Free Radical Radio 62: Speak Loudly and Smash with a Sledgehammer

  • Posted on: 6 November 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)


Bellamy returns to America to host with Rydra and they discuss the
boring and tired voting debate among radicals, Tom Brower declaring
mission accomplished in his war against the homeless in Hawaii,
anarchists somehow thinking going to Kobane is a good idea, plants being
fucking awesome, the FBI completing the Panopticon and Adam Harvey's
fashionista resistance to it, and a group of progressives who named
themselves CRAP.

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If you vote you are a progenitor of some form of fascism and are therefore not a proponent of anarchy.

Same if you work, spend money, own property, pay tent or do anything else that's part of the fabric of modern society. More airtight reasoning from the self-proclaimed fountain of cliches.

In all your intellectual sophisticate you overlooked the small yet crucial detail, of voting being a fully-intentional form of subjugation to the political spectacle, as opposed to your examples, which all consist of social-political constraints, widely seen as "mandatory" conditions.

Always fun to fool a fool's fool.


Not really, I spent years as a squatter, freegan and career criminal alongside a bunch of other @s who strove to avoid using money. I'm not arguing for that, but I don't think there is anything so clear and obvious about how you pick what's 'mandatory'.

"widely SEEN as "mandatory" conditions." Watch out for those details... sometimes they are like ravines.

WHY I wasn't able to reach Anews for the past 3 days, and apparently tons of others could? Is this because of the Honey Pot Project being too picky with Tor nodes?

I changed the honey pot settings to be more permissive. Hopefully that will improve your experience.

Are you sure that's what's in the pot?

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