsibility i instead share with you a combination of facts and my personal feelings and emotions which make up these vivid memories, in a rough chronological order.

I do not offer “reasons” for our attacks, for anyone who truly lives anarchy needs no reason or justification for their conflict against all of the existent.

Around midnight on the 28th of January, 2014, I came across a CCTV and security installment vehicle belonging to the company Securesite, who i was well aware make a killing off of boarding up and securing abandoned buildings, studding the streets with CCTV cameras and make use of enslaved dogs to enforce civil normality and protect the wealthy majority of the city from those dastardly squatters, burglars, outlaws and other “undesirables”. Knowing which streets to take so that i may avoid CCTV on my day-to-day business, the attack was simple, i took a quick glance around to ensure that i was alone, picked up a big rock from a nearby garden and used it to smash the windscreen and wing mirrors of the vehicle.

Over the next weeks, either as individuals acting alone or small affinity groups, spray paint was carried nearly everywhere, the city was covered in provocative slogans, countless billboards were defaced and night time visits were paid to two churches in different neighbourhoods, covering the exteriors in messages of queer and nihilistic fury, and put in the stained glass windows of one of them with some stones from the wall surrounding the building.

Over 100 state and privately owned CCTV cameras were also destroyed in this timeframe, using a wide range of simple and easily reproduced methods, from improvised lassos, smashing with hammers, dropping bricks from above or simply using our bodies to tear down and destroy them. Determined gangs of thieves and individuals carried out well coordinated and extensive expropriations from high street shops on a daily basis, and thousands of pounds worth of products were taken to share amongst friends and keep our bellies full.

Then on the 28th of march, with the memory of our comrade and friend Darko Mathers burning in our minds, we concluded this phase of action with the spontaneous trashing of 4 luxury cars. We equipped ourselves with some nice “tools” found in a nearby bin, then quickly got to work smashing in the windows of a BMW, Merc, Audi and Jaguar – breaking the peace and quiet of some posh neigbourhood with the sounds of screaming car alarms til the street was littered with broken glass and the shattered icons of wealth and prosperity.

Is it not clear enough already, that anyone with the will to attack does not need to wait for the correct moment? The new anarchist urban guerilla is no vanguardist structure or party requiring specialist tactics or knowledge, but a free-association of individuals who are ready to engage and experiment with anarchy here and now and create the ruptures in society that we wish to see.

It is with this claim that i raise my fist across the imaginary lines of borders and prison walls, to salute those uncontrollables, anarchists and nihilists, who without mediation or regret take it upon themselves to attack this vile technological society and its puppets with all the might they possess.

Greetings to ;
Nicola Gai, Alfredo Cospito and Gianluca Iacovacci in italy.
CCF imprisoned Members Cell and their friends and relatives.
Nikos Romanos and all combative prisoners in greece.
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and everyone in the dungeons of FIES.
Tamara Sol and Nataly Casanova, and all nihilist/anarchist prisoners of war in Chile.
Sean Swain, Marius Mason and Casey Brezik in the USA.

And to all other anarchist prisoners and fugitives I cannot spare the time to mention you all in this communique, but let it be known that your courage and strength is contagious like a virus, infecting the minds of others with beautifully criminal thoughts, sowing the seeds of rebellion far and wide.

A big shout out to the the rest of the combative minority from Bristol, London, Nottingham, Scotland and Wales. May the fires of international anarchist praxis continue to burn here in Prison Island UK until we may one day dance together in the ashes of the cities or until we lie dead in their streets…

Forever two steps ahead of the enemy, not one step back!

Anti-Surveillance Front / Incendiary Nomad Cell / F.A.I.

Anonymous submission. Note: we have made one edit to the content, the author can contact us if they want to discuss this.


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