No Gods No Masters Part 1

  • Posted on: 5 November 2016
  • By: thecollective


Yesterday we posted the documentary on the history of Anarchism "No Gods No Masters" (it's amazing!) Seems the distributor made a mistake and made the upload public. By the the time they took it down, already hundreds of people had seen it, and some even downloaded it. One such person put in on YouTube. So for a limited time (probably) here is is again. - submedia

No Gods No Masters Part 1

Anarchism: The most vilified political ideology in the history of humanity, the terror of heads of state and the ruling class worldwide, the philosophy that spread like wild fire and kick started revolutionary movements, and sent the message that property is theft, that invented the strike, that pushed for women’s liberation and well the liberation of the whole of humanity, now finally has its own documentary. No God No Master: A history of anarchism is a must see! But don’t watch it alone, gather your friends, neighbors, co-workers, your dad and even grandma, and catch a glimpse of what could be possible if self organized, and stop letting the people up to rule our lives.

You can buy all three parts and support the filmmaker here.

Version française

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but interesting nonetheless. and marianne made me smile.
also interesting to see what michael schmidt looks like.

Submedia were last seen in public at thew FSM, which is the stinkiest reformist remnant of the antiglobalization era. Surprised?

Sporry I meant the World Social Forum...

Michael Schmidt is the gorgeous blue-eyed blond Aryan flanked by 2 admiring women from the Zulu tribe. I can send some pics if you desire him.


I guess it makes sense that that does not make it in. Anarchy and anarchism are two different things.

On a greater note, one thing that has not been tried is the attempt to destabilize the child/minor custodial complex. To me if anarchists/anarchs could get something like that going for the greater 21st century it could lead to some true novelty. There is the paradox of the adult/minor-child asymmetry which makes the transmission of these ideas challenging, but if it could be done the affect could be spectacular. Imagine an epoch(or at least a a specific period) that lost mental, physical and custodial control of it's minors, even if only for a little while. That's the type of affection that anarchists/anarchs should go for, the political economic thing has been done to it's logical dead end.

This is trolling. We all know you like to tell everyone about your adult/child love fascination. You are like a vegan. So annoying.

Whenever I bring up one of THE non explored avenues of societal confrontation idiots like you bring up that non sequitur. I'm not the one who's annoying.

Weeell...First off you use alt-right type insults, then you go on about age of consent and the like...Sort of plays into a pattern, doesn't it? I mean, you have the oppressive pedagogy and all that comes with it, a culture which really are into sexualization of minors, the nuclear family & its patriarchal relations - all of which perhaps, just perhaps, would be a more pertinent angle for a anarchic critique. In fact, the idea of ownership and property is what ought to be critiqued. But that might just be some rubbish that leftards bother about. Better yet liberate the ego and get rid of that pesky differentiating between adult/minor, that would be soooo interesting indeed. You don't bring too much to the avenues of societal confrontations other than the middle-class radicalism you keep on fronting.

First off, what alt-right insults, I can think of some like cuck, dindu, degenerate. All those insults could be lobed at me seeing as I support a slight default feminine agency(51/49) with bacchanalian sexual, sensual values and I happen to be part black.

Second, do you really think that libertarian takes on the issue of AOC are an alright issue???They are partly a break off of the conservative element of libertarian ideology. What do you mean by oppressive pedagogy? How do you get such a retarded read on my positions? You do know that I am against pedagogy right? Most nuclear family values and patriarchal relations are not into any kind of sexualization, they're conservative and puritan based. How is the idea of ownership and property not being critiqued? I'M CALLING FOR THE DISSOLUTION OF THE CUSTODIAL OWNERSHIP OF HUMAN BEINGS YOU IDIOT! Are you even listening to yourself think here? Also the only middle-class radicalism I see is your Bay Area associated leftwing retardation.

This other person never mentioned race at all … weird that you felt the need to mention that?

Oh man... here comes the French recuperation of anarchism by the State's media machine, Arte TV is a mainstream arthouse channel, that previously produced "The Anarchists", now fabricating a mythology of an anarchism that did not survive the last world war.

More devastating and insidious blow to a movement than any sting operation by the police... how to keep would-be Actors behind the glass window of the Spectactors.

The anarchism presented in the film is constrained by the Western mindset; i.e. as Nietzsche says, by 'little-sagacity ego-self' anthropomorphism.

the film tells us that;

"The dual aspiration of freedom and equality is one of the fundamental values of anarchism"

trying to maximize, at the same time, 'freedom' and 'equality', the film tells us, is a conundrum. of course it must be so when one assumes that humans are 'independent beings' that live in a habitat that is independent of the inhabitants that reside, operate and interaction within it. that is, the 'conundrum' derives from impossible abstraction that was never present in Taoism nor in indigenous aboriginal anarchist communism.

Both Taoist-anarchists and indigenous aboriginal anarchists understood that 'independence' was impossible in the physical reality of our actual experience because the habitat was understood to be a relational medium that included the inhabitants. the relational space which included 'the land' was understood to be the source of everything, including humans;

“Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves.” — David Bohm

the concept of land as property to be owned by those 'human forms' the land is inductively actualizing is absurd, and so is the concept of the 'independence' of humans. "strands in the relational web-of-life" are decidedly NOT 'independent'.

there is a good reason why the only working systems of anarchism that Engels and Marx could find were those of indigenous peoples. indigenous peoples understood, like Mach, Bohm, Schroedinger, that;

“Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves.” — David Bohm

theories of anarchism that are in terms of 'what independent anarchist human beings do' [that do not acknowledge the natural precedence of the relational space people are included in, over the people inhabiting that space] are not workable since they incorporate abstract assumptions that cannot be found in the physical reality of our actual experience.

if the film gives you the sense that it is trying to resurrect a dead horse, there is good reason for this. intuition informs us that participants in anarchist insurrections are going to meet up with the same fate as the Paris Commune, unless there is a general social transformation [e.g. of the type written about by Nietzsche where there is a 'transvaluation of all values'; i.e. the coming of a 'beyond-good-and-evil' society of the very same sort as that of the indigenous anarchism of the Iroquois that Engels and Marx commended ].

it is not so far-fetched for this to happen as Nietzsche says; i.e. people must come to their senses and see that 'reason' should never have been put into an unnatural precedence over intuition. reason-based propositions and 'semantic realities' are inherently subjective and incomplete and are the currency of manipulative politicians. The Trump-Clinton election politicking is exposing the bankruptcy of 'reasoned arguments'.

The anarchism of Taoism and indigenous anarchism does not suffer from Western dualist abstraction but it is usually ignored, and we go back, again and again, to old anarchist ideas that never worked and never will work since they are founded on Western dualism.with its abstract idealizing of humans as 'independent beings' that live in a habitat that is notionally 'independent' of the inhabitants that live within it.

the film goes back, again, to anarchism in the Western dualist sense, which is hung up on the old Western cultural standards of binary logical reasoning and Western values based on binary moral judgement.

Snooze, this is boring argument that died in 1993.

As it's been taking down part 1 is now on torrent sites.

can be viewed here:
the French and German version is on YouTube

if that could be corrected in the above comment..

Could you upload the video agaian? It´s not available. Thanks!

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