Lecce, Italy – A new sentence Against Anarchists for ‘operation ‘Nottetempo’

  • Posted on: 26 March 2016
  • By: thecollective

From Act For Freedom Now! (translated from informa-azione)

In December 2010 the 11 anarchists investigated in operation Nottetempo were declared guilty of subversive association (art. 270) and other specific ‘offences’ by the Appeal Court of Assizes in Lecce.

On 14th November 2014 the Court of Cassation confirmed the sentence relating to the specific offences, which by then had expired under the statute of limitations, but quashed the part of the sentence related to subversive association and referred the case to the Appeal Court of Assizes in Taranto for a reformulation of the sentence.

On 24th February 2016, nearly eleven years since the beginning of the proceedings, the judges in Taranto pronounced a new sentence, which rejected the theory of art. 270 and convicted the 11 defendants of organized crime (art. 416); however the court also declared that the case was not to be pursued, owing to the statute of limitations.

In the repressive operation called ‘Nottetempo’ most of the charges pressed against those under investigation (subversive association; instigation to commit crime; defamation; arson to Banca Intesa ATMs, the front door of the Lecce Cathedral and priest Cesare Lodeserto’s house) were linked to the struggle taking place in Lecce against the then migrants’ detention centre ‘Regina Pacis’ in San Foca – a notorious concentration camp for undocumented migrants run by priest Cesare Lodeserto and owned by the Lecce clergy. The charge concerning damages to Esso petrol pumps, instead, referred to the struggle against the war in Iraq.



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