Praying Anarchy

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According to Origen, prayer means, in itself, making the impossible possible. What the accelerationists possessed by capitalist nihilism lack is this prayer. We can’t help but share some of their aversion to the Christian “Cathedral”(1). However, isn’t prayer backed by the double sense of meaning not “in the synagogues and on the street corners” but in “your secluded room” (Matthew) (2) and at the same time something which should be done “continually” (1 Thessalonians) (3)? Prayer has already left the Cathedral. It’s prayer that’s a withdrawal. Millenarians of the past frequently lost sight of this point as well. Under the influence of Joachim of Fiore who preached a gradual transition to the age of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, they attempted to prefigure withdrawal in the shape of a large number of communes but weren’t able to grasp it as something that could arrive in the present day. In the end, professing something which should be prefigured is making the mistake of postponement. All that leads to is hierarchical organization and mobilization in order to sacrifice for the goal/end, in other words statification. However, prayer carried out in solitude is a ceaseless interruption of statification. Like where theologian Jacque Ellul arrived when he cast aside the simplistic dedication to democracy of the liberal and the lukewarm thinking of Marxists who see capitalism as the supreme enemy. We must be rooted in a praying anarchy.

(1) A concept from Nick Land’s Dark Enlightenment, essentially that our world is defined by a liberal cultural consensus which has “substituted its gospel for everything we know”.

(2) Matthew 6:6

(3) 1 Thessalonians 5:17

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wtf it’s not april 1st?

this post is like sniping me out with a headshot, mixing up some the things i hate the most

OOOHHHHH NOOOOO, I WILL not kneel down on the EARTH AND LOOK UPWARDS and pray to a SPOOKY delusion, OOOOHHHHH NNNOOOOO, RATHER I SHALL probe deeply into MY INNER BEING AND take the reins and RUN WITH THE ANARCH WIND!!!

coming out the back of your pants won't take you far even if you ignite it but maybe we have a fire inside that has brought all this way. Here's some of the latest:


OK, I've filled my mind with nothingness. What's next, walking around with a bowl collecting alms?

is a worthwhile vocation if you ask me isn't that what we're all doing anyway? Why do we write these comments? What's the compensation for it? Some kind of digital currency? Aren't we just picking up change on the internet?

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