Black Bloc Pie

  • Posted on: 19 February 2010
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>"You're a traitor," someone in the group of sixty activists shouted out, after lobbing a pie at David Eby. It landed squarely in his face.

British Columbia Civil Liberties executive director Eby was on the panel Wednesday night at a meeting for anti-Olympics activists. Called by media cooperative, VIVO, the meeting was called "Safe Assembly. There were about sixty people in the room, and many expressed support for the actions of Black Bloc-affiliated protestors on Saturday, individuals the Vancouver Police Department called "thugs" for breaking the windows and attacking people.

The panel featured Eby, Chris Shaw, author of Five Ring Circus: Myths and Realities of the Olympic Games, and several other people. The last thing Shaw said he expected was one of the most vocal and effective advocates for justice to have a pie smashed into his face. "He was pied and the first video of the night was about Eby being a traitor. And then he got to speak," Shaw said.</td><td><img title="There is no safety. There is only us." src="files/pictures/2010/pumpkin_pie.jpg"></td></tr></table><!--break-->

Eby had denounced the smashing of the Hudson Bay Company window on Granville by Black Bloc protesters the previous Saturday.

"You're a disgrace to your profession," shouted the man who threw the pie according to Shaw.

"He got dragged out of the room kicking and screaming and that set the tone for the whole evening," Shaw said. "David was very calm about it. He wiped the pie off his face."

Shaw said he got "collateral pie-ing," as the pie exploded onto Eby and caught the people around him in the crossfire. "It just got more nasty from there," Shaw said.

Shaw said that many people have worked for over seven years building a political movement around Olympic opposition they had hoped would bring about positive change in Vancouver. He expressed concern in "the turn of events and the negative reactions of many of those on the left brought on by the actions of the Black Bloc on Saturday."

From The Vancouver Observer

"You just watch seven years of organizing evaporate. It was as if I just watched two chairs through a store window destroy a lot of what lots of people have been trying to do for a long time. There still is that potential to build something bigger. We were on the cusp of grasping something different. We might still, but in my view it took a drubbing on Saturday and it took a worse drubbing on Wednesday. It set such a nasty tone for everything that followed.

"The left in Vancouver is famous for this and there was beginning to be change. That coalition was looking like it could be powerful and change Vancouver's social justice scene. And then a day later, it faltered. Wednesday's meeting was one of the nastiest things I've ever seen in Vancouver's political scene."

Eby didn't want to discuss the pie. "It's not even worth discussing," he said.

"It was a really important discussion within the community about what we will and won't tolerate in the movement for a just society. The really important aspect of that evening was that we were all there to discuss the issues and that happened."


there is no justice. only just desserts.

"It was as if I just watched two chairs through a store window destroy a lot of what lots of people have been trying to do for a long time."
Uhhhh, if your movement isn't strong enough to withstand a couple hooligans tossing chairs around then it's probably not much of a movement.

i know right? people say shit this like out loud, it blows my mind.

Pies to the liberals!

"You just watch seven years of organizing evaporate." Yes, all those meetings where so much was discussed, such moral passion and commitment was expressed.... and we had so many more meetings planned. We were really making headway. Just in the last two months we had broadened our meetings out from ourselves to police officials and politicians. And they were really starting to remember our names. Now, with all of this violence.... well you know, when passionate, committed liberals sense violence they just stop coming to meetings. I mean, what use is meeting together and envisioning peace and singing 'we shall overcome' together through building a future of harmony... what is the use when violence against a window happens? This isn't peace! This isn't harmony! What will we do? What will we do?

And then, to top it all off, a meeting with harsh words and a pie.... Oh no, brothers and sisters, this is not the me or the us I want me or us to be.

you did it for the lulz, right? cuz i lul'd.

ps: inb4bawwwwwww

".... and we had so many more meetings planned."

Ha ha, this should be the slogan of activists, platformists, and pamphlet-passers everywhere.

Why do you gotta be a cock? Why can't they do their thing and we do ours?

shut up, it was funny and true

you've never met a real platformist!

Actually that's where you are wrong. I have met platformists and my experience is that they look you in the eye like they have something to sell and pour out lists of things that must be done and rules that must be agreed to. They went on and on about what form the organization would take, how meetings would be run, who would be given what functions, what issues would be given prominence, and how they were going to take over because they were real workers...

And the funny thing is that I am not even opposed to some syndicalist ideas or to organizations, it's the individual platformists themselves with pseudo-political ambition in their eyes that turned me away from the local anarchists in my area, who are all platformists.

"social justice scene". gross. let us kick the decaying body of The Left. And save some pie for the comrades too.

Can we aim for capitalists next time?

I mean... c'mon.

Liberals suck, but fascists are the ones we're fighting... aren't we? or is it all inter-movement struggle? which movement? hell if I know because we're so set on our differences... common enemy is the dogma that will gain all the disagreeing radicals power. Lets duke it out may the best philosophy win an intelligent debate, then we can eat the pie, and who doesn't like pie?

props and solidarity to the energy.

Let the liberals eat their cake. We can hang them later.

There's a difference between liberals and fascists, other than their rhetoric?

Plus, they were attacking capital. That's the whole reason Eby was whining, because somehow in his 7 years of planning he ended up the only one unaware that anarchists were planning to riot.

I don't think he didn't know, I think he was well aware. But when it happened, he knew he could look really good in front of a camera shouting "OMG THEY DESTROYED THE RALLY!"

Liberals are capitalists... so they did aim for capitalists. Plus, I thought we were fighting all authoritarians not just fascists. This isn't inter-movement struggle because liberalism is the friendly face of the same enemy. I think most liberals mean well, but they've deluded themselves into thinking they can somehow continue enjoying their privileges and not continue to oppress.

The pie-thrower was screaming and out of control. Eby was and is completely in his take on the Heart Attack action, but the attack on him was nothing more than juvenile violence overlaid with a veneer of political principle.

Yes, the pie throwing was very aggressive. Not cool. I believe the final speaker of the evening Derek O'Keefe made a good point about this sort of attack being out of line.

"Different" meaning "even more ineffective"?