Spotlight on Anarchism Series - Hartford CT

  • Posted on: 1 October 2008
  • By: worker

Spotlight on Anarchism- a free all-day gathering for activists and the curious
Saturday November 8th from 12:00-11:00pm at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in
Hartford, CT.

Spotlight on Anarchism is a series of talks, workshops, and
discussions surrounding contemporary activism and how anarchism relates to
social movements against racism, sexism, class exploitation, homophobia, and the
state. We all know what anarchists are against--domination in all of its forms.
This series seeks to answer questions about what anarchists are for, what we do,
why we do it. We still see mostly misinformation and distortion as norms when
people talk about anarchism or anarchist-inspired projects. This event seeks to
dispel some of these myths, as well as build bridges between activists
throughout the region by engaging in dialogue about this diverse movement-and,
perhaps more importantly, what anarchism can offer other activist perspectives
towards the creation of a free and egalitarian world.

This event is not just about anarchism, but centered on strategies to create
justice and resist structured inequality. Thus, the panel discussions will be
led by anarchists and non-anarchists alike to foster discussion between
different ideological perspectives and flesh out how we can support each other
in struggles for equality and freedom.

Activist groups throughout New England will be tabling and holding panel
discussions throughout the day. This will be followed by a free community dinner
provided by Hartford Food Not Bombs. Finally, we will finish the event off with
music by local groups dedicated to social justice.

Tentative Workshop Schedule

12-1p: Tabling
A chance to visit activist tables and networking

1-2p: Anarcha-Feminism
A discussion on the liberation of women from patriarchy

2-3p: Racism
A panel on struggles against white supremacy, both within and on the outside of
our movements

3-4p: Queers Without Borders
A conversation outlining radical queer politics and the necessity of queer

4-5p: Anarchism & Marxism
A panel on the relationship between Marxist and anarchist politics and
contemporary activist theory and its relationship to on-the-ground practice

5-6p: Student Organizing
A discussion on student organizing and the role of students in struggles against
exploitation and oppression

6-7p: Security Culture
In this discussion panelists will talk about their experiences with the recent
RNC protests and state infiltration into our movements

7-8p: Dinner!
Yummy food provided by Hartford Food Not Bombs

8-11p: Music!!
A variety of genres (hip-hop, punk, indie, etc.) of independent music organized
by the Rock Yer Socks collective

* If you or your group are interested in tabling, contact us at least a week
before the event.

*Responsible childcare will be provided- please contact us in advance to let us
know any specifics

*In addition to dinner, snacks will be provided throughout the day.

For more information please see:

phone: 860.978.3562


Charter Oak Cultural Center
21 Charter Oak Ave.
Hartford, CT. 06106

Co-Sponsored by the Area Radical Reading Group of Hartford, Hartford Food Not
Bombs, and the CLASH collective (Creating Local Autonomy and Solidarity in Hartford)


Sounds good, count me in. I'll try to bring as many folks as i can. Last time i was in hartford was for a protest in front of Aetna a few months ago, hope there's a good turnout.

i live in mass and ill be traveling 2 & 1/2 hours or so to get there
ill probably want to find a place to crash overnight does anyone know any cheap hotels or motels or anything that resembles some where to sleep in hartford?

we might be able to organize some sleeping arrangements for people, if you don't mind floors/couches. We could probably provide housing for around 10 people... Send an email to if you are interested in housing. Please include a little personal information in the email so that your housing buddy can get to know you a little before your arrival. You will then be contacted to confirm your housing arrangements for the evening of the 8th.


For cheap hotels google "hotel, newington, ct" and click into the maps section. You'll find a number of places listed on the Berlin Tnpk. These should all be pretty cheap. You would need a car to get to them, but they're only about 10 minutes outside of Hartford.